Angelic Realms

My favorite number is 17. 17 years ago I heard the Archangels say we needed a website named Angelic Realms. That was the start of a wonderful relationship!

I was receiving messages from Archangels Ariel, Gabriel, Michael and Raphael who I affectionately called "The Archangels Four". The word spread, people began to ask me to give them an Angelic Reading and Healing. Some clients saw them, many felt them and I would hear and feel them, all with different "energy signatures" and see them as brilliant sparkling lights. We all received a tremendous sensation, felt calm, and our bodies, minds and/or spirits transformed. Now Archangel Meatatron comes forth and is a voice for a bevy of these wondrous archangels.

How Does an Angelic Reading/Healing Work?

* Expect the unexpected!  
I did, since I never really believed in angels until ... well, that is another story.
Every session is different.

Whether you are on a video or phone call with me, we record the session.

* State your intention, i.e., in the best of all worlds, what would you like to have transpire?

* Do you want guidance about a person, place or situation?
 * Perhaps you interested in speaking with someone who has passed over?
* Would you like tips on communicating with angels?
* Are you seeking clarity of your life and soul purpose?
* Would you like the energy of your home, living situation or work cleared?
* Are you an animal guardian and would like some inter-species communication to happen creating a harmonious household?

Most often an angelic meditation comes through as the angels address you. They bring in "Rays of Light"  to help create change and cellular transformation.
Most people feel a deep sense of peace and Joy.
Often you will receive tools to help yourself discern, obtain clarity and courage in your life.  The Archangels encourage as well give you tools on how to ground and energetically protect yourself.

The session reignites your own angelic connection so you can call the archangels in to feel, see or hear them on your own. 

Scheduling an Appointment with the Archangels

Send an email  to Energy at ChristinaGerber dot com or call me at (888) 310-3774.
I bring forth Archangel Metatron, as he asked me to be his voice, and he speaks for a very special group of Archangels.

$175 per Hour
Pre-payment is required. 

Angelic Beams of Light to You,



“It was an incredible blessing to have a reading – it shifted my attention in a way that was very helpful, I feel stronger and more courageous, and it gave me more faith. The reading was very blessed with clear, compassionate, very grounded, and concrete language. All suggestions from Archangel Raphael were helpful and specific for the crises I was dealing with. The physical, emotional and mental states I experienced during the session were wonderful.”   M.L., Photographer/Muir Beach, CA

“After receiving the Angelic Healing Ray, my psyche is more open to the guides, the angels, and the universe than since early childhood. Big miracles are happening. I'm amazed every day. I'm in this new place of awareness, and I feel a sense of calm joy & excitement all the time.
 Liz T., Graphic designer/Fort Collins, CO

 "In my Angelic reading with Christina, I felt such a real presence of the Angels, and I feel their presence still. Do it! Why deprive yourself?" V.M., Healer and Business Consultant

“Mahalo nui loa. (Thank you very much.) You are a very powerful healer.”                                                                            Lanakila B., Kahuna and Keeper of Honaunau/Big Island, HI

“Thank you for the house clearing and reconnecting me to the angels. I used several feng shui experts and nothing worked! I thought I would have to give up my house and move to the mainland. Ever since the Archangels cleared the energy in and around my house, I have been able to rent my rooms non-stop with wonderful, spiritual people. I now feel secure that I can stay here and support myself .” Carol B., Land steward/Captain Cook, HI

“Long-standing issues and traumas are suddenly being resolved; this change is not easy but very, very necessary. I am very grateful.” Linda O.. Nurse and mother/Topeka, KS

“I felt a gentle, tickling, warm penetrating energy when I was introduced to the Archangels. Since receiving the angelic heaings, my digestion has improved and my hormones have been in balance, which truly is a miracle!” Erica Z., Dancer and political activist/San Francisco, CA

 “I have relaxed with the information and I still feel the angels’ energy and lovingness, so pure and sincere. I really appreciate the information I heard and it is being taken deep into my personal life. I have called upon Raphael and the Others from time to time. I receive their energy and attention instantly. And frankly, I am humbled greatly for their service to mankind, for it is obvious that it is constant and what they are all about. Thanks again. I have thanked Raphael and the other Archangels when I have called upon them. I feel connected to them. And I would like to consult with them again.” B. Carter, Healer/Chicago, IL  

“I feel heartfelt gratitude for my reading and healing with the Archangels. All of my life, I have been focused on healing from childhood sexual abuse. After receiving an angelic healing through Christina, I no longer feel like a victim, and that chapter of my life is completely resolved. I experienced an abundant love that I now can recall whenever I need to. Thank you.” L.L /Artist, healer /Santa Barbara, CA