Archangel Ariel: Ray of Enlightened Abundance

Archangel Ariel

I wish to give you a Ray of Enlightened Abundance. What this will do is give your heart a special level of insight. It gives you the inner and outer connectedness with all that is, and with others’ hearts. This Ray of Enlightened Abundance allows you to open yourself up to receive more love and guidance. It comes from within, radiates outwards, and is received once again as a beautiful “mirror ray of the tenfold heart.”

Know that the colors that come forth from above are pale yellow and pink. My heart-light serves to share warmth and radiance, which opens your heart chakra and allows barriers to melt away. When you are open, you can receive more fully. When you have your guard up, you are able to imagine protection more than reception.

Know that this ray protects you and gives you a direct connection to the divine, so there is protection that is here, from me. You need not keep a wall around your heart, as that can be a distraction. Opening your divine heart light up for reception is the simple task at hand. Release and receive, for you can now receive deep within your heart. Feel secure in knowing that you are able to receive fully NOW.

What you can do is feel the flow of light directly around you, centering into your heart. It will bring forth peace and calm. It will give you a sensation of knowing something greater than you is protecting you and watching over you. You may feel as if you meld into knowingness, an omniscient Self that sees yourself from above. This is a beautiful perspective and one that gives you great insight into how your heart is ever so connected to others.

You may notice there is an intricate web of light about you. That is the radiance of the abundant love in your heart, connecting to others. This is the key to your receiving: when you do not allow yourself to receive, others can not receive the appropriate flow to them either. So truly, you are serving others by receiving. This is a Sacred Key for you to remember. Open your heart, your soul, and your spirit to receiving and you can most easily share this with others. This in turn gives you great joy. So know it is true. See yourself from above as one who is receiving this pale yellow and pink diamond-bright light so you are purified, you are blessed, and you are fully open to receiving.

Blessings to you on this fully receptive path of light. See it, hear it, feel it – and it is so.

Blessings from the deep pink light within my heart to yours,

Archangel Ariel

Channeled through the heart of Christina Gerber

© 12/21/08