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Christ Consciousness Team ~ Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Yeshua (Jesus)

Mary Initiation 2004 VenusTransit

c2Mother Mary Initiation

On June 8th, 2004, I listened to an invocation and meditation for the Transit of Venus.
Astronomically, this was the day that the planet Venus appeared to move across the face of the Sun for the first time since the 19th Century.
Symbolically, the feminine energy of the planet Venus was revealing itself as she transited the masculine energy of the Sun.
During this extraordinary event, the fiery backdrop of the Sun’s face served as a glowing frame for Venus, focusing our attention on her enlightened journey. Some astrologers consider Venus the feminine God presence.

Invoking Feminine Presence
I laid down on my office floor near my computer and proceeded to relax and breathe.
The intention of the invocation was to bring a greater feminine presence onto the Earth, as this was a time for heart-opening, and for an uplifting light to appear on the planet which would greatly affect the “collective consciousness.”

As I listened to the inviting, calming and soothing words, the meditation mentioned Mary.
In my mind’s eye (or was it?), a translucent, pale blue-and-white diamond appeared in the room.
As it lighted down about me, I noticed gold flecks in it. The pyramid enveloped me, then seeped into my body deeply as I quivered with this magnificent presence.

Next, this vibrating flow of light energy flowed outwards and inwards. It pulsated repeatedly like this for ten minutes inwards and outwards, allowing me to assimilate it. The shimmery colors gave me tingles as each pulse moved through my body, so I could sense it as it flowed to my core, and then back out to the outer reaches of my aura (as I imagined it would be). It felt like it stopped at the surface of my skin, and then the pulsating diamond – like a living, breathing heart-diamond – began to move inwards again.

Mary Spoke

I sat up and typed at my computer, allowing Mary to speak through me.
She confirmed that this was indeed her energy, and if I chose, we could work together to bring a greater feminine presence onto the Earth. I was a little stunned that this magnificent power had just coursed through my body, but clearly, I had received an initiation. I was not quite sure what to do with the information at that time, but soon, very soon, I would learn much more.

I would become a channel for Mary.

What would you do if you were asked to be a channel?

First Visitation with Mary

virginmaryAn Initiation

On August 15, 1998 I went to the House of Mary in Epheseus, Turkey while on a Total Solar Eclipse and Goddess sites tour. As was normal for me, I liked to do a meditation and connect with the energy of the sacred and ancient spots we visited in Turkey.

As I sat in the front left corner of her house, I closed my eyes and tears began streaming down my face. I was not sobbing nor did I feel a great deal of emotion. Yet the steady stream of tears became like rivers of water, soaking my clothes. I imagine it looked much like the common Catholic picture of “Our Lady of Sorrow” with the tears pouring out of Mother Mary’s eyes.

Robes of White and Blue Light

In my mind’s eye I saw a beam of white light pour down in front of me. I basked in it. It was warm and tender yet there was a tingling and cooling sensation simultaneously. I was shown pale blue robes around that and around me, and with each color of light a different sensation was felt. It was gentle, light and comforting. I looked more closely face appeared.

Mary Appeared in Front of Me

It was Mother Mary.

I asked her “Why are you crying?”

She told me that she cried tears of joy when people came to visit, for she knew that this would be a place that others would connect with “Spirit.” She also cried for those who did not connect.

I came out and sat in a café waiting for our tour group to appear.

My whole body was trembling and waves of shudders moved through me one after another. I had received such a powerful influx of energy, that it took me hours to assimilate it. Even the next day I felt as though there was a live wire running through me. Everything seemed magnified.

I will never forget this. It transformed me. If I was a non-believer in this house and the energy, I was nw a believer.

Have you had a Spiritual experience or Initiation you will never forget?

Yeshua’s SelfLove and Appreciation Ray

Did you ever ask an Ascended Master to come in and give you a message? I do and did and this is what came to me:

Yeshua came in to share this and I in turn share it with you. It came with a visual!

Intention: This Ray is for clearing your own path to understand how easy it is to Love and Appreciate Yourself.

3-colored grid encompasses the individual in a square. Notice as it moves from left to right around the recipient, then moves up and down around the person. The grid creates a diamond, with one point below the person. The diamond turns counter clockwise.

Dear one,
It is time to heal this level of giving and not receiving. It is time to heal this level of consciousness that you have ~ the ‘not allowing’, not giving to Self,
So know it is with deep love that this comes to you, child. It is indeed Yeshua, and I have the ability to heal this deep wound and #Magdalene has the ability to work more closely with you on a conscious Spirit level to attain the prosperity you are wishing for.

Wish for it!
This is Step One: to wish for it.
Next I will assist a deep soul level of release and renewal. It comes through as another level of Yeshua’s Healing Rays for you.

Coming Soon! A Series of Healing Rays from Yeshua

I place you in a gold, orange and violet grid of light. It moves from left to right, and then from bottom to top, and down through you. It then revolves and creates a diamond around you spinning like a vortex of light, which it truly is. It spins in a counter-clockwise fashion.

Release of Old Patterns
This releases old patterns. It opens you up for receiving on a much larger level so you understand with implicit compassion how precious you are, how deserving you are, how able you are. It allows you to let go of an old way of seeing yourself. This vortex peels away layers of the old.

Allow yourself to bask in this light.

Next I will refill you with Golden Light to balance your being wherever there was a release.

With this Magnificent Ray of Light and Love,
This is Yeshua
Copyright 2009 – 20XX,

Mary Magdalene Ray of Abundance

Sunset SurfA gift for you from Mary Magdalene ~ Ray of Astonishing Abundance

I received this from Mary Magdalene and thought I would share.

When I received it, I listened and heard with my heart. I wrote down my experience.

I suggest you:

Have a quiet place.

Do you have an intention?
Go ahead and bring that up.
Breathe deeply and meditate with the words.
Read them then receive.

Happy Magdalene Feast Day July 22nd!

Mary Magdalene: What you will notice is that my light reignites the blissful spirit within.
It awakens your kundalini and allows your love within to radiate as a
brilliant light without. This will give you the reassurance you need to
move forward from a place of fear, stagnation or uncertainty.

So, with my sacred Robe of Light, I envelope you.
I bless you.
Imagine my flow of light encompassing you in such a way that you are in a womb of
deep azure blue light.
It is almost a purple hue.

Allow this to move from your crown, down your shoulders, and around your heart, your sexual
center, and your legs, so you are encompassed in a beautiful womb-like opening.
It is as if you are folded into an egg, with the center of the robes
open, creating a vagina-like opening. That is truly it! This becomes your
birthing womb.

Different Colors Have Different Sensations

Next, you receive a flow of orange and gold light.
This is the inner source
of my light which reignites a fury within that you may have been missing.
This light that I give to you, allows your kundalini to rise, safely and
securely as a healing spiritual vibration. Allow this to rise up and down
your spine. Know that this spiritual love and light connects you to Spirit,
to Earth, and to my Divine Light. You can connect to this at any time with
your breath and your heart.

These are your Spiritual Keys:
your Breath and
your Heart.

You can use this as a way to understand the abundance in the Universe: it
is truly a flow of light inwards. It is something that awaits you at your
door ~ it is a doorway into your heart. So as you align with passion for your
work, your creative spirit, and your projects that serve, this is the same and
you are all One in Spirit. There is no boundary to limit your receiving
what is yours.

Receive the Magnificence That is You!

This is part of your spiritual path: to receive fully, to feel this inner magnificence,
and allow to it to radiate within and without. This ability to reunite with a
feeling of glory and light brings you to a state of Bliss.

Feel how your heart is now open, you feel connected to your Spiritual sexuality,
to feel your body as it now reverberates to something much greater than this
safe place of wonder and curiosity you are so blessed with. It has changed into
an inner knowing. That is the gift I give to you.

Healing Robes

These are my robes of Abundant Light.
They create change from within.
As you ask, allow, and you will receive.
It is a very simple process and you were guided
to these words, through this divine channel, for your health, your supreme state
of well-being, and for you to flourish and prosper on all levels.

Allow this sacred flow of light into your being, from that which is below and that
which is above, bringing you into a full circle of healing and blessing you, so you
can receive fully.


Give thanks for your connections to your friends and family.
Give thanks to what
you are receiving, for it is a magnificent blessing that is yours to claim.
It is NOW that you have the strength and great ability to ask out loud and to receive, feeling
it flowing from within and attracting the appropriate people, connections, and
divine level of knowing ~ just what is right for you.

Blessings with my Robes of Inner and Outer Light for you to shine and prosper,
Mary Magdalene
~ through the heart of Christina Gerber

What do you notice? Please share, won’t you?

Copyright 2008 – 20XX,

Mary Magdalene New Moon Blessings

During a #NewMoon, I invited #MaryMagdalene to come through me, and this is what she shared.
I in turn share it with you:

#MaryMagdalene: Yes, it is me, #MaryMagdalene, and this is an important time to allow the flow of the New Moon into your heart, spirit, and lower chakras and to connect with the earth on a deeper level than ever before.

What New Moon energy and light, allows us to do, as one unified Spirit, is to re-energize your own sexual connection to the Earth and Spirit as one solid, honored flow of life energy. If you are ready, you may merely wish to have the flow of Spirit and the #NewMoon energy into your upper chakras.

Breathe slowly. Allow the flow to let energy that is stagnant to release. Now allow the flow to enter your heart, and notice, with my guidance, you are also able to let go of the flow of the old as you welcome the new spirit and light feeling of this time for growth, into your Self and your heart. As you continue to breathe, you may notice that your lower chakras ignite with the flow, as you permit my energy to assist this transformative time.

Next, know that you are guided, protected, and able to receive this Spirit of Life and love into your heart as this radiates throughout your body. You are able to move through the old patterns now as they are relinquishing themselves to an energized flow of this light energy of renewal.

The New Moon allows your energy to be a new flow of your spiritual Self, now connected with Gaia  ~ Earth as Spirit ~ with your lower chakras, and clearing and grounding simultaneously. This is one very important transition: to be able to allow the awareness of your sexuality be part of this ceremony and this new sensation of honoring your Spirit, with your heart flow and your third-eye connection with this divine part of Self.

As you are connecting the crown chakra, opening to spirit, notice a balanced flow of light and love into your lower chakras, which permits your heart to be a balanced fulcrum of life and love. See the flow now move into Gaia’s heart, our Divine Earth’s heart. Gaia is truly a living sacred Being. Then as you give her thanks, draw upon her as a resource, blessing her and your Sacred, Sensual Spiritual Self.

This is the level of awareness the New Moon energy permits you to experience a deep resonance within ~ moving the Inner outwards.

Relish it and savor this as a new method of allowing your spiritual enlightenment to unfold.
Reacquaint yourself with this connection.
Slowly, as you are breathing through this ceremony and meditation of love and light, bring this forth to a new part of sharing your Self with others in your life. This spark of your Spirit will allow others to receive healing energy and love of life.

Renew your Selves and cells at this spiritual and sensual level so you may enjoy life to the fullest, dear ones.
This is divine sensuality and awareness of the connection to your divine sexuality.
It is part of your life lesson to be able to unite these and to share this connection with others.

Blessings of love, life, and energy that is divine on all levels,
Mary Magdalene

Channeled through the Heart of Christina Gerber
Copyright 2005- 20XX