Archangel Metatron Helps Find Mama Cat

Archangel Metatron helps this mama cat come home

Has My Cat Disappeared or is She Dead?

Wendy asked me if I could help her with her cats. She let me know her husband thought she was crazy speaking with someone who talks to cats.

I let her know this is not uncommon....

Their family had recently moved from a larger, more rural home, to a smaller place with a fenced in yard. Her five cats and two dogs were a large part of their family’ s life.

A few weeks siince the move, one cat had disappeared ~ precious Mama Cat. She would snuggle next to Wendy’s head at night (or she used to; she had not done this for a few months…). So Wendy put up posters everywhere but no one responded. She feared the worst!

Betty, another cat, would no longer let Wendy pet her and had sought the neighbor's affection! Wendy shared, “I don’t want to lose Betty, too! I don’t know if Mama cat is alive anymore, either. I have posted signs all over the neighborhood, but none of my neighbors have even seen her."

Clearing Out Your Space

In preparation for our session in a few days, I suggested she clear out old energy from previous owners in the home ~ with crystals, feathers and/or sage ~ however she wanted to do it. I suggested Wendy do an epsom salt bath to cleanse herself as well. The night before, and the morning of our session, I sent heart beams out to Mama cat and Betty to let her know we would be trying to reach her and they would be feeling angels! I never know until I tune in with the angels and animals what to expect….

When we got on the phone, I suggested we connect our hearts with a magenta ray of light and sound the tone of “AAhhhh” as a way to ground and bring in the most clear information from the Archangelic Realm, as well as to protect our connection (via phone and heart). Within several minutes, Mama cat bounded into the yard, slinking around and meowing a great deal, talking up a storm! Wendy exclaimed, “Oh my gosh, I don’t believe it! This is amazing! I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it." Wendy went to call her and look for her.  With the help of Metatron and the Archangelic Realm, I energetically cleared the home, the land underneath, and the surrounding  property.

It seemed like there was some blocked energy and “cording" from previous people and animals who had lived there. During our phone session, with the assistance of the other dimensional team, we also did some balancing, light-refilling and reconnecting of the people, animals, hearts, and Gaia’s blessed heart. The Fairies in her yard thanked us! Wendy mentioned she wanted to put Fairy Gardens and spaces in her new yard, as she loves fairies! Then the Fairy realm donned a headdress upon Wendy as a way of saying “Thanks!" for clearing her lovely space and reconnecting with them. Metatron mentioned the animals would love the newly cleared property so that they would be protective of it.

Later, I got a call from Wendy: Mama cat had been snuggling in bed with her (which she had not done for months)! Purrr … happy client. Since then, Wendy let me know their quasi-feral cat has become very tame and Betty is much happier and the animals are now protecting their bright and shiny yard!

Reminder: Moving into a new place? Clear out the old energy!
Periodically do it with your living and office space.

Liz Tufte

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