Yeshua’s SelfLove and Appreciation Ray

Did you ever ask an Ascended Master to come in and give you a message? I do and did and this is what came to me:

Yeshua came in to share this and I in turn share it with you. It came with a visual!

Intention: This Ray is for clearing your own path to understand how easy it is to Love and Appreciate Yourself.

3-colored grid encompasses the individual in a square. Notice as it moves from left to right around the recipient, then moves up and down around the person. The grid creates a diamond, with one point below the person. The diamond turns counter clockwise.

Dear one,
It is time to heal this level of giving and not receiving. It is time to heal this level of consciousness that you have ~ the ‘not allowing’, not giving to Self,
So know it is with deep love that this comes to you, child. It is indeed Yeshua, and I have the ability to heal this deep wound and #Magdalene has the ability to work more closely with you on a conscious Spirit level to attain the prosperity you are wishing for.

Wish for it!
This is Step One: to wish for it.
Next I will assist a deep soul level of release and renewal. It comes through as another level of Yeshua’s Healing Rays for you.

Coming Soon! A Series of Healing Rays from Yeshua

I place you in a gold, orange and violet grid of light. It moves from left to right, and then from bottom to top, and down through you. It then revolves and creates a diamond around you spinning like a vortex of light, which it truly is. It spins in a counter-clockwise fashion.

Release of Old Patterns
This releases old patterns. It opens you up for receiving on a much larger level so you understand with implicit compassion how precious you are, how deserving you are, how able you are. It allows you to let go of an old way of seeing yourself. This vortex peels away layers of the old.

Allow yourself to bask in this light.

Next I will refill you with Golden Light to balance your being wherever there was a release.

With this Magnificent Ray of Light and Love,
This is Yeshua
Copyright 2009 – 20XX,

Liz Tufte

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