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Archangel Metatron Christ-Consciousness Portal

We are calling in rays from the Crystalline Universe, from the Rainbow Universe and having many light beings here to implement these healing rays, so you all get an insight into this future-paced vision of just how you can all regulate your frequencies to accommodate this propulsion into the time space frequency that allows such magnificent change opening up veils of way past ancient time and truly deep light forms from other intersections of global unifications, galactic energies coming together almost like creating a triple trampoline. So different drum faces or soundings can come into a point of unification and all can resonate at one level of light and gratitude, love, spiritual opening and true communion. 

So, with this said, now let us take a specific frequency from Prime Creator, from Galactic Goddess, as she so dearly loves being called, from the Christ Consciousness creators Yeshua, Marys, Magadalens ~ all giving their support to create a laser-like frequency. Starting with your glands in your head and zooming through your spinal cord, and blasting out rays of stardust that have been blessed with their hearts as one beam of incredible light and moving through in an intertwining DNA pattern. So rather than feeling a vortex of light, your body, mind and Spirit are receiving this oscillating, unending infinity symbol upon infinity symbol, as the spiraling DNA looks like it is releasing and spinning off  some cells that are holding you back. This allows for the magical, loving frequency of ancient, future love-cycles to come forth and clear, spin, cleanse, scrub, remove, delight, expose and further propel your visions, cells, minds, inner dragons, outer dragons, souls and most precious heart-lights that we protect and continue to brighten with more and more stardust, so you become more of what you felt has been part of your path. So you are lighting up as a Crystalline Goddess each of you and resonate at this superior frequency enabling yourselves and your cells to be able to shine, and glow, and glisten ~ brightening your own pathways. This means that you provide your own clearing beacons of our divine love. This means that you look with intent upon a single desire and time and it is magnified closer and closer to you so you are able to be part of the unfolding process and see, hear and feel your incredible strengths. 

This is part of the process of enabling one to become more and more light-filled and resonate at a higher frequency, developing your own level of crystalline light upon this earthly places which truly has access to many other dimensions. As we are now moving past the 5th,into the 6th,past that into the 7thdimension love and unfoldment. Know this juicy place in your heart is what is attracting others your way. It is part of how you continue to unfold and receive a certain level of healing and suddenly feel the inspiration spring forth. You get the project done, the obstacles fall away. All is in the right time. 

This crystalline exposure of your being makes you enamored with the process. You shout it out like a heart beam of light from your own genuine, authentic being. You are this sacred beacon in a profound way. 

Your cells emanate the Christ Consciousness Portal. You took part in this opening in a big way and it is meant to be shared. It is meant to be revisited. You are meant to allow that light to come from your hearts, your spirits, and your minds. So this is what others revel in. It becomes contagious. 

We are spinning this 7thdegree of infinite DNA, cycling light through your upper chakras, above your body, through your body chakras, through your aura completely around your body in every direction so you become this spinning rose of light , only it is every color of the rainbow, every tint glistening with silver and gold mesmerizing, perking up your spirits and your organs keeping you like a fire ~ sparkling, toasty light within exuding this incredible warmth touching and revealing much about yourself. And revealing much about those you come into contact with. So you become this mirror and others see themselves in you and this makes your words and writing very appealing to others. They hear their past and future in these words and visions.

This light of these spiraling DNA ropes of Crystalline Light come forth from the heart of each word, from the soul of each vision, and from the hearts of you!

This means what you touch also has an elevated frequency. So when you express your true thoughts of just how you can help others, then they understand “Oh I just need to trust. This sounds bizarre but they are wonderful. Let’s try this process. It sounds fruitful like the experience I have been looking for!”

These other lightworkers will understand. You are exposing them to the light they have been looking for. 

They are knowing how key this is to their own development portal. What does that mean? You are opening a doorway for them to emerge through into a new looking glass so they can see this fully developed, wonderful world of light, where community comes together. Where light unifies and creates change, hearts develop and communities can then work with these magical pyramids of light. This will be one step forward to prepare the planet for First Contact. 

So yes it is coming, and it will be evident when we can share this bit by bit, and you can spread the word. Others may have visions of grandeur, yet we see these portals being opened by your team and you are the leaders so yes others have incredible stories and words and continue to share how they see that they are keys to the future. And they are, in their own way. And they have insights and much of this is opened by your team here. They may understand they are part of a certain opening yet you will have some very far-fetched ideas and keys and doorways that we want you to open for others just as we are opening you now to a new level of sparkling light and love. 

This is glorious this is sung in with angels. People will hear sounds with their openings with the veils being lifted and light coming forth to erase eons of darkness. We will all be a part of this together. 

So some are getting messages of the future, yet you are leaders. And we are keeping some of this under wraps, yet others get glimpses and much of this has to do with your future and how you will assist. 

This is all part of a much larger plan and we want to continue to sprinkle our laser loving light upon you upon each and every cell keeping you sparkling from head down to fingers down to toes swirling around and through brightening up any sullied spots that have not been so shiny lately. We will take care of that. 

Breathing this in deeply, so you feel it. Know that each time you drink your water or use your oils or tinctures or homeopathic remedies, we are blessing it with our laser love frequency.

Do not underestimate yourselves. We have kept a special place close to our hearts so that you are indeed able to thrive, to focus to let what needs to fall away.

It is time to feel your cells as the magnificent crystals they are! They shine, are faceting in a certain way like glistening drops of light with many faces and colors. They talk together supporting you. You initiate their vibrancy. Remember that! When you are not feeling  your total blessed selves, call us in do a sweep see the crystalline DNA winding rope, erasing, moving, wiggling around keeping you up and on allowing you to radiate the attractive beam, so others recognize you. 

Let yourselves shine — you are doing the work. Only it is a bit more like play and we want others to notice they too could do this. These are not skills only held by you. You are turning on these lights within others so they, too, recall how they used to move mountains, trees, weather, plants, and animals in a loving way with light. They had the means and ways to connect all of the dots of light. 

They, too, had understanding that there was more than what meets the eye. It is part of the plan to have everyone able to transcend the barriers and see all is connected.

This is what we are showing you now. You are connected to our hearts, the stars, the glistening lights that keep moving through the Inner Earth, the Pyramids, the Rays of Light and every level of each dimension. This moves you further up the scale to becoming lighter and lighter, and more focused and able to execute in many ways you may have thought were not possible and now, will find that they are.  So keep this light radiating within, around you swirling making you understand the profound affect you have upon us, upon others , upon universes, upon stars and plants, beings of light everywhere : the past and  the very developed and juicy future. You are universal lights that are developing yourselves. 

Know that as you remember, breathe, flow, this connection of Gaia’s spirit within continues to support you. You are infused with love with a vibration of every incredible plant. Know that this aroma is part of an acknowledgement of you. like a universal song only it is all universes and plants coming together to create a special elixir for your own frequency. This is part of our laser healing of your being brightening you from within. Receive it, smell it, feel it. This is part of your blessing of light. You may understand how important you are and you will know that we are around, near your shoulders, under your feet, above your heart, above your head. We are there.  We are around and within. We are so intertwined we are together as one unit of crystalline love beam. 

This is all part of our appreciation of you. We see you as our team as you see us as your team. Notice the sparkling light moves into each cell with each deep breath. That is always the case. Breathe deeply.

You are part of this universal process of lifting the veil and allowing others to rise up and release what has been holding others back. You are initiators. You are holding up a level of the veil so you create a laser vision of light for others. This helps those who are in need. 

The idea of shooting a Beam is a big idea for many. They can then feel they are helping! This is key in many transformations ~ being able to help others with a release process knowing it is just not for them alone. 

Blessings upon this movement — up and out — and then back in. Know when you travel we protect you. Use your merkaba and remember you stay safe. You are in our hearts. 

Blessings for your stupendous, brilliant, sparkling team of lightworkers who are truly of the light. Thank you for all you do. We love and cherish you.

 Metatron and your Galactic Team

1/3/15 ~ Channeled through the Heart of Christina Gerber

Harmful EMF Protection

Magnets Strengthen

Can our connection to the Earth strengthen our immune system?
Can we keep our auric field intact so negative Electro Magnetic Fields do not affect our cells?

I even wear a magnetic necklace to prevent the energy from my computer keyboard to go up my arms to my head. BEacuse I believe in this , I also  have links for these items for purchase.

Wearing magsteps and Cell phone usage Video

Fall Energy Clearing for Health and Home

For Greater Vitality, Balanced Energy and Inner Peace!

Did you know that energy from previous residents, visitors and animals 
can linger in your home and affect you in the present day?

Do you have property you are planning to rent, sell or build upon?

Perhaps you have a room that holds the energy of the clients you have worked with, or a guest room where friends and family have stayed?

We can clear this energy to its core – so that its pure, crystal-clear light
enhances your own energy!
We will refill it with abundant Life Force, so that it will be noticeable to all who enter.

We will enable you to keep your sacred space clear, grounded, and protected.You will receive techniques to retain its brilliance –
And you will feel the difference NOW! 


If you wish to receive a message from the Archangels (Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and others) we can call them in for your own Healing and Reading

for Clarity, Reassurance and Reignition! 
No task too large!

One-Hour Remote Clearing 

Special Price (for Special People!)

$175 – Now $150

Angel Whispers 101

I was a skeptic. While on the phone with my friend (in Kansas) she surprised me and said she felt the presence of Archangel Raphael on her bed at times.

She knew she was still alive after a severe illness because Raphael helped her.
Did I believe in angels?

She asked me if I would like to meet Archangel Rapahel. I said “Why not?”
Evidently angels can be in more place than one simultaneously.

As I welcome this angelic presence in, within minutes I felt a chilly presence at my side. A short while later I then felt like I was being lifted off the ground, even though I was standing in my home office.

Now I understand that we all have had this ability and it my my unique ability to help others to be reintroduced to the Archangels, reigniting  this innate connection we all possess, if only we are open to the possibility.

Not long after this Archangel Raphael introduced me to his friends: Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Ariel.
Note: It is always a good sign when you are asked permission.
I gave this some serious thought, made sure it was not religious and decided I could indeed do it. 

I learned how each Archangel had a different energy signature. 

Each transformational interchange, conversation and “class” became Ray of Angelic Light. I am now beginning to share these for the transformational healing of others And so it begins.

How To Do Remote Animal Healing

Distance Healing for Fur Kids – Any Time Any Place!

There I was, in line at the CA DMV, texting my dear friend, Paula, wondering how she and her cat, Ginger, were doing.

Nick o’ Time!

Coincidently (or was it?) Paula let me know of her intense concern that Ginger had not eaten in several days!!!
I let her know I would start sending healing energy to her precious fur child.

Step One: Begin by Connecting Hearts!

I visualized and sent a beam of pink and gold light from my heart to Ginger's heart, letting her know that I was sending pictures of a relaxed cat, purring with this  "heart-light". 

Fist I wanted to clear the stagnant or disharmonious energy in Ginger's body out. So I began to bring forth brilliant golden and green from the heart of GAIA , to each chakra, starting with her lower energy centers and then moving the light and loving energy upwards.

Once I sent this clearing light through her chakras, past her eighth chakra (18 inches above her noggin') I sent "whatever" was released into a special container I keep outside my house specifically for this purpose. It is important to be aware of where this released negative energy is sent.

I keep a special earthenware container outside my office window to hold this until The Archangels come and empty it (or more often if needed) weekly and then transform the energies that have been collected into healing light for Gaia. I believe it is ever so important to give this released negative energy a destination, so it is not picked up by another!

Note: When you schedule an Animal Angel session with me, I will give you tools for working with your fur children, since you have such a deep connection with your heart and theirs.

Refilling-Light for Balancing Distance Animal Healing


Once the stagnation and clouded energy was cleared from those energy centers, I proceeded to refill with balanced grounded harmonizing light. I send it from her guides and angels from her uppermost energy centers to her lower ones, then into the center of the earth!

Ginger Immediately Began to Eat Again!

I see in other dimensions, and understand specific colors and I intuit or "ask" how to send the healing light. Then I understand what will be most effective in each for each animal (or person) and proceed.

It Helps to Give the Guardian “Homework!”

I let Paula know what I did and suggested she do the same for herself.

Practicing Self Care

When we practice our own energy clearing and refilling, our fur children can learn from us  and there will be less need for them to try to assist us  and "Heal" us!

Did you know our fur kids can very easily, compassionately, care for us, and even take on our emotions, or illness?

When sending them healing light, you can begin by putting yourself in their place, and asking "What would soothe them?" Tune in and consider "What energy would help them right now?" For instance, sending green light to soothe their digestion. Practice with them in another room and  send them a grounded, heart-filled message. Notice their changes. or send them a message to "Come and sit in your lap!" or "Ask for a fur brushing!"

Using Specific Colors and Directions is KEY!

Since I have learned from my guides and Archangels how to work with the Healing energy, Do not Hesitate to SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT!
I am eager to help you learn and be able to assist your fur kids on your own. Ask for help, then your fur kids will know to do this as well!

Acupressure and Angels

Needing some TLC?
Looking for a blissful mini-staycation?
Ready to be uplifted with heavenly aromas and energies?
Feeling out of sorts?
Stressed Out?
Groggy during the day due to poor sleep?
“We” (the Angels and I) have just the thing for you!

Relax and Rejuvenate with an Acupressure Facelift
and Ultra-Relaxing Facial Massage

Deluxe Rosewater Hydrosol moisturizes your skin prior to your blissful Facial Massage.Visage (French for facial massage) invites your whole body to fully relax with the greatest of ease. Warning: It may not be easy to stay awake!

Divinely Inspired Delicious Facial Blend
Delicately blended, cell-renewing Essential Oils include: Copaiba, Sacred Frankincense, Geranium and Roman Chamomile.
Recently an aesthetician said I gave her the best facial massage she ever had!


Universal Life Healing Force

Archangels Ariel, Gabriel, Michael, Metatron and Raphael have given me
Energy Healing Rays to clear your chakras, organs, joints and energy field. I will ceremoniously
hold my hands over or on areas of your clothed body.
The stardust-filled cosmic energy will soothe and recalibrate your Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Bodies.

quantum_dimensions_of_a_humanAngelic Reading/Healing
(15 – 30 Minute Session – You decide!)

This same group of Archangels asked me to be their voice.
Explore a question close to your heart, receiving guidance and reconnecting yourself with their Angelic Presence,
during your 15- or 30-Minute Angelic Reading and Healing. 
Some people see or feel the angels as we invite them in!

I will bless your reflex points on your feet, toes, hands and head. (Yummy!)

I use exotic essential oils which I blend specifically for you. Some of my faves include:
Copaiba, Fragonia, Rosewood and Sacred Frankincense. Each of these reduces inflammation and cross the blood brain barrier, working deeply to unite your Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Bodies

I will also include balancing your 14 Energy Meridian Balance points.

Sound Healing

Tuning Forks and Tibetan Bowl tones will ground this treatment in.

Allow 90 Minutes for this Blissful Treatment.

Convenient Marinwood Studio Location. One block from Hwy 101.

Angelic Visitation by Christian Gerber

Angelic Visitation by Christina Gerber

Warm Bamboo Info

Warm Bamboo BodyWork

In the Begininning...
I was trained in Bamboo-Fusion BodyWork, which Nathalie Cecilia developed in in 2004.

Nathalie Cecilia, originally from France, is the creator of Bamboo-Fusion. She discovered the technique when many of her clients were asking for deep tissue treatment. She found way to use the heated tools rather than adding undue pressure to her fingers and joints. Clients also loved it.

Warm Bamboo BodyWork is a modality for anyone looking for a relaxing massage or needing some  soothing and more deeply relaxing bodywork. This unique modality uses warm bamboo to promote a deep sense of relaxation and wellBeing. 

I use a moist heating pad folded into a pocket to heat the smoothe, dowel-shaped pieces of bamboo.
The soothing heat penetrates the muscles, automatically relaxing them, making it easier for me to access those areas of underlying tension. I roll the tension out.

 It was originally created to easily combine Swedish and deep massage and it does make it ultra-transformative. 

We all naturally react to stress — it may be physical, mental, or emotional. Often  one way is to tense up into “fight or flight” mode. It can become chronic tension so our muscles tighten and knot up. Then  the most dangerous words ever uttered are

“Maybe it will just go away on it’s own.”

If you hear yourself say these words, know that is when you want to get a massage.That’s when a dull ache can lead to pain as muscles become less flexible and then you are prone to injury.

What Makes Warm Bamboo so Special?

Throughout the session, several different pieces of warmed bamboo, using a variety of strokes are incorporated in different styles to stretch and press the muscles, joints and tissue. 

Once the body has been thoroughly warmed, I can painlessly work out any knots needing extra attention. The results are incredible!
Bodies relax so completely as muscles loosen and joints become more flexible, resulting in flexibility and rejuvenation.

The moist-heated bamboo provides deep massage without pain. This technique aids in avoiding repetitive injuries, such as carpal tunnel, and reduces the stress on thumbs, wrists, and hands.

In the United States, bamboo is primarily symbolic and is gaining in popularity because it is a highly renewable resource. It is also beautiful and considered lucky by many people. The use of a renewable and sustainable resource that connects us to ancient times can address our modern need for deep tissue massage.

Why Bamboo B​odyWork?

I think we can agree that most people enjoy getting a massage. However many of you may be wondering  “why use bamboo as opposed to a regular or deep tissue massage?”

Eight years ago one of my massage teachers  experienced a Bamboo-Fusion session and was blown away. She immediately called me and told me to check it out!

Once I experienced it, I was converted!

I Received my Bamboo Fusion Certification in 2006

A Warm Bamboo sessions is such a phenomenal experience, that my clients let me know they have a difficult time receiving any other style of massage. If they happen to be out of town and looking for a treatment, there is no comparison.

Since the early 1980s I have been coaching others to "press" or hold points on their body that could give them relief. I then found out that this innate knowing I had about which places people needed to be touched to experience healing, was the seed of what has now flourished into a 30-year healing practice.

Guided by my gift of intuitive healing I studied trigger point therapy, swedish body work and many other modalities of massage. I found combining them all to be very effective. I tailor each session specifically to your needs.

Another Key to the session is :


Your specific intention, joined with our hearts, along with the kneading the pressure assist on other levels to assist in your physical and emotional transformation.

Bamboo, Pressure and Heat Can Magnify Transformation

 o what causes Warm Bamboo BodyWork to be more effective AND more relaxing?
Bamboo has naturally occurring silica crystal within it so it is a natural conduit and magnifier of energy.

Just like crystals were created with intense heat and pressure to create something magical – the Bamboo magnifies the healing process. In other words, these crystals contained in silky, smooth bamboo transform and the heat and turn it into a regenerating electromagnetic conduit sending deep relaxation messages into your body.

Add to that the warm, moist heat and the experience is one of immediate relief and relaxation. It feels WONDERFUL – and the pain and tension seem to melt away!

 Why Receive Warm Bamboo BodyWork?

The latest findings are that 100% of all disease and illness is brought about from how we hold stress in our bodies. Now more than ever people need to take care of themselves by reducing stress and healing from within. If they don’t the consequences can be dire.

Client Benefits

Regardless of age, activity level, or flexibilty clients get more relief faster and it is sustained.

My clients leave smiling without the stress, insomnia, concern, pain and tension they came in with, so they can excel in their passion! 

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