About Christina

Christina Gerber, Intuitive Channel and Healer
Helping you with your Wellness, Healing and Empowerment!

My intention is to reignite the healing abilities within you,
to get you back to your natural state of balance ~ homeostasis.


30+ Years of Experience

As a teenager I became a "Health Nut" which grew into Health and Wellness Coaching. My Holistic Healing practice has grown to include many modalities of Intuitive Healing: Stress Reduction (Warm Bamboo Massage, Sound Healing, Acupressure, Aromatherapy) and Angelic Healing and Readings for animals and people. I do this in gratitude and joy to serve the greater good. This has always been easy for me and comes natural

Angelic Intuitive: a clear channel for angels.
Archangels Ariel, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Metatron asked me to be their voice.
Archangel Metatron often speaks for the team as the voice for this Team of Archangels.

As an Intuitive Channel, I am also a voice for Mary Magdalene, and Mother Mary. We can speak with them either separately or as a Team as "The Two Marys." And as another part of the "Christ Consciousness" Team, I am also a voice for Yeshua (Jesus).

I also bring in Nations of Animals, like Dolphins and Whales. Maybe you would like to contact the Inner Earth Beings or speak with Gaia? We can do this together.

My readings/healings are inspirational. I record our Skype or telephone conversations in which people often see, hear, or feel the angels
and Ascended Masters.

Process: You call me at a pre-scheduled time. I operate 8 AM - 7 PM Pacific Time, Mondays - Saturdays. Have some water, be comfortable and state your intention for the session. We are co-creators of your sesison as we invite in the Archangelic Realm.

Do you have questions or concerns? You can receive guidance, tools to empower yourself to make decisions, a sound healing and meditation, initiated by them, that we will do together during the session. You may relax into a state of bliss. Many animals, along with their guardians, do just that.

What is Intuitive Healing?

For me being an intuitive healer means that I help you reiginite the Healer within You!
It all starts there. Within.
I am not “healing” you, but acting as a catalyst. I facilitate the process.

You can easily release some internal and external systems holding your healing process back.
You may not even know they are there!

That’s why you call in the expert ~ that’s me.

We will access different levels of your Being ~
your mind, etheric/spirit bodies and the cells of your physical body by releasing the disharmony and other discordant energy, allowing you to then recalibrate and rebalance. Let’s get you back to a place of homeostasis.

Methods We Use To Achieve This New You!

Hands-On and Remote Healing – they are both Powerful.
I initially learned this as a Reiki Master in 1983.
I took this to another level when the Archangels and other Ascended Masters shared advanced hands-on healing and remote techniques with me.

Feeling physical or emotional discomfort or disjointedness?
Find the relief you have been looking for.
Move with ease.
Experience joy once again!