De-stress with the Self-Love Lovies Game

or …  The Basket Game to Prevent becoming a Basket Case!

Print out these activities on slips of paper. Cut them into strips.
Meant to give you inspiration to do the activities yourself or can be played with a partner or two!

* Do a full body yoga posture: Downward dog (or rename this to be puppy in a V posture, drinking water).
Note: When you add a tongue movement it opens the base of the skull, neck and jaw in a cool way ~ providing a wonderful joint release.

* Massage your hands and each others’ hands. Squeeze and press each finger, massage the palms, and apply a great smelling lotion.

* Drink a glass of water with lemon oil or lemon juice in it.

* Do a full body yoga posture: Cobra pose (or rename it to be something of your choice ~ “Cat in J-pose licking the snowflakes” or “rainfall.”

* Smell some peppermint oil and rub it on that joint or muscle that needs extra oomph or energy!

* Stretch for 3 minutes, breathing in deeply with sound.

* Massage your feet or each others’ feet with some lotion or oil. Pulling, stretching and wiggling the toes helps relax and enhance circulation. Massage a little essential oil on them ~ lavender or peppermint helps them smell yummy!

* Roll on a spine roller and make sounds with your release as you lean onto it.

* Massage  your/each others’) head, spending time at the base of the skull to help

* Massage your ear lobes/each others’ ear lobes for 90 seconds and ears for another minute, pulling ears away from head. (total 2 min 30 sec.)

* Stand and shake your body limbs loose for several minutes.

* Lie down and tightly clench your fists, butt, jaw, and every muscle. Hold your breath for a good minute. Relax all muscles fully, exhaling. Repeat several times, reminding your body what tight means and what relaxed means.

* Do a breathing sequence, i.e., follow along with one of these videos:
Breathing: Three Exercises – Dr. Weil

Add to this list as you feel appropriate
You get the idea….

Liz Tufte

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