Angels Love Ferals

Mama and her three feral kittens

Dee called. The feral in her backyard had created a family. Dee wanted to welcome Mama (who seemed to have litter, after litter, after litter … you get the picture) into her house so they could create a bond.

Her closest animal rescue group, would spay the mama cat if she could be fed by hand. So this was our mutual intention (along with the angels).

In our first session Dee called me from her home near Sacramento. I am here near San Francisco. Dee began with her stating this intention for Mama cat. We got the Archangelic Realm “on the line” and had a conference call.

We grounded in the Archangelic Realm, and Metatron came forth. He made certain every interaction with the cat and kittens, was with a pink heart beams to their hearts. He suggested using this when
we had a vision of the peaceable family, happy Mama cat, well fed and perhaps …

Much like an olive branch ~ this pink light energy denotes we come to share a gentle bond of love and light.

The angels suggested Dee play some music for the cat family with the door open. Dee likes classical, so classical it was!

Another suggestion was, for Dee  to hum, tone some notes, or sing, whenever she approached the cat family. This way, they would get her vibration from her heart. When she would go out into her yard to set out food she began humming.

Gradually the dish was moved closer and closer to the door of her kitchen. Mama eventually came into the kitchen to get her food trusting more and more. Just to be sure our goals were in alignment with the cat’s wishes, with Metatron’s assistance we found out from Mama her attitude on parenting. The Archangels (oh, by the way, the angels come in as a team and Raphael, Michael, Ariel and Gabriel along with Metatron) checked in and Mama let us know that she was so very tired of this role and felt like she could hardly take care of one family and another one came along! It was overwhelming her!

Good news this!

NEXT: Cats over the fence ~ oh no!

Liz Tufte

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