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Angelic Healing for Ferals

I have been blessed and helped immensely countless times when using Christina's wonderful services. A few years ago, a young feral cat we named “Mama” and her young son established residence in our yard… and, of course, I fed them and set-up a cat motel with cardboard boxes, newspapers, and old blankets on the porch. It looked like a miniature homeless encampment. We named her son, a handsome short-haired grey scaredy-cat  “Uncle Lou” as Mama continued to produced far too many litters. 

Once the kittens were sufficiently weaned, I became “human Mama” and fed them all.

From two of the litters, we first adopted a spunky long-haired grey and white male kitten, Louie, who turned out to be a female to our immense surprise… and from another, a charming, very intelligent little “tuxedo” female, Lucie. I was fortunate to be able to find a dedicated “cat fairy” who found homes for the siblings. 

Throughout these kitty adventures and …misadventures, 
Christina and the angels 
helped immensely.

One of the most rewarding successes was that I finally persuaded still very feral Mama to enter a cat box so that I could take her to the SPCA to be fixed. She was ready. Afterwards, she was happy to finally be free of kittens so she could live an expanded life without the on-going responsibilities of kittens. Without Christina’s angelic assistance, it would not have happened. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Louie and Lucie are thriving and I always get in touch
with Christina for a session whenever anything 
out of the ordinary happens.

Cosmo! would not let me leave the house without trying to trip me

He would do figure-8s around my legs to prevent me from leaving. He also would lick his fur to the point where he had eight surgeries to get the fur ropes from his stomach. He had a lot of bald spots, too.He kept me awake at night crying loudly if there was not a full bowl of food left for him. I called Christina as a last hope ~ I was giving up on his bad behaviors!

While I was on the phone with the Animal Angel for our phone consult, Cosmos! immediately jumped into my lap. The angels let us know it would help if I spoke with him and let him know I had to leave for work to help us keep our place and buy food, etc.  We also began meditating together, me communicating with his heart. We starting sitting together sharing meals. 

I did some energy rebalancing with Cosmo! using Christina's instructions and now he is a new cat! 

He is now happy and content. I have not seen Cosmo! lick his fur since our session. He lets me move about freely coming and going. He no longer minds an empty food bowl since we started eating together. I speak with him like a confidante’ and friend and I think he gets everything I am saying. Thank you Angels and thank you Christina for helping our relationship and life together!

theresa d.

Phoenix, AZ

Malinka, my precious shih tzu, was dehydrated sick to her stomach,
 in and out of the hospital for weeks

The vet could not figure out what was causing her illness! He suggested I get Malinka’s affairs in order.  I heard of Reiki and was looking to find an alternative method to help Malinka.

I asked the Animal Angel for help. 

Within one 30 minutes the angels did a clearing on Malinka. Christina then found the emotional bond between us was so strong that my dear companion was taking on anxiety for me.

In one hour Malinka was back to her perky self. 
It feels a bit like a miracle!


Santa Cruz, CA


Mo relaxes after a healing session

The most valuable thing

The amazing work you did with Mo gave us the most valuable thing we can receive in this world: Love, the ultimate healer. And you channel it abundantly! 

Your skills at healing core stuff on all our etheric bodies are deeply needed, as everyone on this planet is going through a big shift. Everyone ~ including the animals and all sentient beings. 

We are doing this together. 

Thank you, with love beams forever

Liz T.

Minneapolis, MN

Midnight, our Beloved kitty, passed away after 19 years of being in our family. The grief was overwhelming. My husband and I found the Animal Angel reading to be informative and comforting. Our loving bond was recognized and it was specific. We were informed that Midnight's transition was blissful, that her spirit lives on, that she is on a new level of her development! She is happy and free to run and play again. We were informed how to connect with her when we wished to and she would always be there. We were able to feel joy during the telephone session. It was amazing!

So, we were comforted, told she was blissed out, happy and safe. We now understand she feels she has fulfilled her work with us and how she specifically helped Jack and me. 

Midnight let us know where she wanted her ashes scattered and why she loved that place. This kind of reading was a blessing for me and Jack and for Midnight! We can continue our beloved relationship with understanding how we all love and serve one another. Midnight feels complete with her process of being our princess kitty on the Earth. Pranams to Midnight! 

With greater understanding of the beloved animal's experience, people can heal and have an easier time to let go. It is unique to give a specific meditation to contact a specific animal.

Thank you, Thank you! 


lynn l

Carpinteria, CA

Sadie and Melrose are four-year old Siamese littermates. I had them for two weeks, during which time they peed everywhere, scratched all of our furniture and hid in fear, never coming close to us. I was ready to get lots of plastic covering for the furniture, and, as last resort take them back to the vet. Within minutes of the telephone healing/reading the cats came and sat next to me!

After a thirty-minute telephone session with me on the phone, the cats no longer pee where they shouldn't or scratch the furniture, and are happy lap cats instead of "fraidy-cats."

It was a miraculous and immediate change, I am so happy!

terry n.

Weehawken, NJ

My cat Ziggy had an overnight  drastic change in his personality and health. He went for being an outside cat to an inside cat, became lethargic and with an insatiable appetite. He would stand  in front of the fridge and jump in when it was open (this after being a hunter) and he would eat voraciously. He was losing so much weight and was getting scrawnier and scrawnier by the day. His eyes became dull. Our veterinarian had no idea what was wrong. After many tests, he suggested we prepare for the worst.

I called Christina on a whim and sure enough within half an hour he was on my lap and tail swinging in a deep meditative state. Before this he never sat on my lap.

Within one hour he was perky and his bright eyes were back! Within 24 hours he was back to his old self. The distance healing is the only thing that saved him, I believe!

annie b.

Lenoir, NC

Our shi tzu, Zhin Mei was acting out when we had a new baby. We were looking at having Grandparents living with us, and perhaps getting another dog, too, so we contacted Christina. She explained the situation to Shush. She immediately calmed down when we put Christina on Speaker phone. She had us move energy and pet her  different ways, did a sound healing  and let us know what Zhin Mei was thinking. The conversation opened up and we began to understand how we could communicate among the family  with more ease and Zhn Mei understood the changes that wee happening. 

She stopped barking unnecessarily, became more friendly and loving and accepting of our parents and the whole house dynamics changed in an hour! It was like magic and we were all happy to be a part of this family process gathered around the speaker phone with the whole family in attendance. 

We felt the angels, too! I could not recommend it more highly!

peter k.

Malibu, CA

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