Healing the Spiritual Body

Spirit. Earth Heart.
We all have that inherent connection
with something
“greater than.”

Are you open to other Realms for Healing?
You know how we are all connected with this grid of light ? It resides between our hearts as well as in Gaia (Planet Earth). Our thoughts, intentions and this electromagnetic connection create change.

Different Healing Systems and Rays of Light given to me are educational tools, to assist you in reigniting these abiiltiies within you.

Are you ready to connect with other Spiritual Realms?
The Archangelic Realm, the Heart of Gaia? Mary Magdalene and Mary ( “The Two Marys”) or Yeshua? Perhaps you would rather gain support from and connect with Ascended Masters like Quan Yin or St. Germaine? The Fairy and Devic Realms?

Or perhaps you would like to reconnect with a loved one who has crossed over?


KNOW that when your Spiritual and Emotional Bodies are healed this directly effects your Physical Body, your relationships and life and business!

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Liz Tufte

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