Angel Lessons

This is what the Archangels told me:

The first lesson is to remember to call on us, the angels. We will guide you and protect you. Even when you
least expect it,  we will help you through uncertain times and can be of more help than you might
imagine! So the key here is to ask for angel company, and remember that we can be there when
you ask. It really is a simple lesson, but one that needs to be mentioned.

The second lesson is to ask the angels to guide you to sleep at night. We can help you relax, and send
you to safe, guarded places where your dreams can serve you. We can also help it be a more restful
sleep. Again, the key is to ask.

The third lesson we would like to give you is to be receptive to someone who might need angelic
guidance, who does not know it, and whom you may ask us to assist. You might then be made
aware that their attitude will change, their heart will open, and a look of calm will come across their
face. As we very well know, not everyone understands about angels but our presence can help
any situation. Try it and you will see!

The fourth lesson we wish to share with you is to call upon us for prayer, and to help distribute your
healing energy to those you are praying for. We have a wonderful skill: to be able to send your
energy and thoughts to any individual in the world, and they will be able to receive it. Often,
they may think of you that very day.

The fifth lesson is that we are always here for your own personal use, too. So when you wish
to have greater will power or strength for whatever reason, ask for assistance from your angels.

The sixth lesson I wish to share with you is to be able to let others know that you are doing
this – that you are asking for angel help. It is an indirect and gentle way to tell them about
our energy.


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Christina Gerber is an intuitive healer and angel channeler, helping you to empower yourself and reignite your own healing abilities.

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