Guadalupe Visitation

On Dec.12, 2000 I went to Tucson, AZ.  While visiting a friend there, we toured the Mission of San Xavier. Coincidentally, it was also the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe!

I did not know who she really was or what she looked like, but when I closed my eyes and meditated in the church, I saw a dark-faced woman in very colorful robes: violet, orange, blue and gold with a pattern of stars, her whole figure glowing in gold. I was wondering why I had that vision. I squinted (with my eyes closed) to make sure I was seeing it correctly. Every statue in this church represented Mary with a white face, cloaked in blue and white robes. I was bewildered.

Then we toured the well behind the church. There was a mosaic of the woman in my vision, who was present everywhere in the church. It was Our Lady of Guadalupe dressed in her brightly colored flowing robes.

In the original 12-foot square mission there was another painting on the wall of Our Lady of Guadalupe, she was indeed the Mary I saw in the church.

In Mexican-American culture, she offers hope and safety. But she is also a cultural icon.
She represents change and empowerment. She is covered in a star-filled azure cloak, with golden rays shining behind her, standing on a crescent moon held aloft by an angel.

Liz Tufte

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