Angels Bless a Wedding


It’s Official! I am marrying my brother!

Being an officiant is an incredible experience. The wedding site was only a fifteen minutes drive from my home. I had practiced the ceremony over and over again, yet I was a little nervous. I wanted it to be just perfect!

I did a meditation on my drive to the majestic bayside venue. My intention was to to ground and bring myself into alignment. I invited in the Archangels: Ariel, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Metatron for assistance.

Rainbows Balance

I visualized the Rays of the Rainbow moving through me for emotional balance. I went through each of the colors of the rainbow one by one (ROYGBIV) separately and breathed them through ~ from above my body, into my heart then to Gaia’s heart.

Then I gave a “shout out” to Gaia, thanking her for bringing in the deeply grounded energy, and brought that right back up into my heart.

Just as I finished the meditation, I pulled into the small parking lot. It was the most scenic parking space ever ~ a cliff overlooking the San Pedro Bay. The spectacular point jutted out so there was a 180 degree view of majestic diamonds of sun sparkling on the water.

Once the ukelele songs welcomed the guests, the service was ready to begin. Half an hour into the service (at 1 PM) all was going smoothly. As I ended with a blessing I looked out into the audience, when I noticed the family and friends were looking up above me into the sky, with their jaws dropped.

I turned around and l behind me to see what they were seeing. As if floating in the heavens, I saw the largest Sun Dog cloud in the shape of an angel filled with a brightly colored rainbow flowing through it. For the next 30 minutes the colors changed and the rainbows became brighter and brighter!

It felt like the angels came in again and blessed everyone with their healing rays, especially the couple!

Liz Tufte

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