Creating Sacred or Angelic Space

You may wish to create a sacred spot to sit and read so that you can absorb these meditative readings and invocations easily. It is wonderful to have some lovely things surrounding you to help invite you into a relaxed state. This may mean clearing away clutter and placing some special objects in the area, such as a candle, some flowers or something significant to you that allows you to receive. Maybe you have some special crystals, shells, rocks or even pieces of wood. Including a nice combination of earth elements for balance is comforting as well as complementary. If you have elements to represent earth, fire, water, air or wind, and metal, these can all go on a special cloth or rug, which you can travel with or carry to different parts of the house or to your outside spaces if you choose. They can absorb the energy that you receive as well.

You can store your sacred objects inside a special cupboard or closet if you wish, protected from others’ eyes.

Once you have created this magical area for yourself, know that clearing your mind, your body and your space with breath and sound will also have a marvelous effect upon both the area and yourself.

We invite you to begin with reading the Golden Ray as a very basic introduction to our energy. After that, there is no set order in which to read and receive, for all of them are wonderful and will give you what you need.

Choose a Ray to read. A good way to invite a change or receive an answer from your Ray, and from your Angelic visit, will be for you to set an intention. Before you begin your reading, you may wish to receive an answer to a pressing question about your future, a friend or family member – or even just creating more harmony and balance in your life. Maybe you will be inviting healing in for a special place in your life, or to part of you. Invite the answer, vision, message or healing to come to you when you set aside this special time.

You may choose to read the same Ray several times in one day, or simply remember the energy and practice the Ray once a day for a week. If you like, you can create a journal of your experience. This can be a very powerful process, and you may find that you become more aware of these dreamlike states. It may also allow you to begin to remember your nighttime dreams, or remember them more vividly.

Often you receive messages as you write, or create with the inspiration you receive from these Angelic Rays. The Rays serve as stepping stones to stir your own inner wisdom and to tap into some of the tools you have within, but may have forgotten to use.

Once you have worked with this Ray for as long as you wish, move to another one and notice the difference in the sensations that the new Ray brings to your body, your mind or your visions. Maybe you will do a Ray a week, or a Ray every several days; you decide your pace and continue to notice what changes are appearing in your life as you “work” with us. (Actually, we think of it as “play” rather than “work.” And truly this is a fun set of exercises!)

We also notice that with change comes a purification, and it can initiate a clearing of your cells. After you work (play) with us, we suggest that you immerse yourself in water within one day, whether you take a shower, a bath or a swim, so you can completely clear old energy away and receive the new energy that we are sending you.

Liz Tufte

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