Kitten Over the Fence Oh NO

Kittens Flower PotOne day Dru noticed Mama took all of her kittens over the fence (!) to the neighbor’s yard. Yikes!
She caught Mama in action as she was taking the last up-and-over.

Dru called and asked for the Angels help again. The angels “explained” to Mama that Dru’s yard was much more safe and her loving guardian cared for their well-being.

While we were on the phone, Mama began bringing the kittens back over the fence! This is quite a feat for the somewhat scrawny mom ~ jumping up the tall yard fence with a kitten in her mouth.

Our next task was to create a homey space for them. We went through the bits and pieces Dru had available. We asked Mama what she would like.

Liz Tufte

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