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Angel Healing and SoundHealing

Sound and the Essence of the Angels – It’s Easy

Bringing the “Archangels Four” in through my heart and they shared this as tools to facilitate healing and communication with them.

Archangels Raphael, Ariel, Gabriel and Michael spoke through Raphael:

It is our experience that using your breath, and creating different sounds, will allow the “inner and
Outer” to connect. Toning, which involves making sounds while expelling breath, is part of the
process. It is grounding, and it helps to merge the inner part of your being with the outer
experience and sensation of this realm of change. The sounds you create are yours, with or
without words or vowels, with or without a tone, there is no right or wrong. Toning also
opens and releases all the chakras, facilitating balance and ease in the process. Perhaps, best
of all, it allows us to resonate with the Universe.

Even Sounding Scales, Do Re Me Fa So La Ti Do or Vowels
Hmmm Hmmmm…Hmmm… Humming Works too!

If it is a new experience for you to vocalize in this way, you may feel more comfortable
humming, which is a delightful beginning to creating healing sound.

This is all part of an intricate balance of allowing and receiving. The more you contribute and
release, the more change and Angel-Heart energy you will receive. If you practice this with at
least one other person, the energy becomes magnified and enhanced even more. The more
people involved, the greater the impact you will notice.

We are here to protect and facilitate your honored paths, so allow and receive with this tool
(of toning), so that you can create the change you wish and discover the world you dream of.

From your guides upon the Journey,
Archangels Raphael, Ariel, Gabriel and Michael

through the heart of Christina Gerber

Copyright 2004 – 20XX,

Mary Magdalene New Moon Blessings

During a #NewMoon, I invited #MaryMagdalene to come through me, and this is what she shared.
I in turn share it with you:

#MaryMagdalene: Yes, it is me, #MaryMagdalene, and this is an important time to allow the flow of the New Moon into your heart, spirit, and lower chakras and to connect with the earth on a deeper level than ever before.

What New Moon energy and light, allows us to do, as one unified Spirit, is to re-energize your own sexual connection to the Earth and Spirit as one solid, honored flow of life energy. If you are ready, you may merely wish to have the flow of Spirit and the #NewMoon energy into your upper chakras.

Breathe slowly. Allow the flow to let energy that is stagnant to release. Now allow the flow to enter your heart, and notice, with my guidance, you are also able to let go of the flow of the old as you welcome the new spirit and light feeling of this time for growth, into your Self and your heart. As you continue to breathe, you may notice that your lower chakras ignite with the flow, as you permit my energy to assist this transformative time.

Next, know that you are guided, protected, and able to receive this Spirit of Life and love into your heart as this radiates throughout your body. You are able to move through the old patterns now as they are relinquishing themselves to an energized flow of this light energy of renewal.

The New Moon allows your energy to be a new flow of your spiritual Self, now connected with Gaia  ~ Earth as Spirit ~ with your lower chakras, and clearing and grounding simultaneously. This is one very important transition: to be able to allow the awareness of your sexuality be part of this ceremony and this new sensation of honoring your Spirit, with your heart flow and your third-eye connection with this divine part of Self.

As you are connecting the crown chakra, opening to spirit, notice a balanced flow of light and love into your lower chakras, which permits your heart to be a balanced fulcrum of life and love. See the flow now move into Gaia’s heart, our Divine Earth’s heart. Gaia is truly a living sacred Being. Then as you give her thanks, draw upon her as a resource, blessing her and your Sacred, Sensual Spiritual Self.

This is the level of awareness the New Moon energy permits you to experience a deep resonance within ~ moving the Inner outwards.

Relish it and savor this as a new method of allowing your spiritual enlightenment to unfold.
Reacquaint yourself with this connection.
Slowly, as you are breathing through this ceremony and meditation of love and light, bring this forth to a new part of sharing your Self with others in your life. This spark of your Spirit will allow others to receive healing energy and love of life.

Renew your Selves and cells at this spiritual and sensual level so you may enjoy life to the fullest, dear ones.
This is divine sensuality and awareness of the connection to your divine sexuality.
It is part of your life lesson to be able to unite these and to share this connection with others.

Blessings of love, life, and energy that is divine on all levels,
Mary Magdalene

Channeled through the Heart of Christina Gerber
Copyright 2005- 20XX


Archangel Metatron Helps Find Mama Cat

Archangel Metatron helps this mama cat come home

Has My Cat Disappeared or is She Dead?

Wendy asked me if I could help her with her cats. She let me know her husband thought she was crazy speaking with someone who talks to cats.

I let her know this is not uncommon....

Their family had recently moved from a larger, more rural home, to a smaller place with a fenced in yard. Her five cats and two dogs were a large part of their family’ s life.

A few weeks siince the move, one cat had disappeared ~ precious Mama Cat. She would snuggle next to Wendy’s head at night (or she used to; she had not done this for a few months…). So Wendy put up posters everywhere but no one responded. She feared the worst!

Betty, another cat, would no longer let Wendy pet her and had sought the neighbor's affection! Wendy shared, “I don’t want to lose Betty, too! I don’t know if Mama cat is alive anymore, either. I have posted signs all over the neighborhood, but none of my neighbors have even seen her."

Clearing Out Your Space

In preparation for our session in a few days, I suggested she clear out old energy from previous owners in the home ~ with crystals, feathers and/or sage ~ however she wanted to do it. I suggested Wendy do an epsom salt bath to cleanse herself as well. The night before, and the morning of our session, I sent heart beams out to Mama cat and Betty to let her know we would be trying to reach her and they would be feeling angels! I never know until I tune in with the angels and animals what to expect….

When we got on the phone, I suggested we connect our hearts with a magenta ray of light and sound the tone of “AAhhhh” as a way to ground and bring in the most clear information from the Archangelic Realm, as well as to protect our connection (via phone and heart). Within several minutes, Mama cat bounded into the yard, slinking around and meowing a great deal, talking up a storm! Wendy exclaimed, “Oh my gosh, I don’t believe it! This is amazing! I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it." Wendy went to call her and look for her.  With the help of Metatron and the Archangelic Realm, I energetically cleared the home, the land underneath, and the surrounding  property.

It seemed like there was some blocked energy and “cording" from previous people and animals who had lived there. During our phone session, with the assistance of the other dimensional team, we also did some balancing, light-refilling and reconnecting of the people, animals, hearts, and Gaia’s blessed heart. The Fairies in her yard thanked us! Wendy mentioned she wanted to put Fairy Gardens and spaces in her new yard, as she loves fairies! Then the Fairy realm donned a headdress upon Wendy as a way of saying “Thanks!" for clearing her lovely space and reconnecting with them. Metatron mentioned the animals would love the newly cleared property so that they would be protective of it.

Later, I got a call from Wendy: Mama cat had been snuggling in bed with her (which she had not done for months)! Purrr … happy client. Since then, Wendy let me know their quasi-feral cat has become very tame and Betty is much happier and the animals are now protecting their bright and shiny yard!

Reminder: Moving into a new place? Clear out the old energy!
Periodically do it with your living and office space.

Abundance Ray

Archangel Ariel
Channeled through the heart of Christina Gerber


I wish to give you a Ray of Enlightened Abundance. What this will do is give your heart a special level of insight. It gives you the inner and outer connectedness with all that is, and with others’ hearts. This Ray of Enlightened Abundance allows you to open yourself up to receive more love and guidance. It comes from within, radiates outwards, and is received once again as a beautiful “mirror ray of the tenfold heart.”

Know that the colors that come forth from above are pale yellow and pink. My heart-light serves to share a warmth and radiance, which opens your heart chakra and allows barriers to melt away. When you are open, you can receive more fully. When you have your guard up, you are able to imagine protection more than reception.

Know that this ray protects you and gives you a direct connection to divine, so there is protection that is here, from me. You need not keep a wall around your heart, as that can be a distraction. Opening your divine heart light up for reception is the simple task at hand. Release and receive, for you can now receive deep within your heart. Feel secure in knowing that you are able to receive fully NOW.

What you can do is feel the flow of light directly around you, centering into your heart. It will bring forth peace and calm. It will give you a sensation of knowing something greater than you is protecting you and watching over you. You may feel as if you meld into knowingness, an omniscient Self that sees yourself from above. This is a beautiful perspective and one that gives you great insight into how your heart is ever so connected to others.

You may notice there is an intricate web of light about you. That is the radiance of the abundant love in your heart, connecting to others. This is the key to your receiving: when you do not allow yourself to receive, others can not receive the appropriate flow to them either. So truly, you are serving others by receiving. This is a Sacred Key for you to remember. Open your heart, your soul and your spirit to receiving and you can most easily share this with others. This in turn gives you great joy. So know it is true. See yourself from above as one who is receiving this pale yellow and pink diamond-bright light so you are purified, you are blessed, and you are fully open to receiving.

Blessings to you on this fully receptive path of light. See it, hear it, feel it – and it is so.

Blessings from the deep pink light within my heart to yours,

Archangel Ariel
Channeled through the heart of Christina Gerber

©12/21/08 – 2015