Do You Need an Animal Angel Now?

Perhaps you, as a guardian, would like to begin communicating
with your animal family members? 
Humans can indeed communicate with their furry, feathery, or hairy loved ones!

And yes, sometimes you just need an interpreter.
Allow me the honor of being the translator between you and your fur child.

Hello! I'm Christina (the Animal Angel) ~ an intuitive healer who embraces various healing modalities on the physical plane as well as in other dimensions. Whatever it takes to make it happen!

Each healing session is uniquely tailored using a combination of channeling, toning, essential oils, and a vast knowing to begin the healing process and bring your fur-child back into balance, and perhaps you along the way.

As I tune into the imbalances of your inter-relationship, I can identify the energy blocks and take steps to release and clear stuck energy.

The healing process continues with follow-up suggestions to keep you moving toward natural balance.

The result is a shift, a release, an organic rebalancing, a recalibration. This shift might happen immediately, or it can take a week or longer to be fully realized.

You can enhance your relationship with some animal healing tips.