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Christ Consciousness Team ~ Mary Magdalene and Yeshua.

Animal Communication in the Wild

TIP: Send messages with your heart ~ this is how animals “hear” and “feel” you!

Angels, Marys, and Dolphins

This heavenly experience was my first ‘Love Pod’ with 100+ dolphins!

I was staying in Kona on the Big Island Hawaii and heard wind from the Mermaid Community that Captain Dave takes groups out on days of the full moons. I signed myself up for what would soon prove to be the experience of a lifetime! The eve before I wanted to make sure that Magdalene, Mary, and the Archangelic Realm let the dolphins know we were coming to play!

Once out on the boat, within an hour we saw a small pod of dolphins. The sea was rough and there were two to three-foot waves. This discouraged many who were not strong swimmers. If it was good weather for dolphin spinning it was fine for me! I am also a very strong swimmer.

Dolphins will swim with and around you depending on your energy; however, you cannot approach dolphins. I began to call in Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene and the Archangels seeing their sparkles and colors and feeling their energy signatures. I would send these “Rays of Light” from my heart to those of the dolphins. Within minutes I was surrounded by babies and mamma dolphins. I think they softened up with the feminine Goddess Energy and felt safe. The babies swam eye-to-eye with me. Were they winking and smiling I wondered? It seemed like it.

I noticed there were more and more of my jumping twirling playmates. The group seemed to expand and there were dolphins in every direction! I think some of them “told” their friends. I noticed the penetrating, electric high-pitched sounds would change depending on the Archangel or Mary I called in. The dolphins felt the vibration of each Angelic being. We were communicating with our hearts.

I heard the words “Love Pod” and knew this was a welcoming and healing. Over two hours later I came back on the boat. I had been the only one swimming nonstop with the pod the whole time! The captain said there were about 150 dolphins around me!

This is animal communication. Sending messages from our hearts connects us with these Divine Beings of Gaia.

When in Hawaii, my watercolor pencil artwork takes on a devic quality.
Images emerge and float together

Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene Readings ~ The Two Marys

Readings with Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary ~ or the “Two Marys”

I began channeling Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene after Archangel Raphael introduced them to me in 2004.

Shortly after that, “The Marys” would bring forth Metatron and the other Archangels: Ariel, Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael. They would come through me as “The Sacred Seven.”

I began working with Magdalene and Mary individually so I could recognize their energy signatures.

Her teal, violet, indigo, orange, and gold robes may give you an idea of her bold vibrancy. Magdalene has been phenomenal in introducing individuals, and even couples to their Spiritual sensuality and sexuality.

Magdalene has also been a financial counselor to Yeshua, and assists individuals with financial matters. She is outspoken and serves to awaken many.

Mother Mary has been a guiding light for many. She often comes in when an individual has recently passed. She brings comfort with her nurturing words and healings with her magical blue, white, and gold robes.


Readings, counsel, and healings with Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, or the Two Marys are $150 per hour.


Mary and Magdalene ~ “Two Marys’ ” Healing Rays

Healing Rays ~ from Magdalene and Goddess Mary

Ray One
Intention: To give you insight, strength and stamina.

Visual: Light Blue and Orange 3-D Star of David Encapsulating your body

Mary Magdalene: I am above you on your right and Goddess Mary  is on your left.

Begin by allowing yourself to feel this Ray of our Heart-Light. We shall begin by sending
you spirals of blue light in all tones and shades of blue.


M82, or the Cigar Galaxy, is a starburst galaxy about 12 million light-years away from Earth. In the galaxy’s center, stars are being born 10 times faster than they are inside the entire Milky Way galaxy. Credit: NASA

Chakras with any sounds and tones which surface. Let them come out fully and resonate within and around you.

Now, we will place an orange beam of light above you, coming down from the heavens through
the center of your body.

This slowly moves from above, into your energy centers, clearing and
connecting them.

Once the light permeates your being, you may notice that the energy has
created a six-pointed star, allowing balance and reception of our love, light and strength.

It allows you to connect with heaven, or the divine, and earth. Bask in this archetypal flow of
energy and light.

This Ray of Stamina and Strength will allow you to take action into your future aspirations,
sharing your strength and knowledge with others. You will be able to understand your innate
abilities and we wish to give you the sense of security that this is true spirit-in-form.

Blessings upon your journey,
from the Two Marys, through Mary Magdalene

Channeled through the Heart of Christina Gerber

Copyright 2004 – 20XX,