Angels Rays and Manta Rays

It was September. I was staying in Waikaloa, on the Big Island, Hawaii.
It was a full moon!

This means that Captain Dave will be taking his boat out to do a full moon
dolphin swim! Loose translation: see if we can find dolphins, jump in the water,
and hope they come over to us.

Sounds fabulous, doesn’t it? Yes, and I also wanted to swim with manta rays
on this day. I chartered my daytime adventure and put the angels ‘to work’
the night before the adventure.

I brought in the archangels and asked, “Let tell the manta rays I am coming tomorrow.
Tell them to look for me so we can swim together!”

I had already done a nighttime snorkel with the manta rays. The dive boat beamed
lights in the water which attracts the rays. The rays come in and feed, swoop
upside down in circles, eating while we observe as we snorkel around them.

This was fabulous, yet I wanted to swim with them during the light of day.
What could be better than that?

Once we were out on the boat I let the captain know my intention.
Captain Dave informed me that this scenario was not very likely to happen.
Matter of fact, he saw a pod of them about five years ago during the day….

Well, within half an hour we saw a large group the manta rays fluttering atop the water in a cove not far from
the airport. We were allowed to jump in and have them approach us. I was one of the few who did. I
‘brought in’ the angels and started a meditation to draw the mantas close to me.

Within minutes, magically, the pod of manta rays swam and swooped themselves over to me. I began swimming
in a rhythm with them (and the angels) sending the mantas beams of love from my heart. I am sure these amazing spaceship-like creatures sensed this.

With one ray in front of me, one on each side of me, a huge manta ray behind me, and one below my belly, we swam
in a grand cross figuration. As I turned, they turned. We swam as one. We continued our synchronized swim for half an hour. It was mesmerizing. I was honored they welcomed me into their circle.

Thank you angels for letting the manta rays know ahead of time!

Liz Tufte

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