Calming an Unpredictable Dog – Heart Communication is Key

TIP #1 If your Unpredictable dog or does not play well with others

Before you go out for a walk:

Hold your hand on your poochie’s heart and at the back of his/her head.

Connect hearts. I imagine a beam of light  (a pathway of communication) from my heart to my fur family member’s heart.

Meditate with Fido just for a bit to put you both in “the Zone” together.

I like to connect the head and heart with an infinity symbol of energy to harmonize and balance. Give it your favorite color.  It does not matter if you are a “seer” or not; just fake it ~ you are doing it.

Have a peaceful place about you when you both wiggle out together. Remember: You are the leader! You are in control (not your fur child).

Keep that feeling as your walking mantra.

2) Beam Your Four-Legged friend a message with your heart to his heart, sending it on a Ray of Light.

Give Fido a message, “This is a walk of joy we are doing together! What a Team! You are safe.”
Let your four-legged one know that they does not need to protect you.
You are both safe.
Just breathe that message into Fido, however that shows up for you.

Create a picture of what the behavior you are looking to have/co-create (joy, harmony, universal alignment, joined hearts) walking together enjoying the weather and smells) whatever it is.
Notice the detail of other dogs nearby (in your mind’s eye).  Send it on a pink/magenta beam of light to your fur friend’s heart. Dogs and cats see, hear and feel with their heart. It is something they can understand implicitly.

I see a picture of us romping around in the grass in the park, playing catch ~  O Joy! O Joy! Oops, my tail is wagging!
I am a Dog in Chinese Astrology.

All that compassion comes from somewhere, right?

3) Meditate on Joy

Send this upon a heart beam to connect with your four-legged wonder! It is contagious – the floating, soothing and loving vibes connecting to Gaia, even attracting like-minded (hearted) others!

Liz Tufte

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