Prove it, Angels!

Archangel Ariel – Finally a Female Archangel!

I remember the exact minute Archangels Raphael, Michael and Gabriel introduced me to Archangel Ariel.
It was 8:03 AM on April 3, 2002.

It was also the exact same time an angel here on earth came to my mom and saved her life!
Jane was driving erratically as her tire bumped into the median strip of the road in Milwaukee, WI.
An officer stopped her and asked her if she knew why he was stopping her.
“Have you been drinking? Are you on taking any medications?”

She was surprised and answered “No.” to each question.
Then, when he looked more closely into her eyes, he recognized something only he could have known.
He informed Jane  “I think we need to get you to the hospital immediately.”
This “angel” may have saved her life. It was fortunate he, of all officers, stopped her.

He let us know that his daughter died of a brain tumor and my mom had that same look in her eyes.
Thanks to him, she was rushed into an urgent surgery within the day.

My mother was diagnosed with a fast growing large-celled brain tumor.

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Not one survivor of this Fast-Growing, Large-Celled Brain Cancer

Not only have there been no survivors of this cancer, only half of the individuals diagnosed with this cancer even survived the operation.

Those that survived the drastic brain surgery then had a very heavy duty chemo brain drip treatment.
Only 50% of those recipients survived this treatment.
She did lose some of her peripheral vision, and kept an amazing positive attitude throughout the treatment process. 

Two weeks after my mom’s surgery, an MRI revealed five more tumors were growing rapidly.
They suggested radiation treatments, yet we knew that would burn out parts of her brain and declined.
They did however, approve of me helping her with Frankincense treatments, topically and internally, to help oxygenate her brain and whole body.

Later, I was giving her a foot massage, and I let the angels know that if they existed they needed to do something NOW.
They told me “ We are transforming the cells as we speak.”

Two weeks later another MRI showed no more tumors!
That was 16 years ago I am happy to say.
Jane is still doing her daily exercise and walks three miles each day whether inside or outside.
She is 94.

Liz Tufte

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