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Angel Channeling to Heal and Communicate with Animals

Remote Healing for Cat and Person with Archangel Metatron

The other day a friend (now client) came into my office to have me do an Angelic Healing and communication to check in on her ailing cat. She had been meaning to do this for a good year!

I let her know ahead of time that we could do the session remotely ~ by phone or Skype if she wished. She wanted to come to my office for the in-person contact.

Belinda was in my office and her cat, Clara, her kitty, was 15 minutes away. Clara was visiting the vet time and time again, getting thyroid and other medications for one illness after another. This proved to be very expensive for Belinda!

“Oh, and is there anything else in your life that you would like to state in your intention and receive assistance with?” I inquired.

There was indeed!
Evidently her severely depressed daughter could not get out of bed for months…how heart-breaking!

“OK let’s put that in the Angel Hopper, then!” I acknowledged

I invited in her daughter’s Spiritual (etheric) body, and asked her if she would like help with her scary thoughts, or whatever holding her back and keeping her down.

Jenny’s 5th Dimensional body said, “Yes, please help me!”

All work needs to be permission-based so that is where I began.

Archangel Metatron came in and spoke for the Archangelic Realm through me.  He let us know that Archangels Ariel, Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael were also here to help.

It became evident that Clara was a reflection of Belinda. Often our fur kids are assisting us and helping us heal.  I understood we needed to balance the glands in Belinda as well as Clara. I did some shamanic Angelic Clearing of energy of them both.

Then I tuned in to Belinda’s daughter Jenny. Using #remoteviewing enabled me to see a huge dark, entity hovering around her.

I’m thinking “Not again!”
I asked if we could safely remove this being from Jenny, and Metatron said “Absolutely!”

We did, making sure Jenny was safe in the process. I use specific ancient tools so I am protected during the process. I also use methods of protection ahead of these sessions.Very Important!

We then proceeded to clear energy from under Belinda’s house, in every corner, the cat Clara,  her daughter Jenny daughter, and simultaneously with Belinda in my office.

Next the Archangelic Realm assisted and we refilled all energy that was released with a healing  funnel of light.

Since the Angelic clearing of this gal’s house, her cat and daughter:

Her cat is no longer taking medication and is much happier and healthier!
Her daughter went on a job interview, found a new therapist and went to see two doctors!

You rock Archangelic Realm!


Pink Heart Beams Bring Home Ping Ling!

I use this color of vivacious Pink Beams to send messages to animals.

When my neighbor, Suzanna, knocked on the door, she looked worried. She let me know her precious Ping Ling (brown point Siamese) had escaped! Ping had never been outside before! “Don’t you communicate with animals?” she inquired.

I let her know that yes, I think I can help her. I asked Suzanna if Ping had a favorite sound, like a can opener opening a can? Perhaps she could tempt Ping with her favorite activity outside to while we called her?

Pink Heart-Light Beams

Use magenta to send a message from your heart over distance.

I used my mind’s eye and a picture came up that Ping was around the back of the condo.

I offered to help Suzanna look for her. We wiggled up and down the street behind buildings, trees and fences. Well, no such luck, as Ping Ling was not where I thought she might be.

I told Suzanna that animals see pictures with their hearts. I said, “Send her an image of you lovingly petting her and send it out on a Pink Ray of light from your heart to hers! She will get this.” She looked at me a little bewildered, but also looked like she would try anything. She called “Ping! Here Ping!” as she looked up and down the street.

Ping must just have been hiding when I called her and while we were looking for her. Loving Pink heart beams sent from both of us for Ping Ling.

Result: Missing kitty found!

Angels liked to be asked to help with things. I hear them with my heart. I think you can too. It just takes practice. Angels help me receive messages from animals. They help me give healings, too.,

Gratitude for our Compassionate furry companions.

Thank you angels, for helping us with the communication and healing channels.

Animal Communication in the Wild

TIP: Send messages with your heart ~ this is how animals “hear” and “feel” you!

Angels, Marys, and Dolphins

This heavenly experience was my first ‘Love Pod’ with 100+ dolphins!

I was staying in Kona on the Big Island Hawaii and heard wind from the Mermaid Community that Captain Dave takes groups out on days of the full moons. I signed myself up for what would soon prove to be the experience of a lifetime! The eve before I wanted to make sure that Magdalene, Mary, and the Archangelic Realm let the dolphins know we were coming to play!

Once out on the boat, within an hour we saw a small pod of dolphins. The sea was rough and there were two to three-foot waves. This discouraged many who were not strong swimmers. If it was good weather for dolphin spinning it was fine for me! I am also a very strong swimmer.

Dolphins will swim with and around you depending on your energy; however, you cannot approach dolphins. I began to call in Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene and the Archangels seeing their sparkles and colors and feeling their energy signatures. I would send these “Rays of Light” from my heart to those of the dolphins. Within minutes I was surrounded by babies and mamma dolphins. I think they softened up with the feminine Goddess Energy and felt safe. The babies swam eye-to-eye with me. Were they winking and smiling I wondered? It seemed like it.

I noticed there were more and more of my jumping twirling playmates. The group seemed to expand and there were dolphins in every direction! I think some of them “told” their friends. I noticed the penetrating, electric high-pitched sounds would change depending on the Archangel or Mary I called in. The dolphins felt the vibration of each Angelic being. We were communicating with our hearts.

I heard the words “Love Pod” and knew this was a welcoming and healing. Over two hours later I came back on the boat. I had been the only one swimming nonstop with the pod the whole time! The captain said there were about 150 dolphins around me!

This is animal communication. Sending messages from our hearts connects us with these Divine Beings of Gaia.

When in Hawaii, my watercolor pencil artwork takes on a devic quality.
Images emerge and float together

Remote Healing and Reading for Cosmo!



Cosmo! would not let me leave the house without him trying to trip me. He would do figure 8s around my legs to prevent me from leaving the house! It was now getting to a point where it was dangerous.

He also would lick his fur to the point where he had 8 surgeries to get the fur ropes out of his stomach. He had a lot of bald spots, too, from all of the licking he was doing.

He kept me awake at night crying loudly if there was not a full bowl of food left for him.  Whaa???

I called Christina as the last hope ~ I was giving up on his bad behaviors!

While I was on the phone with the Animal Angel during our session, Cosmos! immediately jumped into my lap. Not only that, within a matter of minutes he was relaxing and his body turned into putty, stretched across my legs. This was a first for him.

The angels let us know it would be helpful if I spoke with him and let him know I was departing, what I would do, and when I would be back. They suggested (through Christina) that I  speak with him like he is my friend! Brilliant ~ why didn’t I think of that? Another suggestion was to begin meditating together, connecting our hearts.

To help with the all-night pestering for food (especially between 2 and 3 AM!) the archangels, through Metatron, advised we start sitting together and to share our meals. I have my dinner and feed him his wet food at the same time.

I did some hands-on healing during our phone session with the help of Christina’s instruction. We pulled the excess energy along his spine out through his tail. I used my fingertips at the base of his skull and upon his heart to synchronize, rebalance, and connect with him. Lo and behold Cosmo! is a new cat!

I have not seen Cosmo! lick his fur since our session. All of his sore spots from licking are disappearing.  I only wish I would have called Christina sooner.

I now come and go into and out of the house with ease. He no longer minds an empty food bowl since we started eating together. Cosmo! lets me sleep through the night ~ no more 2 AM wake up calls! Thank you Angels and thank you, Christina, for helping us create a harmonious life together!

~ Theresa D., Phoenix, AZ


Animal Intuitive Healing Sessions

Our session will be on the phone (or via Skype or G+ Hangout) with you as the Guardian/Human companion. The process: State your intention. I then tune into your animal companion with the Angels as my guides. This could mean a healing-over-distance if needed, clarity on a topic or behavior or need of the critter. Distance is not an issue. We can work together in any state in the US, or Canadian provinces, or even overseas. As the Animal Angel I give voice to your animal companions.

Are you living with an animal companion who displays behavior you’d like to understand and change?
Do you and/or your pet need healing?
Perhaps your animal family member is aging and in a state of ill health?
Are you wondering if it might be easier for them once they’ve crossed the Rainbow Bridge?
We can speak to them and find out if they are truly ready.

If you’ve lost an animal, are you looking for compassionate, effective grief counseling?

I work with 2-legged, three-legged, four-legged and no-legged critters.

I also communicate with your animal family member (s) who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge in case you have any unresolved issues or would like to speak to those family members and express yourself. Find out how they are doing!
Sessions last for one hour (or portion thereof, if desired).

Products for Your Animal Companions


Did you know clean air rocks their world?





Clinically clean, naturally fresh.
KenkoAir Purifier™

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** If you want to see some amazing before and after photos of a face tumor on a dog, that was completely healed with this purifier, send along a note and I will send you the document. The minute the purifier was placed in the room, the poochie would not leave the ionizer!



The PiMag® Waterfall®

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Note: Your cat or dog may not want other water after they taste this!

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 Liquid Vitamins 

Animal Angel Sessions – Testimonials

** Midnight, our Beloved kitty, passed away after 19 years of being in our family. The grief was overwhelming. My husband and I found the Animal Angel reading to be informative and comforting. Our loving bond was recognized and it was specific. We were informed that Midnight’s transition was blissful, that her spirit lives on, that she is on a new level of her development! She is happy and free to run and play again. We were informed how to connect with her when we wished to and she would always be there. We were able to feel joy during the telephone session. It was amazing!
So, we were comforted, told she was blissed out and happy and safe and she feels she has fulfilled her work with us and how she specifically helped Jack and I.  Midnight let us know where she wanted her ashes scattered and why she loved that place. This kind of reading was a Blessing for me and Jack and for Midnight! We can continue our beloved relationship with understanding how we all love and serve one another. Midnight feels complete with her process of being our princess kitty on the Earth. Pranams to Midnight! With greater understanding of the beloved animal’s experience, people can heal and have an easier time to let go. It is unique to give a specific meditation to contact a specific animal. Thank you, Thank you! ~ Lynn L. Carpinteria, CA

** When Christina does distance-healing healing on an animal, several profound things are happening simultaneously. While the animal is receiving powerful healing energy, she talks about what is happening and shares communications from the animal so the animal’s caregiver can understand the situation from the animal’s point of view.

Christina describes what to expect from the healing, how long the animal will be carrying the energy, and what changes one may expect to see. She may offer suggestions to the human for ways they can assist in the animal’s healing after the session is over. She is always open to questions.

The process is gentle, loving, and beautiful. The human gains a deeper understanding of the animal, and the animal receives whatever healing is best for them at the time. Angelic healings can be done in conjunction with any other healing modality, including western medicine.”Queen” Nifty still has that sparkle in her eye, and a great appetite again. ~ Lots of love and light, Liz T.,  Minneapolis, MN

** Sadie and Melrose are four-year old Siamese littermates. I had them for two weeks, during which time they peed everywhere, scratched all of our furniture and hid in fear, never coming close to us. I was ready to get lots of plastic covering for the furniture, and, as last resort take them back to the vet. Within minutes of the telephone healing/reading the cats came and sat next to me! After a thirty-minute telephone session with me on the phone, the cats no longer pee where they shouldn’t or scratch the furniture, and are happy lap cats instead of “fraidy-cats.” It was a miraculous and immediate change ~ I am so happy! ~ Terry N., Weehawken, NJ

*** My cat ziggy had an overnight drastic change in his personality and health. He went for being an outside cat to an inside cat, lethargic and with an insatiable appetite. He would stand in front of the fridge and jump in when it was open (this after being a hunter) and he would eat voraciously. He would stylize weight and was getting scrawnier and scrawnier by the day. His eyes became dull. The veterinarian had no idea what was wrong! After many tests, he suggested we prepare for the worst! I called Christina on a whim and sure enough whiting half an hour he was on my lap and tail swinging in a deep meditative state. Before this he never sat on my lap. Within one hour he was perky and his bright eyes were back! Within 24 hours he was back to his old self! The distance healing is the only thing that saved him, I believe!
~ Annie B., Lenoir, NC

**** Our shis tzu, Zhin Mei was acting out when we had a new baby. We were looking at having Grandparents living with us, and perhaps getting another dog, too, so we contacted Christina. She explained the situation to Shush. She immediately calmed down when we put Christina on Speaker phone. She had us move energy and pet her different ways, did a sound healing and let us know what Zhin Mei was thinking. The conversation opened up and we began to understand how we could communicate among the family with more ease and Zhin Mei understood the changes that wee happening.
She stopped barking unnecessarily, became more friendly and loving and accepting of our parents and the whole house dynamics changed in an hour! It was like magic and we were all happy to be a part of this family process gathered around the speaker phone with the whole family in attendance.
We felt the angels, too! I could not recommend it more highly!”
Peter K., Malibu, CA