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Prove it, Angels!

Archangel Ariel – Finally a Female Archangel!

I remember the exact minute Archangels Raphael, Michael and Gabriel introduced me to Archangel Ariel.
It was 8:03 AM on April 3, 2002.

It was also the exact same time an angel here on earth came to my mom and saved her life!
Jane was driving erratically as her tire bumped into the median strip of the road in Milwaukee, WI.
An officer stopped her and asked her if she knew why he was stopping her.
“Have you been drinking? Are you on taking any medications?”

She was surprised and answered “No.” to each question.
Then, when he looked more closely into her eyes, he recognized something only he could have known.
He informed Jane  “I think we need to get you to the hospital immediately.”
This “angel” may have saved her life. It was fortunate he, of all officers, stopped her.

He let us know that his daughter died of a brain tumor and my mom had that same look in her eyes.
Thanks to him, she was rushed into an urgent surgery within the day.

My mother was diagnosed with a fast growing large-celled brain tumor.

Continue on for other miracles:

Not one survivor of this Fast-Growing, Large-Celled Brain Cancer

Not only have there been no survivors of this cancer, only half of the individuals diagnosed with this cancer even survived the operation.

Those that survived the drastic brain surgery then had a very heavy duty chemo brain drip treatment.
Only 50% of those recipients survived this treatment.
She did lose some of her peripheral vision, and kept an amazing positive attitude throughout the treatment process. 

Two weeks after my mom’s surgery, an MRI revealed five more tumors were growing rapidly.
They suggested radiation treatments, yet we knew that would burn out parts of her brain and declined.
They did however, approve of me helping her with Frankincense treatments, topically and internally, to help oxygenate her brain and whole body.

Later, I was giving her a foot massage, and I let the angels know that if they existed they needed to do something NOW.
They told me “ We are transforming the cells as we speak.”

Two weeks later another MRI showed no more tumors!
That was 16 years ago I am happy to say.
Jane is still doing her daily exercise and walks three miles each day whether inside or outside.
She is 94.

Mary Magdalene Attunement ~ New Moon ~ Sacred Sexuality

During a New Moon, I invited Mary Magdalene to come through me, and this is what she shared, and I in turn share with you.

I sat still with my intention. Had a quiet place without interruption.

Breathed Deeply. Made notes.

I suggest you do the same.


Yes, it is me, Mary Magdalene, and this is an important time to allow the flow of the New Moon into your heart, spirit, and lower chakras and to connect with the earth on a deeper level than ever before.

What New Moon energy and light, allows us to do, as one unified Spirit, is to re-energize your own sexual connection to the Earth
and Spirit as one solid, honored flow of life energy.

If you are ready, you may merely wish to have the flow of Spirit and the New Moon energy into your upper chakras.
Slowly breathing, allow the flow to let energy that is stagnant to release.

Now allow the flow to enter your heart, and notice, with my guidance, you are also able to let go of the flow of the old
as you welcome the new spirit and light feeling of this time for growth, into your Self and your heart.

As you continue to breathe, you may notice that your lower chakras ignite with the flow, as you permit my energy
to assist this transformative time.

Next, know that you are guided, protected, and able to receive this Spirit of Life and love into your heart as this radiates throughout your body.
You are able to move through the old patterns now as they are relinquishing themselves to an energized flow of this light energy of renewal.

New = New!

The New Moon allows your energy to be a new flow of your spiritual Self, now connected with Gaia  ~ Earth as Spirit ~ with your lower chakras, and clearing and grounding simultaneously.

This is one very important transition:
to be able to allow the awareness of your sexuality be part of this ceremony and this new sensation of honoring your Spirit, with
your heart flow and your third-eye connection with this divine part of Self.

As you are connecting the crown chakra, opening to spirit, notice a balanced flow of light and love into your lower chakras,
which permits your heart to be a balanced fulcrum of life and love.

See the flow now move into Gaia’s heart, our Divine Earth’s heart. Gaia is truly a living sacred Being.
Then as you give her thanks, draw upon her as a resource, blessing her and your Sacred, sensual spiritual Self.

This is the level of awareness the New Moon energy permits you to experience a deep resonance within ~ moving the Inner outwards.

Relish it and savor this as a new method of allowing your spiritual enlightenment to unfold.
Reacquaint yourself with this connection.
Slowly, as you are breathing through this ceremony and meditation of love and light, bring this forth to a new part of sharing your Self with others in your life. This spark of your Spirit will allow others to receive healing energy and love of life.

Renew your Selves and cells at this spiritual and sensual level so you may enjoy life to the fullest, dear ones.
This is divine sensuality and awareness of the connection to your divine sexuality.
It is part of your life lesson to be able to unite these and to share this connection with others.

Blessings of love, life, and energy that is divine on all levels,
Mary Magdalene

Channeled through the Heart of Christina Gerber Copyright 2005- 20XX


Spiritual Channel ~ Messages from Loved Ones Crossed Over


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 Do you:

*Grieve the loss of a loved one, wondering how you can go on?

* Have a friend or family member who is on their deathbed? 

* Wish you could communicate with deceased family members? 

* Have unresolved concerns with a deceased mate or family member?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, my expert services may be just right for you and your family.

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What Clients Say

“I felt a tingling, when you brought dad through.”

Some feel a chill or ‘presence’.

“I told my husband I did not know if I could go on living, after my mother died. In one session, I was able to move from grief which had me frozen in time, to joy. 

The resolution between us allowed me move forward to plan her funeral, thanks to Christina and the angels. My mom coming through so clearly… I am not sure what I would have done without this! I am in such a state of gratitude.” ~  Svetlana, Kentfield, CA

You may receive a vision of your departed loved one.

” My mom thanked me profusely for the last week I spent with her before she passed. She also now understands my spiritual beliefs, which she could not understand when she was alive. This is so beautiful and so very important to me. Thank you, thank you.” ~ Rama, Mill Valley, CA

“I smelled my mom’s favorite flower when you brought her in.”

Aromas are often attached to memories and are seated deep within your brain. These core connections can activate this area of the brain.

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Benefits of my services :
~ Communication with the “Other World” ~

~ Some folks see, hear and feel their departed loved ones.

~ Helps you resolve any questions you have and provides you with clear answers

~ Gives you the ability to say things to a loved one that you did not have a chance to say prior to their death

~ Allows you to forgive and have greater compassion

~ Gives you the ability to move from grief to joy and peace so you can move forward with your life and goals.

~  Perhaps you would like to receive a message or acknowledgement from a loved one who is passed on.

Would you like to open that channel for you so you can indeed “receive” communication in the future?

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Mary Magdalene ~ Ray of Healing Light

Ray of Astonishing Abundance

What you will notice is that my light reignites the blissful spirit within. It awakens your kundalini and allows your love within to radiate as a brilliant light without. This will give you the reassurance you need to move forward from a place of fear, stagnation or uncertainty.

So, with my sacred Robe of Light, I envelop you. I bless you. Imagine my flow of light encompassing you in such a way that you are in a womb of deep azure blue light. It is almost a purple hue. Allow this to move from your crown, down your shoulders, and around your heart, your sexual center, and your legs, so you are encompassed in a beautiful womblike opening. It is as if you are folded into an egg, with the center of the robes open, creating a vagina-like opening. That is truly it! This becomes your birthing womb.

Next, you receive a flow of orange and gold light. This is the inner source of my light which reignites a fury within that you may have been missing. This light that I give to you, allows your kundalini to rise, safely and securely as a healing spiritual vibration. Allow this to rise up and down your spine. Know that this spiritual love and lightconnects you to Spirit, to Earth, and to my Divine Light. You can connect to this at any time with your breath and your heart. These are your spiritual keys: your Breath and your Heart.

You can use this as a way to understand the abundance in the Universe: it is truly a flow of light inwards. It is something that awaits you at your door ~ it is a doorway into your heart. So as you align with passion for your work, your creative spirit, and your projects that serve, this is the same and you are all One in Spirit. There is no boundary to limit your receiving what is yours.

This is part of your spiritual path: to receive fully, to feel this inner magnificence, and allow to it to radiate within and without. This ability to reunite with a feeling of glory and light brings you to a state of Bliss.

Feel how your heart is now open, you feel connected to your Spiritual sexuality, to feel your body as it now reverberates to something much greater than this safe place of wonder and curiosity you are so blessed with. It has changed into an inner knowing. That is the gift I give to you.

These are my robes of Abundant Light. They create change from within. As you ask, allow, and you will receive. It is a very simple process and you were guided to these words, through this divine channel, for your health, your supreme state of well-being, and for you to flourish and prosper on all levels.

Allow this sacred flow of light into your being, from that which is below and that which is above, bringing you into a full circle of healing and blessing you, so you can receive fully.

Give thanks for your connections to your friends and family. Give thanks to what you are receiving, for it is a magnificent blessing that is yours to claim. It is NOW that you have the strength and great ability to ask out loud and to receive, feeling it flowing from within and attracting the appropriate people, connections, and divine level of knowing ~ just what is right for you.

Blessings with my robes of inner and outer light for you to shine and prosper,

Mary Magdalene

through the heart of Christina Gerber

Copyright 2008 – 2015,

A gift for you ~ Magdalene Ray of Astonishing Abundance

How does it feel?

What do you notice? Please share, won’t you?

I received this from Magdalene and thought I would share.

‘Two Mary’ Robes for Balance and Connection

I received this attunement in April 2008.

I share it here for you to enjoy and receive a healing as well. Breathing and ‘toning” as you receive will assist the reception process.

Mary Magdalene:
We, as the “Two Marys,” Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary, have a gift for you today.
You can choose to work with us in a new manner. It will be for healing, love, and divine order on the planet, within your home life, and much more.
We bring balance.
We bring peace.
We bring divine connection so you are always reminded that you are more than just your Self.

Use our robes as a healing tool.
Breathe deeply now to receive this.
You can feel us place them about your shoulders. They are gold, they are violet, orange, light blue and white.
Feel them as a clearing, then as protection.
Notice ~ they have a texture a weight.
Now notice how they now cover the lower part of your body,
they touch your spine, they touch your legs and even your feet.
They connect you to our precious Earth.
How does that feel to be a conduit between the heavens ~ Spirit and Earth?

You are a magnificent light on the planet and it serves you to receive this special healing.
It is for uniting hearts, it is for physical healing, it is for radiating love and light among you and others in your community and on the planet.

Blessings and Light,

From “The Two Marys” through Mary Magdalene and the heart of Christina Gerber

Copyright 2008 – 20XX


Creating Sacred or Angelic Space

You may wish to create a sacred spot to sit and read so that you can absorb these meditative readings and invocations easily. It is wonderful to have some lovely things surrounding you to help invite you into a relaxed state. This may mean clearing away clutter and placing some special objects in the area, such as a candle, some flowers or something significant to you that allows you to receive. Maybe you have some special crystals, shells, rocks or even pieces of wood. Including a nice combination of earth elements for balance is comforting as well as complementary. If you have elements to represent earth, fire, water, air or wind, and metal, these can all go on a special cloth or rug, which you can travel with or carry to different parts of the house or to your outside spaces if you choose. They can absorb the energy that you receive as well.

You can store your sacred objects inside a special cupboard or closet if you wish, protected from others’ eyes.

Once you have created this magical area for yourself, know that clearing your mind, your body and your space with breath and sound will also have a marvelous effect upon both the area and yourself.

We invite you to begin with reading the Golden Ray as a very basic introduction to our energy. After that, there is no set order in which to read and receive, for all of them are wonderful and will give you what you need.

Choose a Ray to read. A good way to invite a change or receive an answer from your Ray, and from your Angelic visit, will be for you to set an intention. Before you begin your reading, you may wish to receive an answer to a pressing question about your future, a friend or family member – or even just creating more harmony and balance in your life. Maybe you will be inviting healing in for a special place in your life, or to part of you. Invite the answer, vision, message or healing to come to you when you set aside this special time.

You may choose to read the same Ray several times in one day, or simply remember the energy and practice the Ray once a day for a week. If you like, you can create a journal of your experience. This can be a very powerful process, and you may find that you become more aware of these dreamlike states. It may also allow you to begin to remember your nighttime dreams, or remember them more vividly.

Often you receive messages as you write, or create with the inspiration you receive from these Angelic Rays. The Rays serve as stepping stones to stir your own inner wisdom and to tap into some of the tools you have within, but may have forgotten to use.

Once you have worked with this Ray for as long as you wish, move to another one and notice the difference in the sensations that the new Ray brings to your body, your mind or your visions. Maybe you will do a Ray a week, or a Ray every several days; you decide your pace and continue to notice what changes are appearing in your life as you “work” with us. (Actually, we think of it as “play” rather than “work.” And truly this is a fun set of exercises!)

We also notice that with change comes a purification, and it can initiate a clearing of your cells. After you work (play) with us, we suggest that you immerse yourself in water within one day, whether you take a shower, a bath or a swim, so you can completely clear old energy away and receive the new energy that we are sending you.

Whale of a Blessing from the Angels & Rev. Christina

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Fort Ross State Park is on the Northern California coast. It is a mystical place for a wedding. It was a glorious place to officiate. It is also a spectacular place to meditate, which I love to do prior to joining the loved ones together in sacred union.

I sat cross legged on the cliffside over the ocean. I brought in angels and asked Giaia’s beautiful heart and soul to participate. I let the rays of light join in my heart and beamed them out in gratitude to the Universe. A short while later, a Park Ranger stood over to me and  startled me out of my state of bliss. She suggested I look down  into the bay beneath us. She declared that she had NEVER before seen five blue whales cram themselves into the cove before. She had been a ranger for along time, so she thought it was a marvel.

I realized the vibration of the angels brought these magnificent creatures in. I had to wink to the angels and tell them “Thank you!” How special that this couple was able to have such a blessing from nature. Truly a whale of a blessing!

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Advanced Energy Healing

Magnetic Healing

I love what magnets can do to assist our bodies’ circulation. We are electro-magnetic flowing Beings of Light. Let’s enhance that. Let’s assist our flow to Gaia’s heart. Let’s open our channels to spirit even more. Let’s assist the release of negative EMFs (Electro Magnetic Frequencies).

I use a magnetic spinal roller in my sessions, to activate the spinal fluid and enhance circulation along your spine. The gentle ~ or more firm ~ pressure helps to relax your muscles so your natural flows are invigorated.

You’ll love the far-infrared blanket I use that covers you during our session! It keeps you cool when it’s warm, and warm when it’s cool!


Sound Healing
Drums, Rattles, Tibetan Bowls, Tuning Forks

Sound can open us up to another level. Sometimes it just takes a little trigger to snap us out of a holding pattern. We can use all of these tools to allow you to release and rejuvenate your own balanced body.


Advanced Energy Healing ~ Etheric Clearing
Crystalline Skulls
Etheric tools like Wands, Scrapers, Combs, and Blades

Did you ever feel like you were coming up against the same blocks or were accident-prone?
Etheric cords, entities, and hexes may be some of the causes for this “bad luck.” We can remove these together through a Fifth and Seventh Dimensional Energy Clearing. It’s all energy!

As an intuitive, seeing into these other dimensions enables me to assist you in releasing all that is holding you back. I use ancient clearing tools to assist the process, so I don’t absorb it.

This process can be done remotely. So if you are not near me, we can do it over the phone or ~ preferably ~ on Skype or Google Hangout video calls. More about this here: Introductory Phone Sessions



Double-Green Flash Wedding Blessing

It was August and we had a lovely ceremony. Attendees came from all over the world. Afterwards on the way back to the oceanside bed and breakfast, I did a meditation and gave thanks for the lovely weather, smooth service and blessed day.

The sun was setting and I felt  blessed by the angels.

My friends brought binoculars as we spied the sunset. The angel in this Mendocino area allows us to  view possible green flashes. And we did!

Not one but TWO! Right in a row. Flash Flash! It felt like a little miracle.

Rainbow Ray Angel Blessing for a Wedding

The wedding site was only a fifteen minutes drive from my home. I had practiced the ceremony over and over again, yet I was a little nervous. I wanted it to be just perfect!

I did a meditation on my drive to the majestic bayside venue. My intention was to to ground and  bring myself into alignment, so I invited Archangels: Ariel, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Metatron to come through and join me. I brought in rainbow rays for emotional balance. I went through each of the colors of the rainbow separately, and breathed them through ~ from above my body, into my heart, and then to Gaia’s heart. Then I gave a “shout out” to Gaia, thanking her for bringing in the deeply grounded energy, and brought that right back up into my heart.

Just as I finished the meditation, I pulled up and parked. It was the most scenic parking lot ever ~ a cliff overlooking the San Pedro Bay. The spectacular point jutted out so there was a 180 degree view of majestic diamonds of sun sparkling on the water.

After the ukelele songs welcomed the guests, the service began at 12:30. All was going smoothly, and as I ended with a blessing I looked out into the audience. I noticed the family and friends were looking up into the sky, jaws dropping. I turned around and behind me to see what they were seeing. As if floating in the heavens, the largest Sun Dog cloud in the shape of an angel filled with a brightly colored rainbow flowing through it. For the next 30 minutes the colors changed and the rainbows became brighter and brighter!

It felt like the angels came in again and blessed everyone with their healing rays, especially the couple!