Animals Bless a Wedding!

fort-ross-state-historic-park-walking-tour-in-jenner-210426blue whale sm
Blissfully Pristene. Rugged Cliffs.
Fort Ross State Historic Park is on the Northern California coast. It is a mystical place for a wedding. It was a glorious place to officiate.

It is also a spectacular place to meditate, which I love to do prior to joining the loved ones together in sacred union.

I sat cross legged on the cliffside over the ocean. I brought in Angels and asked Gaia’s beautiful heart and soul to participate.

I let their rays of light join in my heart and beamed them out in gratitude to the Universe.
A short while later, a Park Ranger stood over to me and startled me out of my state of bliss.

Behold! They Appeared!

She suggested I look down into the bay beneath us. She declared that she had NEVER before seen five blue whales cram themselves into the cove before. She had been a ranger for along time, so she thought it was a marvel.

I realized the vibration of the angels brought these magnificent creatures in. I had to wink to the angels and tell them “Thank you!” How special that this couple was able to have such a blessing from nature.

Truly a whale of a blessing!

When were you last blessed with the presence of an animal in Nature?

Liz Tufte

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