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Christina Gerber, Intuitive Channel, Master Healer

Helping you with your Wellness, Healing and Empowerment!

My intention is to reignite the healing abilities within you, to get you back to your natural state of balance and homeostasis.

With 40+ years of experience in Health and Wellness Coaching, my Holistic Healing practice includes Angelic Healing and Intuitive Remote and Readings for animals and people. I do this in gratitude and joy
to serve the greater good.

Remote and In-Person Advanced Energy Healing & Etheric Clearings

As an Expert Energy Healer, I incorporate 5th and 7th Dimensional etheric clearings to help release emotional and physical blockages. I even use Crystalline Stellar Skulls for this profound work. To get a more detailed idea about this, please visit my other site at:

Angelic Intuitive
As a clear channel for angels, Archangels Ariel, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Metatron have asked to speak through me. 

Often Metatron speaks for the team as the voice for the council of Archangels.

I have an upcoming book series of healing systems given to me by Archangel Metatron, Magdalene, Mary and Yeshua, as well as the Crystalline Stellar Skulls.

As an Intuitive Channel, I am also a voice for Mary Magdalene, and Mother Mary. We can speak with them either separately or as a Team as “The Two Marys.” And as another part of the Christ Consciousness Team, I am also a voice for Yeshua (Jesus).

I also bring in Nations of Animals, like Dolphins and Whales. Maybe you would like to contact the Inner Earth Beings or speak with Gaia? We can do this together.

My readings/healings are inspirational. I record our Skype or telephone conversations in which people often see, hear, or feel the angels.

Process: You call me at a pre-scheduled time. I operate 8 AM – 7 PM Pacific Time, Mondays – Saturdays. Have some water, be comfortable, and state your intention for the session. We are co-creators with you as we invite in the Archangelic Realm.

Have some questions available for the conversation so you can receive guidance. State your intention. You may receive a sound healing and meditation, initiated by them, that we will do together during the session. You may relax into a state of bliss. Many animals do.


“I am utterly speechless at the magnificent gift that you have given me. Thank you so much from the whole of my heart. I am without words, but the reading/healing from the Archangels instantly filled me with a Divine Love, Joy and Peace. Thank you. Much Love” ~Carol

“This telephone reading with the angels been a sustaining, loving, practical, guiding light. I do not know what we would have done without it. We will continue to use your services.” ~Lynn and Bonnie C.

“That was so very powerful! After the burglary my home felt dark and I felt unbalanced. Now, since the Angelic house and body clearing session we did on the phone, my house has its light back, the dark cloud is gone and I feel so much more at peace in my home and self. Thank you.” ~Kristina L.

ANGELIC CLEARING for security, peace, protection, sparkling energy…

* After the clearing session, four people consecutively entered the room immediately afterwards. Each person remarked:

* WOW, does it feel different in here! So bright and light! What an amazing difference!

* No one else was able to clear the dark energy from the burglary and you did it over the phone

* Ever since you cleared my house I have been getting the right caregivers and everything in my life has improved!


“I fully let go of the grief from the death of my mother and feel I can make her funeral arrangements now.”

“I was so happy to hear from Mittens, who died a year ago, I now feel complete.”

“I felt the angels like never before.”

“It feels like you reconnected me to my angels.”

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Christina Gerber is an intuitive healer and angel channeler, helping you to empower yourself and reignite your own healing abilities.