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Remote Healing for Cat and Person with Archangel Metatron

The other day a friend (now client) came into my office to have me do an Angelic Healing  and communication to check in on her ailing cat. She had been meaning to do this for a good year!

I let her know ahead of time that we could do the session remotely ~ by phone or Skype if she wished. She wanted to come to my office for the in-person contact.

Belinda was in my office and her cat, Clara, her kitty, was 15 minutes away. Clara was visiting the vet time and time again, getting thyroid and other medications for one illness after another. This proved to be very expensive for Belinda !

“Oh and is there anything else in your life that you would like to state in your intention and receive assistance with?” I inquired.

There was indeed!
Evidently her severely depressed daughter could not get out of bed for months…how heart-breaking!

“OK let’s put that in the Angel Hopper, then!” I acknowledged

I invited in her daughter’s Spiritual (etheric) body, and asked her if she would like help with her scary thoughts, or whatever holding her back and keeping her down.

Jenny’s 5th Dimensional body said “Yes, please help me!”

All work needs to be permission-based so that is where I began.

Archangel Metatron came in and spoke for the Archangelic Realm through me.  He let us know that Archangels Ariel, Gabriel, Michael and Raphael were also here to help.

It became evident that Clara  was a reflection of Belinda. Often our fur kids are assisting us and helping us heal.  I understood we needed to balance the glands in Belinda as well as Clara. I did some shamanic Angelic Clearing of energy of them both.

Then I tuned in to Belinda’s daughter Jenny. Using #remoteviewing enabled me to see a huge dark, entity hovering around her.

I’m thinking “Not again!”
I asked if we could safely remove this being from Jenny, and Metatron said “Absolutely!”

We did, making sure Jenny was safe in the process. I use specific ancient tools so I am protected during the process. I also use methods of protection ahead of these sessions.Very Important!


We then proceeded to clear energy from under Belinda’s house, in every corner, the cat Clara,  her daughter Jenny daughter, and simultaneously with Belinda in my office.

Next the Archangelic Realm assisted and we refilled all energy that was released with a healing  funnel of light.

Since the Angelic clearing of this gal’s house, her cat and daughter:

Her cat is no longer taking medication and is much happier and healthier!
Her daughter went on a job interview, found a new therapist and went to see two doctors!

You rock Archangelic Realm!

De-stress with the Self-Love Lovies Game

or …  The Basket Game to Prevent becoming a Basket Case!

Print out these activities on slips of paper. Cut them into strips.
Meant to give you inspiration to do the activities yourself or can be played with a partner or two!

* Do a full body yoga posture: Downward dog (or rename this to be puppy in a V posture, drinking water).
Note: When you add a tongue movement it opens the base of the skull, neck and jaw in a cool way ~ providing a wonderful joint release.

* Massage your hands and each others’ hands. Squeeze and press each finger, massage the palms, and apply a great smelling lotion.

* Drink a glass of water with lemon oil or lemon juice in it.

* Do a full body yoga posture: Cobra pose (or rename it to be something of your choice ~ “Cat in J-pose licking the snowflakes” or “rainfall.”

* Smell some peppermint oil and rub it on that joint or muscle that needs extra oomph or energy!

* Stretch for 3 minutes, breathing in deeply with sound.

* Massage your feet or each others’ feet with some lotion or oil. Pulling, stretching and wiggling the toes helps relax and enhance circulation. Massage a little essential oil on them ~ lavender or peppermint helps them smell yummy!

* Roll on a spine roller and make sounds with your release as you lean onto it.

* Massage  your/each others’) head, spending time at the base of the skull to help

* Massage your ear lobes/each others’ ear lobes for 90 seconds and ears for another minute, pulling ears away from head. (total 2 min 30 sec.)

* Stand and shake your body limbs loose for several minutes.

* Lie down and tightly clench your fists, butt, jaw, and every muscle. Hold your breath for a good minute. Relax all muscles fully, exhaling. Repeat several times, reminding your body what tight means and what relaxed means.

* Do a breathing sequence, i.e., follow along with one of these videos:
Breathing: Three Exercises – Dr. Weil

Add to this list as you feel appropriate
You get the idea….

Advanced Energy Healing –

Magnetic Healing. Sound Healing. Advanced #EnergyHealing. #EthericClearing.

Magnetic Healing. I love what magnets can do to assist our bodies’ circulation. We are electro magnetic Beings of Light.

Let’s enhance that. Let’s assist our flow to Gaia’s heart. Let’s open our channels to spirit even more. Let’s assist the release of negative EMFs (Electro Magnetic Frequencies).

I use a magnetic spinal roller in my (in office) sessions to activate the spinal fluid and enhance circulation along your spine. The gentle, or more firm pressure, helps to relax your muscles so your natural flows are invigorated.
You’ll love the far-infrared blanket I use to cover you, which keeps you cool when it is warm and warm when it is cool!

Sound Healing.
Drums. Rattles. Tibetan Bowls.Tuning Forks.

Sound Healing opens us up to another level. Sometimes it just takes a little trigger to snap us out of a holding pattern.
We can use all of these tools to allow you to release and rejuvenate your own balanced body.

Advanced Healing ~ Etheric Clearing.
Crystal(line) Stellar Skulls. Etheric tools like Wands, Scrapers, Combs, and blades.
Did you ever feel like you were coming up against the same blocks or were accident prone?
Etheric cords, Entities and Hexes may be some of the causes of this
“bad luck.”

We can remove these together through a Fifth and Seventh Dimensional Energy Clearing.
Have you ever hear the saying “It’s all energy!”?
As an intuitive, seeing into these other dimensions enables me to assist you in releasing all that is holding you back.
I use ancient clearing tools, put up protection and to assist the process so I do not absorb it.

This process is most often done remotely, over the phone or preferably during a video call (using either Skype or Google Hangout).

More about this here:


Mary and Mary Magdalene Healing

c84937a5064141737ccf910991ed6e89-d96j014Breathing and Toning Enhance Reception

I share it here for you to enjoy and receive a healing as well.

Breathing and ‘toning” as you receive will assist the reception process.

Mary Magdalene: We, as the “Two Marys,” Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary, have a gift for you today.
You can choose to work with us in a new manner.
It will be for healing, love, and Divine Order on the planet, within your home life and much more.
We bring Balance.
We bring Peace.
We bring Divine Connection so you are always reminded that you are more than just your Self.

Healing Robes

Use our robes as a healing tool.
Breathe deeply now to receive this.
You can feel us place them about your shoulders.

They are gold. They are violet, orange, light blue and white.
Feel them as a clearing, then as protection.
Notice ~ they have a texture a weight.
Now notice how they now cover the lower part of your body,
they touch your spine, they touch your legs and even your feet.

They connect you to our precious Earth.
How does that feel to be a conduit between the heavens ~ Spirit and Earth?

You are a magnificent light on the planet and it serves you to receive this special healing.
It is for uniting hearts, it is for physical healing, it is for radiating love and light among you and others in your community and on the planet.

Blessings and Light,

From “The Two Marys”
through Mary Magdalene and the heart of Christina Gerber

Copyright 2008 – 20XX,

What did you notice?
Do you sense change through seeing, hearing or feeling the easiest?

Lady of Guadalupe Visitation on 12/12!

Guadalupe gets a Parade!198x303x92999-004-B6C0B4D4.jpg.pagespeed.ic.VHE-qdVdXYDo you believe in synchronicity?

Like numbers appearing in your life (looking at clocks at 11:11) or being at a certain place on just the right day?

I believe there are no mistakes. There is a certain reason I thought to drive to this mission on this day spontaneously. I think I was “on a mission”!

In December of 2000, I was traveling in Arizona, and coincidentally visited Tucson, AZ.
While visiting a friend there, I toured the Mission of San Xavier.
Coincidentally, it was also the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe – December 12th!
They even honor her with a parade!

I did not know who she really was or what she looked like, but when I closed my eyes and meditated in the church, I saw a dark-faced woman in very colorful robes: violet, orange, blue and gold with a pattern of stars, her whole figure glowing in gold. I was wondering why I had that vision.

Was I hallucinating?
I squinted (with my eyes closed) to make sure I was seeing it correctly. Every statue in this church represented Mary with a white face, cloaked in blue and white robes. I was bewildered, needless to say.

Then we toured the well behind the church. There was a mosaic of the woman in my vision, who was present everywhere in the church.
It was Our Lady of Guadalupe dressed in her brightly colored flowing robes!

In the original 12-foot square mission there was another painting on the wall of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
She was indeed the “Mary” who visited me in the church!

In Mexican-American culture, she offers hope and safety.
She is also a cultural icon.

She is covered in a star-filled azure cloak, with golden rays shining behind her, standing on a crescent moon held aloft by an angel.


Do you have a favorite story of synchronicity in your life?

Mary Initiation 2004 VenusTransit

c2Mother Mary Initiation

On June 8th, 2004, I listened to an invocation and meditation for the Transit of Venus.
Astronomically, this was the day that the planet Venus appeared to move across the face of the Sun for the first time since the 19th Century.
Symbolically, the feminine energy of the planet Venus was revealing itself as she transited the masculine energy of the Sun.
During this extraordinary event, the fiery backdrop of the Sun’s face served as a glowing frame for Venus, focusing our attention on her enlightened journey. Some astrologers consider Venus the feminine God presence.

Invoking Feminine Presence
I laid down on my office floor near my computer and proceeded to relax and breathe.
The intention of the invocation was to bring a greater feminine presence onto the Earth, as this was a time for heart-opening, and for an uplifting light to appear on the planet which would greatly affect the “collective consciousness.”

As I listened to the inviting, calming and soothing words, the meditation mentioned Mary.
In my mind’s eye (or was it?), a translucent, pale blue-and-white diamond appeared in the room.
As it lighted down about me, I noticed gold flecks in it. The pyramid enveloped me, then seeped into my body deeply as I quivered with this magnificent presence.

Next, this vibrating flow of light energy flowed outwards and inwards. It pulsated repeatedly like this for ten minutes inwards and outwards, allowing me to assimilate it. The shimmery colors gave me tingles as each pulse moved through my body, so I could sense it as it flowed to my core, and then back out to the outer reaches of my aura (as I imagined it would be). It felt like it stopped at the surface of my skin, and then the pulsating diamond – like a living, breathing heart-diamond – began to move inwards again.

Mary Spoke

I sat up and typed at my computer, allowing Mary to speak through me.
She confirmed that this was indeed her energy, and if I chose, we could work together to bring a greater feminine presence onto the Earth. I was a little stunned that this magnificent power had just coursed through my body, but clearly, I had received an initiation. I was not quite sure what to do with the information at that time, but soon, very soon, I would learn much more.

I would become a channel for Mary.

What would you do if you were asked to be a channel?

First Visitation with Mary

virginmaryAn Initiation

On August 15, 1998 I went to the House of Mary in Epheseus, Turkey while on a Total Solar Eclipse and Goddess sites tour. As was normal for me, I liked to do a meditation and connect with the energy of the sacred and ancient spots we visited in Turkey.

As I sat in the front left corner of her house, I closed my eyes and tears began streaming down my face. I was not sobbing nor did I feel a great deal of emotion. Yet the steady stream of tears became like rivers of water, soaking my clothes. I imagine it looked much like the common Catholic picture of “Our Lady of Sorrow” with the tears pouring out of Mother Mary’s eyes.

Robes of White and Blue Light

In my mind’s eye I saw a beam of white light pour down in front of me. I basked in it. It was warm and tender yet there was a tingling and cooling sensation simultaneously. I was shown pale blue robes around that and around me, and with each color of light a different sensation was felt. It was gentle, light and comforting. I looked more closely face appeared.

Mary Appeared in Front of Me

It was Mother Mary.

I asked her “Why are you crying?”

She told me that she cried tears of joy when people came to visit, for she knew that this would be a place that others would connect with “Spirit.” She also cried for those who did not connect.

I came out and sat in a café waiting for our tour group to appear.

My whole body was trembling and waves of shudders moved through me one after another. I had received such a powerful influx of energy, that it took me hours to assimilate it. Even the next day I felt as though there was a live wire running through me. Everything seemed magnified.

I will never forget this. It transformed me. If I was a non-believer in this house and the energy, I was nw a believer.

Have you had a Spiritual experience or Initiation you will never forget?

Animal Communication in Nature – Angels Visit Dolphins

dolphin-approachTIP: Send messages with your heart ~ this is how animals “hear” and “feel” you!

Angels, Marys and Dolphins

This heavenly experience was my first ‘Love Pod’ with 100+ dolphins!

I was staying in Kona on the Big Island Hawaii and heard wind from the Mermaid Community that Captain Dave takes  groups out on days of the full moons. I signed myself up for what would soon prove to be the experience of a lifetime! The eve before I wanted to make sure that Magdalene, Mary and the Archangelic Realm let the dolphins know we were coming to play!

Once out on the boat, within an hour we saw a small pod of dolphins. The sea was rough and there were two to three foot waves. This discouraged many who were not strong swimmers. If it was good weather for dolphin spinning it was fine for me! I am also a very strong swimmer.
Dolphins will swim with and around you depending on your energy, however you cannot approach dolphins. I began to call in Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene and the Archangels seeing their sparkles and colors and feeling their energy signatures. I would send these “Rays of Light” from my heart to those of the dolphins. Within minutes I was surrounded by babies and mamma dolphins. I think they softened up with the feminine Goddess Energy and felt safe. The babies swam eye-to eye with me. Were they winking and smiling I wondered? It seemed like it.

Dolphins Galore!

I noticed there were more and more of my jumping twirling playmates. The group seemed to expand and there were dolphins in every direction! I think some of them “told” their friends. I noticed the penetrating, electric high-pitched sounds would change depending on the Archangel or Mary I called in. The dolphins felt the vibration of each Angelic being. We were communicating with our hearts.

I heard the words “Love Pod” and knew this was a welcoming and healing. Over two hours later I came back on the boat. I had been the only one swimming nonstop with the pod the whole time! The captain said there were about 150 dolphins around me!

This, is Animal Communication. Sending messages from our hearts connects us with these Divine Compassionate Beings of Gaia.
A week later, I heard the Dolphin and Mermaid (Water/Spiritual) community of the island talk about Love Pods. They said i was a new wave of Dolphin Communication!

When in Hawaii, my watercolor pencil artwork takes on a devic quality.
Images emerge and float together ~

Have you tried connecting your heart with animals in nature?


Mary Magdalene Ray of Abundance

Sunset SurfA gift for you from Mary Magdalene ~ Ray of Astonishing Abundance

I received this from Mary Magdalene and thought I would share.

When I received it, I listened and heard with my heart. I wrote down my experience.

I suggest you:

Have a quiet place.

Do you have an intention?
Go ahead and bring that up.
Breathe deeply and meditate with the words.
Read them then receive.

Happy Magdalene Feast Day July 22nd!

Mary Magdalene: What you will notice is that my light reignites the blissful spirit within.
It awakens your kundalini and allows your love within to radiate as a
brilliant light without. This will give you the reassurance you need to
move forward from a place of fear, stagnation or uncertainty.

So, with my sacred Robe of Light, I envelope you.
I bless you.
Imagine my flow of light encompassing you in such a way that you are in a womb of
deep azure blue light.
It is almost a purple hue.

Allow this to move from your crown, down your shoulders, and around your heart, your sexual
center, and your legs, so you are encompassed in a beautiful womb-like opening.
It is as if you are folded into an egg, with the center of the robes
open, creating a vagina-like opening. That is truly it! This becomes your
birthing womb.

Different Colors Have Different Sensations

Next, you receive a flow of orange and gold light.
This is the inner source
of my light which reignites a fury within that you may have been missing.
This light that I give to you, allows your kundalini to rise, safely and
securely as a healing spiritual vibration. Allow this to rise up and down
your spine. Know that this spiritual love and light connects you to Spirit,
to Earth, and to my Divine Light. You can connect to this at any time with
your breath and your heart.

These are your Spiritual Keys:
your Breath and
your Heart.

You can use this as a way to understand the abundance in the Universe: it
is truly a flow of light inwards. It is something that awaits you at your
door ~ it is a doorway into your heart. So as you align with passion for your
work, your creative spirit, and your projects that serve, this is the same and
you are all One in Spirit. There is no boundary to limit your receiving
what is yours.

Receive the Magnificence That is You!

This is part of your spiritual path: to receive fully, to feel this inner magnificence,
and allow to it to radiate within and without. This ability to reunite with a
feeling of glory and light brings you to a state of Bliss.

Feel how your heart is now open, you feel connected to your Spiritual sexuality,
to feel your body as it now reverberates to something much greater than this
safe place of wonder and curiosity you are so blessed with. It has changed into
an inner knowing. That is the gift I give to you.

Healing Robes

These are my robes of Abundant Light.
They create change from within.
As you ask, allow, and you will receive.
It is a very simple process and you were guided
to these words, through this divine channel, for your health, your supreme state
of well-being, and for you to flourish and prosper on all levels.

Allow this sacred flow of light into your being, from that which is below and that
which is above, bringing you into a full circle of healing and blessing you, so you
can receive fully.


Give thanks for your connections to your friends and family.
Give thanks to what
you are receiving, for it is a magnificent blessing that is yours to claim.
It is NOW that you have the strength and great ability to ask out loud and to receive, feeling
it flowing from within and attracting the appropriate people, connections, and
divine level of knowing ~ just what is right for you.

Blessings with my Robes of Inner and Outer Light for you to shine and prosper,
Mary Magdalene
~ through the heart of Christina Gerber

What do you notice? Please share, won’t you?

Copyright 2008 – 20XX,

Angels Bless a Wedding


It’s Official! I am marrying my brother!

Being an officiant is an incredible experience. The wedding site was only a fifteen minutes drive from my home. I had practiced the ceremony over and over again, yet I was a little nervous. I wanted it to be just perfect!

I did a meditation on my drive to the majestic bayside venue. My intention was to to ground and bring myself into alignment. I invited in the Archangels: Ariel, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Metatron for assistance.

Rainbows Balance

I visualized the Rays of the Rainbow moving through me for emotional balance. I went through each of the colors of the rainbow one by one (ROYGBIV) separately and breathed them through ~ from above my body, into my heart then to Gaia’s heart.

Then I gave a “shout out” to Gaia, thanking her for bringing in the deeply grounded energy, and brought that right back up into my heart.

Just as I finished the meditation, I pulled into the small parking lot. It was the most scenic parking space ever ~ a cliff overlooking the San Pedro Bay. The spectacular point jutted out so there was a 180 degree view of majestic diamonds of sun sparkling on the water.

Once the ukelele songs welcomed the guests, the service was ready to begin. Half an hour into the service (at 1 PM) all was going smoothly. As I ended with a blessing I looked out into the audience, when I noticed the family and friends were looking up above me into the sky, with their jaws dropped.

I turned around and l behind me to see what they were seeing. As if floating in the heavens, I saw the largest Sun Dog cloud in the shape of an angel filled with a brightly colored rainbow flowing through it. For the next 30 minutes the colors changed and the rainbows became brighter and brighter!

It felt like the angels came in again and blessed everyone with their healing rays, especially the couple!