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VI©KISA.BreathIn-sm5-150x150Are you getting headaches? Is this new for you?

Notice what’s different.


* Massage can be a simple key to reducing your stress.
You may wish to start with a series of sessions. Some choose weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly sessions depending on the need. Once you begin, you will understand signs that your tired, strained muscles and joints, or  insomnia-plagued or anxious mind gives you and know it it time to schedule again. You will wonder how you lived without the stress reduction, once you start upon the path of Self Care! When you leave your appointment it may be just as easy to schedule your next one so you begin to get in the habit of loving and caring for yourself.

Warning. Remember these are dangerous words:
Maybe it will go away by itself.


Breathe In, Breathe Out ~ http://www.Vickisa.com

Got Lav?

* I can highly recommend smelling Lavender Essential (therapeutic grade) oil for amazing immediate relief as the perfect self help tool!

Open and breathe. Take two full deep breaths into  your belly. Exhale fully.

Available through me and sent and blessed with love!
Organic, 10 ml. $14 + Sh + Tax


Posture: How do you hold your head when you’re sitting?
For a fabulous tool to help strengthen your core  with your sitting posture, visit:


Check out http://www.FoundationTraining.com

TED Talk and stretching posture videos will help you strengthen and align yourself.


* Exercise
Headaches can be caused by stagnation.
Begin by adding some yoga, stretch, pilates, walking ~ whatever is easy to being with.
If you are stubborn, try a coach to get and keep you motivated.

* Have you activated your lymph system lately?

Hopping on a rebounder is fabulous, as is jumping rope.
Dry brushing your whole body each morning is a huge boon to your lymphatic and circulatory system.
Great videos on youtube, and info on eHow.com

Balancing. Grounding. Circulation Enhancing.

I am a big fan of wearing magnetic insoles to keep my circulatory system thriving via my reflex points.

I have also muscle  tested and found them to keep my body thriving amidst the surrounding EMFs.



* Notice how much water you drink during the day.

Hydration is key, to give our supportive muscles and our brain fuel.

Ideally we want to drink half of our weight in ounces. If I weigh 150 lbs., then I want to drink 75 oz.  (or 7 and a half ten-ounce glasses) of *filtered* water per day. Oh and no, tea and coffee do not count in this manual.

Oh, and increase the amount you drink per day, if you are exercising or it is hot outside or you keep your home heated to a higher temperature.

Suggestion: Pre-measure your daily drinking water.

Got a good *filter*? I do!
If you are drinking flouridated water, find another solution ASAP.
Ask me about the best alkaline, mineralized and magnetized drinking water ever! Purify.Purify.Purify.
I use this:

Nikken Waterfall ~ $249.00
Link to Purchase and find out more here: Nikken Waterfall Water Purifier
Tax and Shipping additional.


Your neck posture is important to keep the cerebral spinal fluid moving, giving the oxygen and blood to your head, organs, and limbs. This also helps relax our jaw and shoulders, as the connecting muscles are so  closely intertwined.

Do you have a good pillow?

While sleeping, keeping our neck and head supported so our cervical spine stays intact is an amazing help. Did you ever wake up with a kink in your neck? You know how uncomfortable those kinked nerves are after they cut off the circulation to your shoulder or arm…
Restful sleep is key for stress reduction, heart mind and whole body health.

I can highly recommend an organic latex pillow with magnets in it to assist circulation and cervical support. Oh so comfy! I even travel with mine.


$34.00 CalDenx

The Importance of Minerals

* Do you get enough calcium?

I use an easily absorbed organic food-based Calcium, Magnesium and Vit. D supplement/tablet.

Calcium and magnesium help support and strengthen our structure, bones and muscles. They serve to relax our mind and muscles, preventing cramping. They also help to retain the integrity of our joints.

Current suggestions: 1200 mg per day for women, 1000 mg per day for men.

For optimal results combine with two other tablets for replenishment and distribution of the minerals in the bones, muscles and joints. The replenishment of the bones assists in  rebuilding, strengthening and protecting the structure from the inside out and prevents and reduces inflammation. For more info visit:


$174.00 Bone Health Pack



* When was the last time you did an intestinal or liver cleanse?
Our digestive tract needs cleansing every quarter during the season change.
Need help? Call for a free consult, as I have several to recommend.

Speaking of cleansing
*Try weekly or bi-weekly epsom salt baths.
The topical magnesium is a real help to relax our muscles.
My favorite supplier for therapeutic grade epsom salt:

Liz Tufte

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