Bamboo-Fusion Visage

Visage is French for Facial Massage.
The miniature set of bamboo wands, triangles, circles and energy rods gracefully slide upwards around your cheeks, forehead, chin temples and neck to completely relax you. Pressing, rolling acupressure points, wipe away the worry and laugh lines. Moist-heated tools caress your tightly held facial muscles. Any lines of tension or stress being held, dissolve. 

As the face holds reflex points that reflect back to your whole body system, all of the "Oohs!" and "Aaahs!" you are feeling are being transmitted directly to every part of your body!

 You may find it is not easy to stay awake, as you drift off into a blissful dreams state.

Years are erased from your face. Will it be alright if you depart looking 10 or more years younger?

Warm Bamboo Visage
30 Minutes -  $ 45
Organic Oil Blend with Essential oils enhances the effects.

45-Minute Blissful Session - $ 60
Additional use of Jade Facial Rollers with Infrared Properties Youthify you on another level!

Image compliments of

 Nathalie Cecilia, Founder Bamboo-Fusion, giving a Bamboo-Fusion Visage Treatment

Bamboo Fusions Visage Tools

Bamboo Fusion Visage Tools - Created by Nathalie Cecilia 

Acupressure Facelift

Did you know there are 150 Acupressure Points on your face?  Yes!  Each and every one serves to connect to a point on your whole body! When you receive an uplifting, line-erasing and firming Facial Acupressure Treatment, it is a service to your whole body — inside and out!

When Rosewater and special cell-renewing, Facial oils are added to the heavenly session you will be amazed with the fresh-looking, long-lasting results! Wrinkles, what wrinkles?

"My co-workers remarked for week at how young I looked!" 

Acupressure Facelifts, when used with a healthy diet and lifestyle help to:

- Soften wrinkles

- Improve muscle tone

- Decrease puffiness and bags under eyes

- Increase blood flow

- Create Healthier radiant skin

- Decrease effects of stress on face

- Reduce double chins

- Lift sagging eyelids

- Decrease headaches

- Alleviate stress

- Promote overall health and well being

Acupressure Facelift

60 Minute Session - $125

75 Minute Session - $155

 For Best results, suggested frequency is bi-weekly. 

Note: You will be given easy-to-do Daily Self Care tips.

Liz Tufte

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