Spiritual Channel ~ Messages from Loved Ones Crossed Over


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 Do you:

*Grieve the loss of a loved one, wondering how you can go on?

* Have a friend or family member who is on their deathbed? 

* Wish you could communicate with deceased family members? 

* Have unresolved concerns with a deceased mate or family member?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, my expert services may be just right for you and your family.

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What Clients Say

“I felt a tingling, when you brought dad through.”

Some feel a chill or ‘presence’.

“I told my husband I did not know if I could go on living, after my mother died. In one session, I was able to move from grief which had me frozen in time, to joy. 

The resolution between us allowed me move forward to plan her funeral, thanks to Christina and the angels. My mom coming through so clearly… I am not sure what I would have done without this! I am in such a state of gratitude.” ~  Svetlana, Kentfield, CA

You may receive a vision of your departed loved one.

” My mom thanked me profusely for the last week I spent with her before she passed. She also now understands my spiritual beliefs, which she could not understand when she was alive. This is so beautiful and so very important to me. Thank you, thank you.” ~ Rama, Mill Valley, CA

“I smelled my mom’s favorite flower when you brought her in.”

Aromas are often attached to memories and are seated deep within your brain. These core connections can activate this area of the brain.

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Benefits of my services :
~ Communication with the “Other World” ~

~ Some folks see, hear and feel their departed loved ones.

~ Helps you resolve any questions you have and provides you with clear answers

~ Gives you the ability to say things to a loved one that you did not have a chance to say prior to their death

~ Allows you to forgive and have greater compassion

~ Gives you the ability to move from grief to joy and peace so you can move forward with your life and goals.

~  Perhaps you would like to receive a message or acknowledgement from a loved one who is passed on.

Would you like to open that channel for you so you can indeed “receive” communication in the future?

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Liz Tufte

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