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Healing the Spiritual Body

Spirit. Earth Heart.
We all have that inherent connection
with something
“greater than.”

Are you open to other Realms for Healing?
You know how we are all connected with this grid of light ? It resides between our hearts as well as in Gaia (Planet Earth). Our thoughts, intentions and this electromagnetic connection create change.

Different Healing Systems and Rays of Light given to me are educational tools, to assist you in reigniting these abiiltiies within you.

Are you ready to connect with other Spiritual Realms?
The Archangelic Realm, the Heart of Gaia? Mary Magdalene and Mary ( “The Two Marys”) or Yeshua? Perhaps you would rather gain support from and connect with Ascended Masters like Quan Yin or St. Germaine? The Fairy and Devic Realms?

Or perhaps you would like to reconnect with a loved one who has crossed over?


KNOW that when your Spiritual and Emotional Bodies are healed this directly effects your Physical Body, your relationships and life and business!

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Since 1989 I have been studying and using organic essential oils. I customize aromatherapy blends for each client and offer relief for a variety of imbalances and disorders. You can receive assistance through aromatherapy with

  • Insomnia

  • Allergies

  • Muscle and Joint pain, Arthritis and Injury

  • Bronchial, Sinus and Lung Congestion,

  • Hemorrhoids

  • Digestive Problems

  • Immune disorders 

  • Anxiety

    Plantar fasciitis

  • Compromised kidneys

    Unification of Body and Spirit

  • Sexual Responsiveness

    Enhanced Meditative States

    Weight loss

    Glandular support

  • Improved concentration

You can contact me by phone or skype and I can create a blend especially for you, and send it to you.

You need not be present for me to create a magical blend especially for you!
Prices vary, depending on the oils used and size ordered
Price Range: $ 25 - $ 65 US.

I use Young Living Oils

My Affiliate/Distributor #257690

Bamboo-Fusion Visage

Visage is French for Facial Massage.
The miniature set of bamboo wands, triangles, circles and energy rods gracefully slide upwards around your cheeks, forehead, chin temples and neck to completely relax you. Pressing, rolling acupressure points, wipe away the worry and laugh lines. Moist-heated tools caress your tightly held facial muscles. Any lines of tension or stress being held, dissolve. 

As the face holds reflex points that reflect back to your whole body system, all of the "Oohs!" and "Aaahs!" you are feeling are being transmitted directly to every part of your body!

 You may find it is not easy to stay awake, as you drift off into a blissful dreams state.

Years are erased from your face. Will it be alright if you depart looking 10 or more years younger?

Warm Bamboo Visage
30 Minutes -  $ 45
Organic Oil Blend with Essential oils enhances the effects.

45-Minute Blissful Session - $ 60
Additional use of Jade Facial Rollers with Infrared Properties Youthify you on another level!

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Image compliments of

 Nathalie Cecilia, Founder Bamboo-Fusion, giving a Bamboo-Fusion Visage Treatment

Bamboo Fusions Visage Tools

Bamboo Fusion Visage Tools - Created by Nathalie Cecilia 

Acupressure Facelift

Did you know there are 150 Acupressure Points on your face?  Yes!  Each and every one serves to connect to a point on your whole body! When you receive an uplifting, line-erasing and firming Facial Acupressure Treatment, it is a service to your whole body — inside and out!

When Rosewater and special cell-renewing, Facial oils are added to the heavenly session you will be amazed with the fresh-looking, long-lasting results! Wrinkles, what wrinkles?

"My co-workers remarked for week at how young I looked!" 

Acupressure Facelifts, when used with a healthy diet and lifestyle help to:

- Soften wrinkles

- Improve muscle tone

- Decrease puffiness and bags under eyes

- Increase blood flow

- Create Healthier radiant skin

- Decrease effects of stress on face

- Reduce double chins

- Lift sagging eyelids

- Decrease headaches

- Alleviate stress

- Promote overall health and well being

Acupressure Facelift

60 Minute Session - $125

75 Minute Session - $155

 For Best results, suggested frequency is bi-weekly. 

Note: You will be given easy-to-do Daily Self Care tips.

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Warm Bamboo BodyWork Testimonials

Gratitude for these lovely words!
 from Christina

That was a $1,000 treatment! I feel it in my Spirit. After the death of my husband, with so many ups and downs  I feel so much more present. Mikka, Kentfiled, CA

Christina is absolutely incredible. If you are in pain from anything, she will somehow figure out what is causing it and how to fix it. I have been going to her for a year and a half straight after suffering some major neck issues that nothing seemed to relieve. The warm bamboo and different tools she uses always seem to do the trick when I have flareups, and always are resolved after one session. My husband always asks me when I get home from a massage if I got some good news, since I always look relaxed and elated. Try her out if you get the chance! - Kathryn K, Wedding Planner Corte Madera CA

Christina has a wonderful, intuitive style of bodywork that will put you in a happy bliss state. Along with her bamboo bodywork technique, she uses essential oils that smell remarkable and relaxes the body and the mind. She also uses other techniques such as gua sha, far infra-red tools, and reflexology, which helped reduce muscle pain and stress. She is caring, nurturing and can help with a variety of conditions. I can't wait to come back! Jodi W.. San Rafael, CA, Acupuncturist 

I just had a great bodywork session from Christina. I moved to Marin recently and a friend recommended her. My body feels so much better, I loved the bamboo rollers on my back. I definitely will go back. - Wendy, Glass Jewelry Artisan, San Rafael, CA

I have been getting massages from Christina for 25 years. She has very good tissue rapport. She is also very intuitive. She is very knowledgable with her use of essential oils and you must try her warm bamboo massage. Richard E., D.C. Mill Valley, CA

Recently saw Christina for a Warm Bamboo bodywork session because I was having a muscle soreness and joint flare up do the change in weather. Christina is fabulous at identifying the source of pain and massaging the trigger points to induce relief. The use aromatic oils further help heal pain and give u results that last. Christina understands anatomy and doesn't just give you a run down but a very therapeutic treatment that helps your body heal from soreness and pain! - Mary D. Novato, CA Esthetician

I confess to being a bodywork and spa junky. Everywhere I travel, I seek out the best, and this is the best I have found in the Bay Area. Deep muscle massage with tender care. Attention to health. Wonderful oils, music, the whole experience. Recommend highly. - Linda R. Research Scientist, Belvedere, CA

Physical Healing

Regeneration. Self Healing. Is it possible?

Are we the ones we have been looking for?
I believe so!
Christina is an intuitive healer who embraces various healing modalities on the physical plane as well as in other dimensions.
Whatever it takes to make it happen!

Her unique sessions incorporate a myriad of methods to begin healing process and bring you
back into balance.

Each session is uniquely tailored using a combination of channeling, toning, essential oils,
and a vast knowing.
Christina tunes into the imbalances of your human-ness, identifies the energy blocks, and takes step to release and clear stuck energy.
The healing process continues with her follow-through suggestions that keep you moving
toward natural balance.

The result is a shift, a release, an organic rebalancing that, with some, has happened immediately, and with others this level of homeostasis may take a series of sessions, with noticeable improvement along the way.

I will help you reconnect you so you are the fluent interpreter of this infinite flow. My work approaches intuitive healing — through either a physical session or distance work. Perhaps you are caught in a viscous cycle of distress or pain? Know that you can move with greater ease, and enjoy life to its fullest! You have that innate memory within which can be restored.


Energy Healing

How does it work? 

You lie, fully clothed, on my massage table in my office. I have the most “comfortable table in Marin” as many  have told me!

My hands are held above your body, holding them for minutes over each area of your body, from above you head to below your toes.
I slowly move from one area to another. once I feel it is appropriate to move forward.

We join hearts, you state your intention, and feel the energy releasing and all levels  of your Being as you receive healing and begin reconnecting — allowing for a deep state of relaxation. 

Conscious Channel

I have been trained in many levels and different types of Energetic Healing/Reiki, even as a teacher. I also continued to receive healing rays from Archangels and Ascended Masters, as I am a Conscious Channel. 

The energy balances and grounds your chakras and organs and imbues all of your cells with divine and energy.

Kindly know I am not doing the healing and am merely a conduit, enlivening your own helaing aiblites to create a level of homeostasis. 

AromaI use an essential oil diffuser to relax you during the session. 

Essential Oil Hydrosols are available for spraying on face or chakras.

Planetary Essences

Flower essences can be dropped on points.

Light Touch Therapy

If you wish Light Touch Therapy, there are 14 balance points on your wrists and ankles, and the tops of your feet, which I can hold at the end of the session. 

Aroma Touch Therapy

Essential oils can be used for this Aroma Touch Therapy, which goes direclty into your blood stream to oxygenate you and to  balance your energy flows. 

Energy Healing Tools

I will use  heart-centered, grounded angelic and universal energy which comes through my hands. It is enhanced with Light and color healing, sound healing (Tibetan Bowls, soothing music and Tuning forks), crystals and Crystalline Skulls. These all serve to enhance the process!

I work spontaneously and intuitively, tailoring each session for your specific request and needs. 

One hour – $135

90 minutes – $195

Sessions are available In Person in the SF Bay Area and Remotely via Zoom/Skype or on the phone.

ArchangelMichael and ArchangelAriel Robe of Prospering Light

#Archangel Michael

This is indeed Archangel Michael, and I am happy to work as a team with Archangel Ariel.

We do have another Ray of Abundance to assist the communal heart and earthly practice of living in abundance.
You are indeed able to receive most fully as you receive through your heart.
It is a way of thinking, speaking, doing and receiving.
What you may wish to do initially is ask!
Ask for what you are truly in alignment with, what you desire, and see it and feel it, as it is so.
This will allow that to be remembered within on a cellular level.

Request fully.

Then, receive the vibrational resonance of that alignment fully.
Allow yourself to concentrate on it, meditate with it and allow the flow to create a circle from within to without, then above and into the earth so you create the divine flow from within.
It is then heard and felt in the Spirit of your Self, the Spirit of the Cosmos and the Spirit of the Earth.
Bring that essence back within so you feel it reignited.

Bless this reunion, for truly it is so.
It is a rejuvenating light that you are being blessed with.

Archangel Ariel will bring this further into your heart now.


I am here to light down and guide this rejuvenation.
It is a glorious orange, gold and violet Robe of Blessing Light that we both bring to you simultaneously.

Sunset Landscape
Imagine this now, spreading over your shoulders, around your arms, cradling your heart, your belly, your spine and legs. Know that this is a safety net for you.

Breathe it in fully. Breathe it around you fully. Know that it gives you a shimmering glow of heart-felt essence – of guidance, of renewal, and of nurturing strength.

This allows you to stand tall and know that what you have done thus far is perfect.
Know that what you are about to do, with this renewed vibrance, will give you even greater satisfaction. You are heading in the right direction.

See it now as if your path is illuminated with sparkling light before you.
It is laid out and easy to follow. You can go forward with confidence.

Robe of Prospering Light

You are able to put one foot in front of the other as this Robe of Prospering Light illuminates your path.
See the solid stones before you, laid out in such a way that you want others to follow, as you are so proud of what you are preparing to do; of what you are accomplishing and what you are attracting.
There is an easy balance of light and fullness in your stride.

Your posture is improving as your head is held high with your Robe of Strength and Prospering Light. Continue to move forward and get accustomed to this strong feeling that all obstacles are moving from your path as you progress.

Archangel Michael
I, Archangel Michael, will now assist this Blessing Robe to have a greater level of depth within you.
It will strengthen your character in such a way that you feel that each step you take is channeling the healing of the Earth, the request of the Earth Heart, as it resides within you.
You are a living, guiding channel of her Heart -Light.
Bring it up your legs, bring it fully into your spine and heart. Let us tone it in more fully now.
Bring forth tones that are guttural and ancient, for you are reconnecting with your ancestral voice.

The tones, along with this Ray of Light, resonate deep within on a cellular level to reignite that Core Being in each and every cell, so that they are communicating with one another.
This toning as you receive the Robe of Strength and Prospering Light will allow you to receive fully, and to enhance your capacity to understand on a molecular level that you are guided, you are growing and that this process serves the planet in many ways.
Understand that you are guided and supported by angelic beings, and that we are here to reinforce this— so you understand fully within your heart, with energy that is grounded with your magnificent force of human potential and the mightiness of the Earth-Heart. This may be a guiding light for increased ambition and greater insight into your purpose and goals. Use the Earth-Heart and Archangel Michael essence to recreate your significant purpose on this planet , so you feel fully encompassed and graced by a powerful force of dignity and pride. You are the essence of Spirit on Earth, so it is key to share it in your unique way.

How do you wish to express that?
Think about it each day before you arise and know you are to go forth, towards that end goal.
Know that this goal will change with time, as you grow and accomplish each of these goals.
So feel the energy that you carry within yourself, NOW.
Feel it resonate in your soul.
Bring that deep soul energy, that you chose long ago for yourself, and allow it to blossom in such a glorious way which you live every day with pride.
So continue this Soul, belly and Earth-breathing and feel it enliven you from your core:
to Spirit, to physical Self, and out into the Universe.

See it as a completion, as an infinite circle, all in one. It completes you in a new way so that you feel reconnected and rejoined and the fire within comes as a gift from Mother Earth herself.
Know that this magnetic resonance does indeed create a fire within you, with which you connect with all others.

Blessings on your vibrant path of leadership as you are truly a leader,
Archangels Michael and Ariel

Yeshua and Mary Magdalene – Ray of Abundance

Mary Magdalene:

This is an appropriate time to ask for assistance. What we offer you, as Magdalene and Jeshua, is the true love-knit ability to balance the presence of divine, heart, and your ability to manage, all on a physical level.

I have always helped Jeshua with the financial outlook and understanding, so that it was something that he could bring into his consciousness and easily mesh it with his strong love and healing from his heart.
This is often a place that many do not understand, as it can also be a blend of masculine and feminine, earthly and spiritual, and many other combinations, depending upon the specific makeup of the person.

So with this said, I, as Magdalene, have had the sense and wherewithal to be able to see clearly to the next step, the divine goal – and to plan the steps to get there. It does indeed take some rational thinking that it is appropriate to fine-tune one’s abundant thoughts, thoughts which may be rather etheric and not tied to earth, and then to rein them in and bring them down to a level that others can comprehend.

That is my ability: to allow the divine, earthly, sexual and complex ability of this fine-tuned mind, and then to bring it to an abundant light of vision.

What you may imagine doing is to place an azure blue infinity symbol that moves from your lower chakras, beginning at your root, and then allowing the top of the infinity symbol to be above your head about one foot. What this does is ground and intertwine the cosmic consciousness with earthly desires.

Do this now as an exercise. Allow it to be a deep, azure blue infinity symbol, intertwined with a golden rope of light. Allow it to pulse, clear, and connect the energies of the chakras with your breath.Astronomy Drama

You may wish to shake off any additional energy.
The inside of the infinity symbol will soon fill with golden light.
A deep rose color will begin to move through this area, as well.
Thus, you can understand on a physical and emotional level, that love, the divine, your body, your cells, and your physical being can reside as one blissful cosmic unit.
Now smile and bring your loving consciousness into your heart. Imagine you as the successful divine being you are pursuing. You are both, whether realized or not.

Now invite the light of Jeshua to surround you, coming from below you, from the Earth-Heart, creating a diamond around your whole body, and moving into the earth at one point. You will feel His magnificence. It is protective, and it seals this precious feeling of love and light. You may then see a golden chalice present itself within you. You are that vessel. You are receiving golden light from above and an earthly flow of green and brown from below. Whether or not you can see it or feel it, know that it is happening –
as you have requested it.

Begin to acknowledge the parts of yourself that are transitioning. Give thanks for your Being as it arrives at its destination: to be whole, loving and to understand the concept that “having” is fine, that receiving is indeed divine, and that this full and prosperous feeling is the correct balance of love and light in your Being, supporting you on each and every level.

Choose to be active and conscious in your choices and know that you are surrounded, followed and supported with Divine love.
This is something to cherish.
This is something to revel in, so you may smile as you go about your day and delight in this knowledge.

Feel this is part of your path:
to receive as you create,
and to give back as you continue to delight in this reception.

It is powerful and you can be humble.
You are potent, yet loving and honorable.
They are in perfect order, all of these qualities together, so allow yourself to have the life that is flowing with this divine consciousness.

Absorb this, and reaffirm to yourself that it is just right to be healthful, abundant and to have an easy life.
Receive and relinquish any resistance to contrary ideas.
You are being supported by Jeshua and Magdalene, and this is what is right. We are your support team: we are here for you. Do not forget that this is part of your path.

Blessings in this honorable union of light and love within you and around you,
Magdalene and Jeshua

Archangel Metatron Ray of Abundant Light

Archangel Metatron Ray of Beautiful Abundant Light
This is a Divine Ray, as it allows the receiver to reconnect with that sacred part of Self that they may have been denying. As with the energy of receiving, of abundance, of flow, of support, of money, of all that rewards you, you can receive it as divine and sacred light. It is one and the same.

To deny this – is is not serving your Self on any level.
So know that it is appropriate to receive the positive flow of love from the Universe.
That is your reward! You have done great things, and you continue to do them. It is in perfect balance to receive. Allow the energy field of Earth and of Spirit to enter into your belly. Feel their strength.

Know that this is part of your spiritual balance: to receive the blessings from above and below. You are indeed the center of the universe on that level. Receiving the gifts of the universe is healing for the natural flow of Mother Earth and the Spiritual Realms. It is within you your heart and your intention. When you do receive, there is greater balance emotionally and you are able to give of yourself effortlessly. How does that sound to you?

Truly, your gift of receiving is a blessing for the universal flow of energy. It gives back to Earth and to your divine connection!
You are completing the flow of love from you and to you.
Feel that nurturing deep within you.

To allow this to be amplified and to magnify that conduit of universal flow, breathe deeply now.

The light I send to you is not only healing, it also has a beautiful silvery light.
There are deep hues of blue and violet within it.
This is the nature of the universal blessing and bliss.
You are the creator. You are creating that which you choose now.
It is all imminent. Relish this time with Spirit.
I directly disseminate this beautiful power of light, reigniting your internal divine, reminding you that you are connecting to spirit in all ways at all times. There is no need for negativity or doubt. You are the one. You are Spirit. You are living light.

Tone here and receive.

As this is a Blessing of Abundance, bliss, love and light from the Universe.This is special for me to share with you. It is true that as Metatron, **it is part of my divine right and being to come forth and share this with you. This is not a “light” blessing.
This is one to filter to your core.

This is one in which you can see deeply within, and know with every part of your Being that every part of your past, present and future can be centered into your third eye.

You can then use this ability and see deep within – and you can see your archetypal energy within your heart. You can see it as a timeline laid out before you.

You can truly see from where you came, where you are and where your path is “lit up” ahead of you. It is a viewpoint from inside of your heart, and that gives you the greatest benefit of all. You see deeply within as well as deeply without, so you can see who you are connected to. You can see those on your left, those ahead of you, and those on your right. This is all part of your future as you have written it. For truly you have created the contracts, and you are about to fulfill them. And part of this completion is your ability to see it clearly. You might imagine yourself with that sacred quill in your hand, signing the contract. It feels appropriate to you on a cellular level, it feels right, and it feels as if it is filled with light, as if it is all taking place within your heart. That is what I share with you.

This gift is your new ability:
to see deeply, to see forward, to see as an expanse as a timeline within your heart. Right now, this is the time that you have truly prepared yourself to receive on a very deep level, so that you see the commitment that you have signed up for.
Feel the essence and the magnitude of what you are creating.

Know on every level that this is something that you can feel deep within your core, deep within your belly, feel that connection within the earth, and feel that connection as a great expanse in the spiritual realm simultaneously.

The center of your being is your heart and that is the core of all of your prosperity.
Know that you attract from your heart, you give from your heart, and you receive deep in your heart.
When you are fully understanding how beautiful it is to love yourself, you might just imagine hugging your own heart and notice how that feels.
Notice it touches a place very deep within.
Notice how it touches a very soft and tender place; that you are a precious being, that you are an instrument of light and it is time to give back to yourself. So you feel just what this is and it is your heart-light.
It is something so specific to you.
Something that truly illuminates the area around you.
As you to share this, it is sharing your heart, initially with yourself
and then with your sacred tribe
and then with a larger circle.
Allow yourself to feel the comfort zone and then extend that area.
You might encompass each individual with the arms of your heart.

That can be an easy task for you: imagine arms connected to your heart so you can grasp ahold of each thought, and understand how precious
it is, understand the gift that you give.
Understand the capacity that you have.
This is your gift – this level of deep compassion and that is clear in all that you do.

Receive this Ray of Beautiful Abundant light — this beautiful blue, this silver, this white and this violet light.
Truly, it is encompassing from a cellular level out and from the outside in, so you feel this connection with something much, much greater than yourself and you feel this connection deep, deep within and you know there are bits of it at the core of the Earth. Serve your Self well, serve your Spiritual Self well, serve your abundant universal loving Heart-Light well. That is the gift we share as one. So you understand this fully know that you can call upon me, specifically, Metaron, and that I will wrap my winged arms around your heart and make sure you take the steps as you choose in a safe manner. Know that you are guided, you are protected, and you are grounded simultaneously.

Blessings on this day of honor, respect, light and compassion, where you are gifted, you are a gift, and you continue to receive more gifts as it is your perfect right in this divine light.

Blessings from a supremely high place,

Mother Mary – Ray of Nurturing Love

These Healing Rays of Light can assist you in noticing changes – emotional, physical and spiritual. Sit and take time to breathe deeply, using tones (even vowels: a,e, i, o, u), scales or humming to assist your reception, as the sound opens up your cells  to receive even more fully.

Here is a Healing Ray of Light I received from Mother Mary and would like to share.

Begin by Stating Your Intention.

Christina: My intention for this reading and healing is to receive clarity and focus.

Mother Mary: It is I, Mother Mary, to share my wisdom, healing, and light with you.
It will assist you in receiving a special Ray for receiving more internal light during this time of year.
It is a transition for the earth as well as for us who reside upon her.
This is an honorable request: to feel more resolute, more filled with intention, and more able to concentrate and accomplish.
Thus, I can allow the limited light of the day and night to be received in greater amounts, internally for you, so you are filled with energy within.
This allows you to have sustenance on all levels – to understand that yes, there are physical limits, but that you can continue with a lighter energy about you, emotionally. It will give you the ability to allow any dark-filled thoughts to move outwards and into my transformative cloak so you are bathed in a Robe of Love and Light.
That allows for the energy around you to be increased at a greater level with ease and simultaneously energized.
Allow any heaviness to glide out into my arms so you are cradled and feel the nurturing Ray from my heart.
This Ray of Nurturing Love is always present and available for you.
You can allow this increasing Ray of Loving Light, be a part of your daily intention.

Notice how it makes all you are doing feel supported by my arms and robes.
It is as if you are protected and grounded as well as releasing inner darkness with a bright light.

So the visual of the process may be:
* State from your heart what you are wishing as your daily practice.
* Then, receive a healing connection from my heart.
* Notice that the light around you may be golden and white with a pale blue tint.
* Next, imagine that you are able to receive a beam of light from above, through your crown.
This is the magical implement that allows you to receive a greater amount of brightness from the visions and energy around you.

It is a Crown of Light and the Ray of Love from my Heart.
This is transformative and can take a short amount of time or it can be used as a longer meditation if you choose.

It can guide you to pleasant dreams in a waking or sleeping state and can give you energy for the day, allowing you to feel guided, floating through your day. It is perfect for whatever you choose to do in a day: complete projects, spend a day healing, or to accomplish tasks.
With this said, take some time now to receive this Ray and Crown and allow the light to come from above and to slowly flow through your chakras. It is the light and your breath that change the flow of the current energy to one of regal magnificence, guided by me.
You may wish to use your breath fully and to receive a tone with each chakra.
Take some time now to resound any level of sounds that you are feeling are appropriate for each chakra, dear one.
Each chakra may feel more receptive at a different level or tone.

  • Christina: Here I tone high to low notes. After feeling rather light-headed, I make many more deep sounds to ground.
    I imagine a pillar of light from my heart to the Earth-Heart.
    I see robes flowing about me from above and around my body.
    The deeper guttural tones allowed the magnified sensations in my occiput (base of skull) to be released with ease, as I sensed deep changes happening within my brain

     Time to Receive!
    Mary: This is now a time to continue to receive fully, as you are able to digest even more with deep breathing.

You may notice subtle changes which you may write over the next few days as you do this Crown and Robe meditation.
As you finish imagining the light around you and within you, connecting to the Earth-Heart will give you a greater sense of connectedness.
This also allows you to release any old and stagnant and for the energies to flow out of you with ease.
I can assist this flow of energies to become healing for our Mother Earth-Heart.
As you complete this meditation and process of change, you will then be able to give thanks to the earth and the divine, as well as to yourself, for allowing change to happen. That is commendable.
Then take another breath and allow for the Earth-Heart to continue her flow back into your heart, to create a complete circle of love and light.

Divine Ray of Healing and Light
This is a Divine Ray of Healing and Light for you to receive with your own graciousness.
Allow yourself to relax into it.
It will become more natural to ask for healing as you find the magical flow of light around you.
It allows for you to digest and receive and create with ease and creates a new flow of internal light connected with the earth.
It serves to give you an added boost of energy if you are able to continue to ask for healing and love from me and Mary Magdalene, as we work as a team of sisters to complete the process.

Blessings and loving light on this special day,
Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene
through Mary, through the Heart of Christina

**Channeled during the winter.

Copyright 2005 – 20XX, Christina Gerber

Kindly share your experience. What do you notice?

Animal Angel Testimonials

*** I reached out to Christina to help heal my 11 year old Labrador, Lucky dog. After numerous unsuccessful tests to diagnose her incontinence, they scheduled a more in depth test with a specialist to discern if it was more serious. The day before the test I had a session with Christina. The session was mind-blowing as she called upon Archangel Raphael and the energy started to shift. I asked for a miracle healing and I could feel the energy move in the room and around Lucky. Christina seemed to be transcended while she worked. The session brought me such peace. I felt a shift within me to one of positivity, that everything was going to be all right. She also shared things I could do at home after the session to continue on the healing path. 

When I dropped Lucky off at the Vet the next morning, I felt no fear. I knew she was healed. I got the results later that day. She was fine! I was ecstatic! They were able to give me a simple supplement to help control the incontinence and it worked. She is now doing great. 

Also, Christina knew Lucky was suffering from severe arthritis and recommended healing massage techniques in addition to a wonderful Magnetic dog bed. Lucky loves it and is walking much better. 

There are no words for my gratitude. Thank you Christina. 

Tracy C., Tiburon, CA 

*** I have been blessed and helped immensely countless times when using her wonderful services. A few years ago, a young feral cat we named “Mama” and her young son established residence in our yard… and, of course, I fed them and set-up a cat motel with cardboard boxes, newspapers, and old blankets on the porch. It looked like a miniature homeless encampment. We named her son, a handsome short-haired grey scaredy-cat “Uncle Lou” as Mama continued to produced far too many litters.

Louie behind the catnip

Once the kittens were sufficiently weaned, I became “human Mama” and fed them all.

From two of the litters, we first adopted a spunky long-haired grey and white male kitten, Louie, who turned out to be a female to our immense surprise… and from another, a charming, very intelligent little “tuxedo” female, Lucie. I was fortunate to be able to find a dedicated “cat fairy” who found homes for the siblings.

Throughout these kitty adventures and …misadventures, Christina and the angels helped immensely. One of the most rewarding successes was that I finally persuaded still very feral Mama to enter a cat box so that I could take her to the SPCA to be fixed. She was ready. Afterwards, she was happy to finally be free of kittens so she could live an expanded life without the on-going responsibilities of kittens. Without Christina’s angelic assistance, it would not have happened. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

RESULTS: Louie and Lucie are thriving and I always get in touch with Christina for a session whenever anything out of the ordinary happens.” ~ Dru I., Sacramento, Ca

****Drastic personality change of cat in North Carolina
Ziggy went from being outdoors only cat to indoor only cat in one day!
No matter how much he ate, even with an insatiable appetite, he lost weight!
The vet said they had no idea what was ailing him! They suggested we prepare for the worst.
I found Christina and chose to try something alternative.

RESULTS: His appetite is back, the sparkle in his eye has returned and, yes he is outside again. These incredible changes happened all in one hour and the next day back to his full sparkly self!
Whew that was a close call! Thank you for bringing back Z! ~Annie l., Lenoira, NC

*** Cosmo! would not let me leave the house without him trying to trip me.
He would do figure 8s around my legs to prevent me form leaving. He also would lick his fur to the point where he had 8 surgeries to get the fur ropes from his stomach. He had a lot of bald spots, too.He kept me awake at night crying loudly if there was not a full bowl of food left for him. I called Christina as a last hope ~ I was giving up on his bad behaviors!



While I was on the phone with the Animal Angel for our phone consult, Cosmo! immediately jumped into my lap. The angels let us know it would help if I spoke with him and let him know I had to leave for work to help us keep our place and buy food, etc. We also began meditating together me communicating with his heart. We starting sitting together sharing meals.

I did some energy rebalancing with instructions and Cosmo! is a new cat!

RESULTS: Happy! Content! I have not seen Cosmo! lick his fur since our session. He lets me move about freely coming and going.He no longer minds an empty food bowl since we started eating together. I speak with him like a confidante’ and friend and I think he gets everything I am saying. Thank you Angels and thank you Christina for helping our relationship and life together! ~ Theresa D., Phoenix, AZ

***“Malnka, my precious shih tzu, was dehydrated sick to her stomach in and out of the hospital for weeks.
The vet could not figure out what was causing her illness! He suggested I prepare for the worst! I heard of Reiki and was looking to find an alternative method to help Malinka.

Within one 60 minute session the Animal Angel did a clearing on Malinka. Christina found the emotional bond between us was so strong that my dear companion was taking on anxiety for me.

RESULTS: Let’s just say, in one hour Malinka was back to her perky self! It feels a bit like a miracle!” ~ Adrienne M., Scotts Valley, CA

** Midnight, our Beloved kitty, passed away after 19 years of being in our family. The grief was overwhelming. My husband and I found the Animal Angel reading to be informative and comforting. Our loving bond was recognized and it was specific. We were informed that Midnight's transition was blissful, that her spirit lives on, that she is on a new level of her development! She is happy and free to run and play again. We were informed how to connect with her when we wished to and she would always be there. We were able to feel joy during the telephone session. It was amazing!

RESULTS: So, we were comforted, told she was blissed out and happy and safe and she feels she has fulfilled her work with us and how she specifically helped me and Jack.
Midnight let us know where she wanted her ashes scattered and why she loved that place.
This kind of reading was a Blessing for me and Jack and for Midnight! We can continue our beloved relationship with understanding how we all love and serve one another. Midnight (let us know she) feels complete with her process of being our princess kitty on the Earth.
Pranams to Midnight! With greater understanding of the beloved animal's experience, people can heal and have an easier time to let go. It is unique to give a specific meditation to contact a specific animal. Thank you, Thank you! ~ Lynn L. Carpinteria, CA

** When Christina does distance-healing healing on an animal, several profound things are happening simultaneously. While the animal is receiving powerful healing energy, she talks about what is happening and shares communications from the animal so the animal's caregiver can understand the situation from the animal's point of view. Christina describes what to expect from the healing, how long the animal will be carrying the energy, and what changes one may expect to see. She may offer suggestions to the human for ways they can assist in the animal's healing after the session is over. She is always open to questions.

The process is gentle, loving, and beautiful. The human gains a deeper understanding of the animal, and the animal receives whatever healing is best for them at the time. Animal healings can be done in conjunction with any other healing modality, including western medicine.
RESULTS:"Queen" Nifty (as she told us she would like to be called) still has that sparkle in her eye, and a great appetite again. ~ Lots of love and light, Mary T., Minneapolis, MN

** Sadie and Melrose are four-year old Siamese littermates. I had them for two weeks, during which time they peed everywhere, scratched all of our furniture and hid in fear, never coming close to us. I was ready to get lots of plastic covering for the furniture, and, as last resort take them back to the vet. Within minutes of the telephone healing/reading the cats came and sat next to me! After a thirty-minute telephone session with me on the phone, the cats no longer pee where they shouldn't or scratch the furniture, and are happy lap cats instead of "fraidy-cats."
RESULTS: It was a miraculous and immediate change, I am so happy! ~ Terry N., Weehawken, NJ

*** My cat Ziggy had an overnight drastic change in his personality and health.
He went for being an outside cat to an inside cat, lethargic and with an insatiable appetite. He would stand in front of the fridge and jump in when it was open (this after being a hunter) and he would eat voraciously. He would lose weight and was getting scrawnier and scrawnier by the day. His eyes became dull. The veterinarian had no idea what was wrong! After many tests, he suggested we prepare for the worst!
I called Christina on a whim and sure enough within half an hour he was on my lap and tail swinging in a deep meditative state. Before this he never sat on my lap.
RESULTS: Within one hour he was perky and his bright eyes were back! Within 24 hours he was back to his old self! The distance healing is the only thing that saved him, I believe! ~ Annie B., Lenoir, NC

**** Our shih tzu, Zhin Mei was acting out when we had a new baby.
We were looking at having Grandparents living with us, and perhaps getting another dog, too, so we contacted Christina. She explained the situation to Shush. She immediately calmed down when we put Christina on Speaker phone. She had us move energy and pet her different ways, did a sound healing and let us know what Zhin Mei was thinking. The conversation opened up and we began to understand how we could communicate among the family with more ease and Zhn Mei understood the changes that wee happening.

She stopped barking unnecessarily, became more friendly and loving and accepting of our parents and the whole house dynamics changed in an hour! It was like magic and we were all happy to be a part of this family process gathered around the speaker phone with the whole family in attendance. We could all feel the presence of the angels around us as the changes were happening.
~ Peter K. Malibu, CA