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Remote Healings


Healing/ Energy Clearing

 Releases and Removes the “past, stagnant energies” and “what’s holding the flow back.” The session will leave all Balanced and Grounded, ready to Thrive!

90-minute session/ $175


Are you an Animal Guardian?

REMOTE Animal Healings and Communication information HERE

As an Archangelic Intuitive you will receive gifts from the Archangels.  You may receive guidance for your soul purpose and physical and spiritual healing. This is a conversation as you choose. Clients most often reignite thir spiriutal connection with the Archangels and see, hear or feel them, while receiving a special reconnection meditation.
75-minute session
$ 175



I intuitively blend sacred, charged, rare Essential oils specifically for your current needs:
*Hormonal balance — Gain relief and clear-mindedness (i.e., PMS,, perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms.
*Ease of Sleep
* Grounding
* Meditation
* Balancing and Reintegrating Mental, Spiritual and Physical Bodies
Need some assistance soothing out the rough edges after a trauma? 

$140 for 10 ml roller and 15 ml bottle for refilling. (Usually $175 with Consult)
Interview and instructions included.
Tax and shipping is included

Spring 2020 Offerings

60-Min. Warm Bamboo BodyWork Add-Ons

Add 15-Minutes of ANY of the Following:

A) Kansa Wand Marma Point Session — Ayurvedic Treatment with Special Essential oil blend for Head, Throat Neck and Face.

B) Balance Point Therapy with Essential Oil or Flower Essence Application 

C) Reflexology – Hands, Feet, Head, Ears and Face. We’ll spend more time on your FAVE!

$110 for 75-Min. Session



Pay for Package of Four each session is $100 (That is a 10% Discount).



  • We will ReActivate your Merkaba
  • Release Ancestral Cording
  • Immune-boosting 5D/Spirit/Etheric Body Point Healing with Essential Oils for 3D Body Release and Harmony
  • Space, Gland and Chakra Clearing   
  •       60-Min. Session $155.00                                                                   

March 2020 Offerings



Dealing with Traumas Emotionally or Physically or are they coming up in your relationships?

Release trauma emotions and negative holding patterns — finally releasing cords, old contracts, unhealthy relationships, and curses. Reclaim Personal Power, Health, Brilliance and Skills to raise your frequency. Heal your Ancestors through multi-dimensional timelines!

Clear your Atlantean and Lemurian Negative Imprints!

$288 for 2.5 Hours with “Team Earth”
(Possibly covering two lives.)


Schedule for 2.5 hour sessions HERE: stellar skulls services/sessions/



Clear Past-Lives For Your Ascension

SIGN UP! Hear from us every so often.

 Personal Light Readings

 Crystalline Channel Readings $44 fo reach 15 Min.



Are you ready for a Juicy, Vibrant, Enlightening, Expansive and Heart-Opening experience?

Get with the Crystalline Team of Light and “Team Earth” to answer the question you pick, for a 15-minute “Light Reading” for what serves you the most at this time.

Become instilled with a Light Vibration from your Family of Light.

$44 for your 15 minute-Light Reading.

You can speak to one of the Crystalline Team of Light:

Crystalline Stellar Skulls and Goddesses or Archangel Metatron, Merlin, Kuan Yin, Saint Germain, Archangel Michael, Yeshua, Magdalene and Goddess Mary.

Your Choice – or the one that wants to speak to you.



1. What is it I need to know the most right now?

2. Do you have a burning question you want to have addressed?

3. What is the next step for my healing and evolution – now?

4. Can I hear about an important past-life?

5. Do I have a Galactic Family elsewhere? If so, can I hear more about them, and where are they?

More Info HERE: Personal Light Readings



Back-to-School Fall Specials

August through December 2019
and for Bara Sapir’s Offers/Gift Certificates

BODY AND SOUL FUSION Warm Bamboo Fusion Bodywork – Deep Inner Peace for Body and Soul

90-minute Session for the price of one Hour!

Add-ins to 60-minute BodyWork session, may include
30 minutes of :

Warm Bamboo Visage
Energy and Chakra Clearing
Cord Cutting from the past, others, and other lifetimes,
Essential oil or Flower Essence application on Acu-points


Remote Session – Angelic Reading/ Healing/ Energy Clearing

For People, Animals and Spaces receive Divine Intervention. Releases and Removes the “past, stagnant energies” and “what’s holding the flow back.” Leaves all Balanced and Grounded, ready to Thrive!

90-minute session for the price of one hour
$ 177

ANGELIC GUIDANCE – IN OFFICE In Office: Angelic Clearing/Healing/Reading with Essential Oil Acupoint Session.

As an Archangelic Intuitive you will receive guidance for your soul, purpose and physical healing. Often Clients see, hear or feel the Archangeis.
75-mInute session for the price of one hour
$ 177

I intuitively blend sacred, charged, rare Essential oils specifically for your current needs:
*Hormonal balance — Gain relief and clear-mindedness (i.e., PMS, perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms.
*Ease of Sleep
* Grounding
* Meditation
* Balancing and Reintegrating Mental, Spiritual and Physical Bodies
* Need some assistance smoothing out the rough edges after a trauma?

$65 for 10 ml roller

$75 for 15 ml bottle for refilling
Interview and instructions included.
Tax and shipping extra.

Mother Mary – Ray of Nurturing Love

These Healing Rays of Light can assist you in noticing changes – emotional, physical and spiritual. Sit and take time to breathe deeply, using tones (even vowels: a,e, i, o, u), scales or humming to assist your reception, as the sound opens up your cells  to receive even more fully.

Here is a Healing Ray of Light I received from Mother Mary and would like to share.

Begin by Stating Your Intention.

Christina: My intention for this reading and healing is to receive clarity and focus.

Mother Mary: It is I, Mother Mary, to share my wisdom, healing, and light with you.
It will assist you in receiving a special Ray for receiving more internal light during this time of year.
It is a transition for the earth as well as for us who reside upon her.
This is an honorable request: to feel more resolute, more filled with intention, and more able to concentrate and accomplish.
Thus, I can allow the limited light of the day and night to be received in greater amounts, internally for you, so you are filled with energy within.
This allows you to have sustenance on all levels – to understand that yes, there are physical limits, but that you can continue with a lighter energy about you, emotionally. It will give you the ability to allow any dark-filled thoughts to move outwards and into my transformative cloak so you are bathed in a Robe of Love and Light.
That allows for the energy around you to be increased at a greater level with ease and simultaneously energized.
Allow any heaviness to glide out into my arms so you are cradled and feel the nurturing Ray from my heart.
This Ray of Nurturing Love is always present and available for you.
You can allow this increasing Ray of Loving Light, be a part of your daily intention.

Notice how it makes all you are doing feel supported by my arms and robes.
It is as if you are protected and grounded as well as releasing inner darkness with a bright light.

So the visual of the process may be:
* State from your heart what you are wishing as your daily practice.
* Then, receive a healing connection from my heart.
* Notice that the light around you may be golden and white with a pale blue tint.
* Next, imagine that you are able to receive a beam of light from above, through your crown.
This is the magical implement that allows you to receive a greater amount of brightness from the visions and energy around you.

It is a Crown of Light and the Ray of Love from my Heart.
This is transformative and can take a short amount of time or it can be used as a longer meditation if you choose.

It can guide you to pleasant dreams in a waking or sleeping state and can give you energy for the day, allowing you to feel guided, floating through your day. It is perfect for whatever you choose to do in a day: complete projects, spend a day healing, or to accomplish tasks.
With this said, take some time now to receive this Ray and Crown and allow the light to come from above and to slowly flow through your chakras. It is the light and your breath that change the flow of the current energy to one of regal magnificence, guided by me.
You may wish to use your breath fully and to receive a tone with each chakra.
Take some time now to resound any level of sounds that you are feeling are appropriate for each chakra, dear one.
Each chakra may feel more receptive at a different level or tone.

  • Christina: Here I tone high to low notes. After feeling rather light-headed, I make many more deep sounds to ground.
    I imagine a pillar of light from my heart to the Earth-Heart.
    I see robes flowing about me from above and around my body.
    The deeper guttural tones allowed the magnified sensations in my occiput (base of skull) to be released with ease, as I sensed deep changes happening within my brain

     Time to Receive!
    Mary: This is now a time to continue to receive fully, as you are able to digest even more with deep breathing.

You may notice subtle changes which you may write over the next few days as you do this Crown and Robe meditation.
As you finish imagining the light around you and within you, connecting to the Earth-Heart will give you a greater sense of connectedness.
This also allows you to release any old and stagnant and for the energies to flow out of you with ease.
I can assist this flow of energies to become healing for our Mother Earth-Heart.
As you complete this meditation and process of change, you will then be able to give thanks to the earth and the divine, as well as to yourself, for allowing change to happen. That is commendable.
Then take another breath and allow for the Earth-Heart to continue her flow back into your heart, to create a complete circle of love and light.

Divine Ray of Healing and Light
This is a Divine Ray of Healing and Light for you to receive with your own graciousness.
Allow yourself to relax into it.
It will become more natural to ask for healing as you find the magical flow of light around you.
It allows for you to digest and receive and create with ease and creates a new flow of internal light connected with the earth.
It serves to give you an added boost of energy if you are able to continue to ask for healing and love from me and Mary Magdalene, as we work as a team of sisters to complete the process.

Blessings and loving light on this special day,
Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene
through Mary, through the Heart of Christina

**Channeled during the winter.

Copyright 2005 – 20XX, Christina Gerber

Kindly share your experience. What do you notice?

Double-Green Flash Wedding Blessing

It was August and we had a lovely ceremony. Attendees came from all over the world. Afterwards on the way back to the oceanside bed and breakfast, I did a meditation and gave thanks for the lovely weather, smooth service and blessed day.

The sun was setting and I felt  blessed by the angels.

My friends brought binoculars as we spied the sunset. The angel in this Mendocino area allows us to  view possible green flashes. And we did!

Not one but TWO! Right in a row. Flash Flash! It felt like a little miracle.

Mary and Mary Magdalene Healing

c84937a5064141737ccf910991ed6e89-d96j014Breathing and Toning Enhance Reception

I share it here for you to enjoy and receive a healing as well.

Breathing and ‘toning” as you receive will assist the reception process.

Mary Magdalene: We, as the “Two Marys,” Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary, have a gift for you today.
You can choose to work with us in a new manner.
It will be for healing, love, and Divine Order on the planet, within your home life and much more.
We bring Balance.
We bring Peace.
We bring Divine Connection so you are always reminded that you are more than just your Self.

Healing Robes

Use our robes as a healing tool.
Breathe deeply now to receive this.
You can feel us place them about your shoulders.

They are gold. They are violet, orange, light blue and white.
Feel them as a clearing, then as protection.
Notice ~ they have a texture a weight.
Now notice how they now cover the lower part of your body,
they touch your spine, they touch your legs and even your feet.

They connect you to our precious Earth.
How does that feel to be a conduit between the heavens ~ Spirit and Earth?

You are a magnificent light on the planet and it serves you to receive this special healing.
It is for uniting hearts, it is for physical healing, it is for radiating love and light among you and others in your community and on the planet.

Blessings and Light,

From “The Two Marys”
through Mary Magdalene and the heart of Christina Gerber

Copyright 2008 – 20XX,

What did you notice?
Do you sense change through seeing, hearing or feeling the easiest?

Lady of Guadalupe Visitation on 12/12!

Guadalupe gets a Parade!198x303x92999-004-B6C0B4D4.jpg.pagespeed.ic.VHE-qdVdXYDo you believe in synchronicity?

Like numbers appearing in your life (looking at clocks at 11:11) or being at a certain place on just the right day?

I believe there are no mistakes. There is a certain reason I thought to drive to this mission on this day spontaneously. I think I was “on a mission”!

In December of 2000, I was traveling in Arizona, and coincidentally visited Tucson, AZ.
While visiting a friend there, I toured the Mission of San Xavier.
Coincidentally, it was also the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe – December 12th!
They even honor her with a parade!

I did not know who she really was or what she looked like, but when I closed my eyes and meditated in the church, I saw a dark-faced woman in very colorful robes: violet, orange, blue and gold with a pattern of stars, her whole figure glowing in gold. I was wondering why I had that vision.

Was I hallucinating?
I squinted (with my eyes closed) to make sure I was seeing it correctly. Every statue in this church represented Mary with a white face, cloaked in blue and white robes. I was bewildered, needless to say.

Then we toured the well behind the church. There was a mosaic of the woman in my vision, who was present everywhere in the church.
It was Our Lady of Guadalupe dressed in her brightly colored flowing robes!

In the original 12-foot square mission there was another painting on the wall of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
She was indeed the “Mary” who visited me in the church!

In Mexican-American culture, she offers hope and safety.
She is also a cultural icon.

She is covered in a star-filled azure cloak, with golden rays shining behind her, standing on a crescent moon held aloft by an angel.


Do you have a favorite story of synchronicity in your life?

Mary Initiation 2004 VenusTransit

c2Mother Mary Initiation

On June 8th, 2004, I listened to an invocation and meditation for the Transit of Venus.
Astronomically, this was the day that the planet Venus appeared to move across the face of the Sun for the first time since the 19th Century.
Symbolically, the feminine energy of the planet Venus was revealing itself as she transited the masculine energy of the Sun.
During this extraordinary event, the fiery backdrop of the Sun’s face served as a glowing frame for Venus, focusing our attention on her enlightened journey. Some astrologers consider Venus the feminine God presence.

Invoking Feminine Presence
I laid down on my office floor near my computer and proceeded to relax and breathe.
The intention of the invocation was to bring a greater feminine presence onto the Earth, as this was a time for heart-opening, and for an uplifting light to appear on the planet which would greatly affect the “collective consciousness.”

As I listened to the inviting, calming and soothing words, the meditation mentioned Mary.
In my mind’s eye (or was it?), a translucent, pale blue-and-white diamond appeared in the room.
As it lighted down about me, I noticed gold flecks in it. The pyramid enveloped me, then seeped into my body deeply as I quivered with this magnificent presence.

Next, this vibrating flow of light energy flowed outwards and inwards. It pulsated repeatedly like this for ten minutes inwards and outwards, allowing me to assimilate it. The shimmery colors gave me tingles as each pulse moved through my body, so I could sense it as it flowed to my core, and then back out to the outer reaches of my aura (as I imagined it would be). It felt like it stopped at the surface of my skin, and then the pulsating diamond – like a living, breathing heart-diamond – began to move inwards again.

Mary Spoke

I sat up and typed at my computer, allowing Mary to speak through me.
She confirmed that this was indeed her energy, and if I chose, we could work together to bring a greater feminine presence onto the Earth. I was a little stunned that this magnificent power had just coursed through my body, but clearly, I had received an initiation. I was not quite sure what to do with the information at that time, but soon, very soon, I would learn much more.

I would become a channel for Mary.

What would you do if you were asked to be a channel?

First Visitation with Mary

virginmaryAn Initiation

On August 15, 1998 I went to the House of Mary in Epheseus, Turkey while on a Total Solar Eclipse and Goddess sites tour. As was normal for me, I liked to do a meditation and connect with the energy of the sacred and ancient spots we visited in Turkey.

As I sat in the front left corner of her house, I closed my eyes and tears began streaming down my face. I was not sobbing nor did I feel a great deal of emotion. Yet the steady stream of tears became like rivers of water, soaking my clothes. I imagine it looked much like the common Catholic picture of “Our Lady of Sorrow” with the tears pouring out of Mother Mary’s eyes.

Robes of White and Blue Light

In my mind’s eye I saw a beam of white light pour down in front of me. I basked in it. It was warm and tender yet there was a tingling and cooling sensation simultaneously. I was shown pale blue robes around that and around me, and with each color of light a different sensation was felt. It was gentle, light and comforting. I looked more closely face appeared.

Mary Appeared in Front of Me

It was Mother Mary.

I asked her “Why are you crying?”

She told me that she cried tears of joy when people came to visit, for she knew that this would be a place that others would connect with “Spirit.” She also cried for those who did not connect.

I came out and sat in a café waiting for our tour group to appear.

My whole body was trembling and waves of shudders moved through me one after another. I had received such a powerful influx of energy, that it took me hours to assimilate it. Even the next day I felt as though there was a live wire running through me. Everything seemed magnified.

I will never forget this. It transformed me. If I was a non-believer in this house and the energy, I was nw a believer.

Have you had a Spiritual experience or Initiation you will never forget?