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Gratitude for Archangel Metatron Remote Healing

The other day a friend (now client) came into my office to have me do an Angelic Healing and communication to check in on her ailing cat. She had been meaning to do this for over a year!

I let her know ahead of time that we could do the session remotely ~ by phone or video call. She wanted to come to my office for the in-person contact.

Belinda was in my office and her cat, Clara, her kitty, was 15 minutes away. Clara was visiting the vet time and time again, getting thyroid and other medications for one illness after another. This proved to be very expensive for Belinda!

“Oh, and is there anything else in your life that you would like to state in your intention and receive assistance with?” I inquired.

There was indeed. Evidently her severely depressed daughter could not get out of bed for months.

“OK let’s put that in the hopper, then.” I acknowledged

I invited in her daughter’s Spirit (etheric) body, and asked her if she would like help with her scary thoughts, or whatever holding her back and keeping her down.

Jenny’s 5th Dimensional body said, “Yes, please help me!”

All work needs to be permission-based so that is where I began.

Archangel Metatron came in and spoke for the Archangelic Realm through me. He let us know that Archangels Ariel, Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael were also here to help.

It became evident that Clara was a reflection of Belinda. Often our fur kids are assisting us and helping us heal. I understood we needed to balance the glands in Belinda as well as Clara. I did some shamanic Angelic Clearing of energy of them both.

Then I tuned in to Belinda’s daughter Jenny. Using #remoteviewing enabled me to see a huge dark, entity hovering around her.

I’m thinking “Not again!”
I asked if we could safely remove this being from Jenny, and Metatron said “Absolutely!”

We did, making sure Jenny was safe in the process. I use specific tools so we are all protected during the process. I also use methods of protection ahead of these sessions, which is ever so important.

We then proceeded to clear energy from under Belinda’s house, in every corner, from Clara, her fur-child as well as from her daughter Jenny. All of this was done simultaneously with Belinda in my office.

Next the Archangelic Realm assisted and we refilled all energy that was released.

Update Since Belinda’s Clearing

Since the Angelic clearing of Belinda, her house, cat and daughter:

  • Her cat is no longer taking medication and is much happier and healthier.
  • Her daughter went on a job interview, found a new therapist and went to see two doctors.

You rock Archangelic Realm!


Remote Healing, Essential Oils and the Power of Intention

I love essential oils. I use them every day. I smell them, I spray them in the air. I put them in my water, my mouth, under my nose, and in between my toes! I’ve also been making myself familiar with them for over 30 years, so I do not recommend doing this without experience and in-depth knowledge of these magical elements of nature.

I was making a blend the other day of Balsam Fir, Lavender, and Tangerine. I was also thinking of a client, and sending her beams of healing energy. Not long after this, I received a phone call from Judy, this very same client I was thinking about! I usually give her a foot, leg, head, neck, and shoulder massage, clear her house and her chakras. She is a quadriplegic and savors the aromas, touch and is very sensitive to energies. We are so connected and have been for about 17 years now. 17 – my favorite number!

I had left a series of calls for her and had not heard back for some time. I was so very delighted she called! She told me she would love to see me, and “Oh, by the way, could you make a spray for me with Balsam Fir? I have been dreaming about smelling it!”

I shared my essential oil story with her. It didn’t surprise Judy, as we are so very connected.  We made our appointment and hung up.

A few minutes later, Judy called again and said, “Oh and I also have a craving for Tangerine! Can you make me something with that in it too?”

My thoughts? The power of the heart, intention, and essential oils are amazing!


Advanced Energy Healing

Magnetic Healing. I love what magnets can do to assist our bodies’ circulation. We are electromagnetic flowing Beings of Light. Let’s enhance that. Let’s assist our flow to Gaia’s heart. Let’s open our channels to spirit even more. Let’s assist in the release of negative EMFs (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies).

I use a magnetic spinal roller in my sessions to activate the spinal fluid and enhance circulation along your spine. The gentle, or more firm pressure, helps to relax your muscles so your natural flows are invigorated.
You’ll love the far-infrared blanket I use to cover you, which keeps you cool when it is warm and warm when it is cool!

Sound Healing. Drums. Rattles. Tibetan Bowls.Tuning Forks. Sound can open us up to another level. Sometimes it just takes a little trigger to snap us out of a holding pattern.
We can use all of these tools to allow you to release and rejuvenate your own balanced body.


Etheric clearing tools

Advanced Healing ~ Etheric Clearing. Crystal Skulls. Etheric tools like Wands, Scrapers, Combs, and blades. Did you ever feel like you were coming up against the same blocks or were accident-prone? Etheric cords, entities, and hexes may be some of the causes for this “bad luck.”

We can remove these together through a Fifth and Seventh Dimensional  Energy Clearing. It’s all energy! As an intuitive, seeing into these other dimensions enables me to assist you in releasing all that is holding you back. I use ancient clearing tools to assist the process so I do not absorb it.

This process can be done remotely, so if you are not near me we can do it over the phone or preferably over Skype or Google Hangout video calls.
More about this here:
Introductory Phone Sessions


Remote Healing and Reading for Cosmo!



Cosmo! would not let me leave the house without him trying to trip me. He would do figure 8s around my legs to prevent me from leaving the house! It was now getting to a point where it was dangerous.

He also would lick his fur to the point where he had 8 surgeries to get the fur ropes out of his stomach. He had a lot of bald spots, too, from all of the licking he was doing.

He kept me awake at night crying loudly if there was not a full bowl of food left for him.  Whaa???

I called Christina as the last hope ~ I was giving up on his bad behaviors!

While I was on the phone with the Animal Angel during our session, Cosmos! immediately jumped into my lap. Not only that, within a matter of minutes he was relaxing and his body turned into putty, stretched across my legs. This was a first for him.

The angels let us know it would be helpful if I spoke with him and let him know I was departing, what I would do, and when I would be back. They suggested (through Christina) that I  speak with him like he is my friend! Brilliant ~ why didn’t I think of that? Another suggestion was to begin meditating together, connecting our hearts.

To help with the all-night pestering for food (especially between 2 and 3 AM!) the archangels, through Metatron, advised we start sitting together and to share our meals. I have my dinner and feed him his wet food at the same time.

I did some hands-on healing during our phone session with the help of Christina’s instruction. We pulled the excess energy along his spine out through his tail. I used my fingertips at the base of his skull and upon his heart to synchronize, rebalance, and connect with him. Lo and behold Cosmo! is a new cat!

I have not seen Cosmo! lick his fur since our session. All of his sore spots from licking are disappearing.  I only wish I would have called Christina sooner.

I now come and go into and out of the house with ease. He no longer minds an empty food bowl since we started eating together. Cosmo! lets me sleep through the night ~ no more 2 AM wake up calls! Thank you Angels and thank you, Christina, for helping us create a harmonious life together!

~ Theresa D., Phoenix, AZ


Products & Affilliates

Organic Essential Copals and Personalized Essential Oil Blends

Would you like a special blend to:
* help heal scar tissue?
* youthify your skin?
* activate or balance your glands?
* assist your immune or digestive system?

Perhaps you’d like an uplifting, energizing blend to help you concentrate and enhance your memory?

As an intuitive alchemist, I create essential oil blends for your specialized needs.
I can blend some exhilarating rose oil with other single copals, assisting your emotional, physical, and cellular healing.
I also offer exotic, oxygenating oils with a high sesquiterpene content
(which cross the blood-brain barrier) such as:
Copaiba, Fragonia, Boswellian and Sacred Frankincense and Rose Oil.

$ 35 – $60 for 10 ml.


Nikken Magnetics and Whole Wellness Systems
Home: Air, Sleep and Water Systems
 Affiliate Member # 848-233-500

* You will be warmed by a farinfrared magnetic quilt during your healing treatment.
* Drink the alkaline, magnetized, and mineralized water to stay hydrated during your session.
* The magnetic rollers and pillows will assist your rebalancing you to your natural state of homeostasis.

To assist with Nutritional Healing I use ZNatural Foods

My Expert “Balanced You!” Perfect Weight Coaching is available for $100 per hour.
Monthly and Quarterly Programs are Available with Weekly or Bi-Weekly phone sessions to support and coach. We work with BMI, RMR, and Protein Amounts and Types to help your support and enhance your muscles, trimming, and building your shape as you see fit.

Testimonials for Archangel Channelings Readings Healings

“Thank you. It was very interesting how Metatron said all the same things as our couples counselor did.
I will move towards the light as fast as I can knowing this is all good.”
Debbie D., Entrepreneur, Concord, CA

“It was an incredible blessing to have a reading – it shifted my attention in a way that was very helpful, I feel stronger and more courageous, and it gave me more faith. The reading was very blessed with clear, compassionate, very grounded, and concrete language. All suggestions from Archangel Raphael were helpful and specific for the crises I was dealing with. The physical, emotional, and mental states I experienced during the session were wonderful.” M.L., Photographer/Muir Beach, CA

“After receiving the Green Ray, my psyche is more open to the guides, the angels, and the universe than since early childhood. Big miracles are happening. I’m amazed every day. I’m in this new place of awareness, and I feel a sense of calm joy & excitement all the time.
Liz T., Graphic designer/Minneapolis MN

“In my Angelic reading with Christina, I felt such a real presence of the Angels, and I feel their presence still. Do it! Why deprive yourself?”
V.M., Healer and Business Consultant

“Mahalo nui loa. (Thank you very much.) You are a very powerful healer.” Lanakila B., Kahuna and Keeper of Honaunau/Big Island, HI

“Thank you for the house clearing and reconnecting me to the angels. I used several feng shui experts and nothing worked! I thought I would have to give up my house and move to the mainland. Ever since the Archangels cleared the energy in and around my house, I have been able to rent my rooms non-stop with wonderful, spiritual people. I now feel secure that I can stay here and support myself at the Mermaid Temple.”
Carol B., Land steward/Captain Cook, HI

“Long-standing issues and traumas are suddenly being resolved; this change is not easy but very, very necessary. I am very grateful.”
Linda O.. Nurse and mother/Topeka, KS

“I felt a gentle, tickling, warm penetrating energy when I was introduced to the Archangels. Since receiving the rays, my digestion has improved and my hormones have been in balance, which truly is a miracle!” Erica B., Dancer and political activist/Minneapolis MN

“I have relaxed with the information and I still feel the angels’ energy and lovingness, so pure and sincere. I really appreciate the information I heard and it is being taken deep into my personal life. I have called upon Raphael and the Others from time to time. I receive their energy and attention instantly. And frankly, I am humbled greatly for their service to mankind, for it is obvious that it is constant and what they are all about. Thanks again. I have thanked Raphael and the other Archangels when I have called upon them. I feel connected to them. And I would like to consult with them again.” B. Carter, Healer/Chicago, IL

“I feel heartfelt gratitude for my reading and healing with the Archangels. All of my life, I have been focused on healing from childhood sexual abuse. After receiving an angelic healing through Christina, I no longer feel like a victim, and that chapter of my life is completely resolved. I experienced an abundant love that I now can recall whenever I need to. Thank you.”
L.L /Artist, healer /Santa Barbara, CA

“I am utterly speechless at the magnificent gift that you have given me. Thank you so much from the whole of my heart. I am without words, but the reading/healing from the Archangels instantly filled me with a Divine Love, Joy, and Peace. Thank you. Much Love

“This telephone reading with the angels been a sustaining, loving, practical, guiding light. I do not know what we would have done without it. We will continue to use your services.” Lynn and Bonnie C.,

“That was so very powerful! After the burglary, my home felt dark and I felt unbalanced. Now, since the Angelic house and body clearing session we did on the phone, my house has its light back, the dark cloud is gone and I feel so much more at peace in my home and self. Thank you.” Kristina L.,

“After receiving the Angelic Healing all of the pain in my back and shoulders disappeared! I realized it allowed me to connect to Raphael and it felt as though I personally experienced a miracle as my pain was debilitating.” Father Arthur

Oh, That Feels SO GOOD!

Let Your Stress and Anxiety Melt Away!

Practice Breathing, Sniff Delicious Smells, and Take Your Self Care to a Whole New Level!
It’s Heavenly.

Did you know …
Essential oils
can be absorbed through the skin?
And if placed on acupressure points, they can travel through the bloodstream and can promote whole-body healing ~ uniting Body and Mind!

Since 1983 I have been studying and using organic essential oils. I customize aromatherapy blends for each client and offer relief for a variety of imbalances and disorders. You can receive assistance through aromatherapy with:

  • Insomnia
  • Allergies
  • Muscle pain
  • Joint pain, arthritic or injury
  • Nose polyps
  • Bronchial congestion
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Digestive problems
  • Immune disorders and disease patterns
  • Anxiety
  • Peace ~ release of anger and frustration
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Compromised kidneys
  • Sinus congestion
  • Unification of Body and Spirit
  • Sexual responsiveness
  • Enhanced meditative states
  • Weight loss
  • Glandular support
  • Improved concentration

Contact me by phone or skype and I’ll create a blend especially for you, and pop it in the mail.
Receive a personalized oil blend delivered to your door ~ No need to be present.
Prices vary, depending on the oils used and size ordered

Price Range: $ 15 – $ 35 US.