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Remote Healings


Healing/ Energy Clearing

 Releases and Removes the “past, stagnant energies” and “what’s holding the flow back.” The session will leave all Balanced and Grounded, ready to Thrive!

90-minute session/ $175


Are you an Animal Guardian?

REMOTE Animal Healings and Communication information HERE

As an Archangelic Intuitive you will receive gifts from the Archangels.  You may receive guidance for your soul purpose and physical and spiritual healing. This is a conversation as you choose. Clients most often reignite thir spiriutal connection with the Archangels and see, hear or feel them, while receiving a special reconnection meditation.
75-minute session
$ 175



I intuitively blend sacred, charged, rare Essential oils specifically for your current needs:
*Hormonal balance — Gain relief and clear-mindedness (i.e., PMS,, perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms.
*Ease of Sleep
* Grounding
* Meditation
* Balancing and Reintegrating Mental, Spiritual and Physical Bodies
Need some assistance soothing out the rough edges after a trauma? 

$140 for 10 ml roller and 15 ml bottle for refilling. (Usually $175 with Consult)
Interview and instructions included.
Tax and shipping is included

Spring 2020 Offerings

60-Min. Warm Bamboo BodyWork Add-Ons

Add 15-Minutes of ANY of the Following:

A) Kansa Wand Marma Point Session — Ayurvedic Treatment with Special Essential oil blend for Head, Throat Neck and Face.

B) Balance Point Therapy with Essential Oil or Flower Essence Application 

C) Reflexology – Hands, Feet, Head, Ears and Face. We’ll spend more time on your FAVE!

$110 for 75-Min. Session



Pay for Package of Four each session is $100 (That is a 10% Discount).



  • We will ReActivate your Merkaba
  • Release Ancestral Cording
  • Immune-boosting 5D/Spirit/Etheric Body Point Healing with Essential Oils for 3D Body Release and Harmony
  • Space, Gland and Chakra Clearing   
  •       60-Min. Session $155.00                                                                   

March 2020 Offerings



Dealing with Traumas Emotionally or Physically or are they coming up in your relationships?

Release trauma emotions and negative holding patterns — finally releasing cords, old contracts, unhealthy relationships, and curses. Reclaim Personal Power, Health, Brilliance and Skills to raise your frequency. Heal your Ancestors through multi-dimensional timelines!

Clear your Atlantean and Lemurian Negative Imprints!

$288 for 2.5 Hours with “Team Earth”
(Possibly covering two lives.)


Schedule for 2.5 hour sessions HERE: stellar skulls services/sessions/



Clear Past-Lives For Your Ascension

SIGN UP! Hear from us every so often.

 Personal Light Readings

 Crystalline Channel Readings $44 fo reach 15 Min.



Are you ready for a Juicy, Vibrant, Enlightening, Expansive and Heart-Opening experience?

Get with the Crystalline Team of Light and “Team Earth” to answer the question you pick, for a 15-minute “Light Reading” for what serves you the most at this time.

Become instilled with a Light Vibration from your Family of Light.

$44 for your 15 minute-Light Reading.

You can speak to one of the Crystalline Team of Light:

Crystalline Stellar Skulls and Goddesses or Archangel Metatron, Merlin, Kuan Yin, Saint Germain, Archangel Michael, Yeshua, Magdalene and Goddess Mary.

Your Choice – or the one that wants to speak to you.



1. What is it I need to know the most right now?

2. Do you have a burning question you want to have addressed?

3. What is the next step for my healing and evolution – now?

4. Can I hear about an important past-life?

5. Do I have a Galactic Family elsewhere? If so, can I hear more about them, and where are they?

More Info HERE: Personal Light Readings



Back-to-School Fall Specials

August through December 2019
and for Bara Sapir’s Offers/Gift Certificates

BODY AND SOUL FUSION Warm Bamboo Fusion Bodywork – Deep Inner Peace for Body and Soul

90-minute Session for the price of one Hour!

Add-ins to 60-minute BodyWork session, may include
30 minutes of :

Warm Bamboo Visage
Energy and Chakra Clearing
Cord Cutting from the past, others, and other lifetimes,
Essential oil or Flower Essence application on Acu-points


Remote Session – Angelic Reading/ Healing/ Energy Clearing

For People, Animals and Spaces receive Divine Intervention. Releases and Removes the “past, stagnant energies” and “what’s holding the flow back.” Leaves all Balanced and Grounded, ready to Thrive!

90-minute session for the price of one hour
$ 177

ANGELIC GUIDANCE – IN OFFICE In Office: Angelic Clearing/Healing/Reading with Essential Oil Acupoint Session.

As an Archangelic Intuitive you will receive guidance for your soul, purpose and physical healing. Often Clients see, hear or feel the Archangeis.
75-mInute session for the price of one hour
$ 177

I intuitively blend sacred, charged, rare Essential oils specifically for your current needs:
*Hormonal balance — Gain relief and clear-mindedness (i.e., PMS, perimenopausal and menopausal symptoms.
*Ease of Sleep
* Grounding
* Meditation
* Balancing and Reintegrating Mental, Spiritual and Physical Bodies
* Need some assistance smoothing out the rough edges after a trauma?

$65 for 10 ml roller

$75 for 15 ml bottle for refilling
Interview and instructions included.
Tax and shipping extra.

On Ascension — A Message from the Cat Nation

Cat Nation: You may see me as one cat with an array of many cats behind, for we are one voice. You may notice a vibration, which is the union of our hearts. We create one incredible purring, whirring, humming resonance as it moves through your body. I am one cat, I am all cats, as I am before you, expressing our view and sending this uniting Healing Ray of Light. You may relate to me as a tall Cat, standing before you. humanizing me. You may see me weaving back and forth on all fours. My furry being glows with our magical unification. One cat – all cats. My furry outline may seem rather amorphous, as I am floating in and out of clarity.

Feel Their Love and Breathe It In

As a representative Being, I morph and feel for all cats as One, to share unity, and to share our intention of love and harmony. This is our original loving unity with all planetary life. Feel this love now: breathe it in and hold it, then release with a sound that feels natural for you. The sound, tone, or hum, or a sigh of “Aaaahhhh.” To release and receive allows the energy to move within your body and spirit, enhancing the process. Notice how receiving this vibration of Love warms your body.

We, as the Cat Nation, do have our own ideas of Ascension. We see Humanity as having the ability to move up and beyond the idea of controlling and seeing cats as more than a “pet” – rather, as our companions. Once guardians have Ascended, we see us all living in collaboration – hearing and seeing one another for who we really are.

As we know, there are different colors of people on the planet now who feel persecuted, made to feel “less than,” just as there are many of us cats who live in fear of the individuals who act on their caveman-like aggressions. They take these primitive emotions out on defenseless Cat Beings. This is intolerable! This is senseless! We are protectors, and we are lovers of the planet! We are compassionate, blessed prancers upon this planet.

This is not an occurrence of an Ascended Being in this Loving Realm of our Blessed Planet. We will unite; then we will hear and see one another as perceptive beings, and move in unison when the frequencies have moved higher up the scale.

As so many of us are as large as humans, or close to human size, the time will come when we, as regal-sized cats, will once again be collaborative companions with the Human Nation. We will walk the Earth, as we have before, alongside respectful, blessed, spiritual humans. We will all feel compassion, and honor the Planet, and walk each step together as a healing ceremony. We have done this before and we will do this again, once the level of vibration has Ascended to a spectacular resonance!

Until this time, we will indeed share a Ray to assist the Planet for Ascension. We ”beam” from our hearts. We send love and light, and Earth-united energy. We see and feel with our Hearts. Ahhh… we have so many perceptions with our hearts.

Cat Nation Healing Ray for Ascension

Cat Nation: We send this Earth-Awareness and Earth-Appreciation from our hearts to yours. It blesses

each and every cell of your Being – showering your mind, your Spirit-Being, your heart and soul – from around you, inwards. Imagine a circle of light around your body, sending in so many beams of sparkling light, even into your toes, enriching each cell from the outside in. These special beams of light even have a sound, as it is one cosmic song of love!

This is what we hear coming from the Earth, and from plants. It may feel a little ticklish even, for your being to receive. It enlivens, it is uplifting, and it invokes Peace and Calm. Receive. Breathe. Notice how you feel regenerated. Notice as each cell – and all of the energy around you and your light body – feel connected to our precious Earth as well. This is grounded, compassionate light. Continue to receive this light bath.

Pulse it out with your heart and breath into your auric field. Then breathe it in again as you align with this bath of light. It moves within and without your spirit body and your physical body,with one united human and cat body to share this essence. This is the vibration of unity with the animal kingdom – the blessed Cat Kingdom. Yawn and stretch. This massages the senses with aliveness, with the reality of this unification.

This is a gift you can resonate with to assist your being to move upwards on an emotional, energetic scale of light and energy. This is the Cat Nation Healing Ray for Ascension.

Crysta: Take a deep breath and imagine, see, or feel a cat in front of you, representing cat essence and presence. I invited in a large, human-sized cat, standing in front of me, and I am able to hear this Cat Being. (I stand as I write and meditate.) If you are lying down to receive and experience this, imagine the Cat’s Light emanating into your heart. The Cat Nation heart vibration is so huge, you may just see and feel its heart! I noticed that our hearts melded and synced for this meditative healing Ray. Let it flow through you from your heart. Breathe and tone.


Menu of Services



Angelic Healing

Angelic Healing (Hands on In Studio or Remote).

Angelic Reading ( In Studio or Remote)

Dry Body Brushing – Before Energy, Reading or Healing BodyWork Sesson – Enhance your Detox , Cleanse and Circulation 

Reflexology – OPTIONS INCLUDE: Ear Massage and Pressure Points, Hand Massage and Pressure Points, Foot Massage and Pressure PointsFace and Scalp Massage and Pressure Points

Acupressure Aromatherapy Face Lift

Kansa Wand Ayurvedic Massage Marma Point  (Energy Centers) Therapy for Head, Face and Neck

Benefits Include; Regeneration of 

Price Ranges. Call for individualized Session Prices

Ranges from $ 10 5to $195 per hour.

Archangel Metatron Christ-Consciousness Portal

We are calling in rays from the Crystalline Universe, from the Rainbow Universe and having many light beings here to implement these healing rays, so you all get an insight into this future-paced vision of just how you can all regulate your frequencies to accommodate this propulsion into the time space frequency that allows such magnificent change opening up veils of way past ancient time and truly deep light forms from other intersections of global unifications, galactic energies coming together almost like creating a triple trampoline. So different drum faces or soundings can come into a point of unification and all can resonate at one level of light and gratitude, love, spiritual opening and true communion. 

So, with this said, now let us take a specific frequency from Prime Creator, from Galactic Goddess, as she so dearly loves being called, from the Christ Consciousness creators Yeshua, Marys, Magadalens ~ all giving their support to create a laser-like frequency. Starting with your glands in your head and zooming through your spinal cord, and blasting out rays of stardust that have been blessed with their hearts as one beam of incredible light and moving through in an intertwining DNA pattern. So rather than feeling a vortex of light, your body, mind and Spirit are receiving this oscillating, unending infinity symbol upon infinity symbol, as the spiraling DNA looks like it is releasing and spinning off  some cells that are holding you back. This allows for the magical, loving frequency of ancient, future love-cycles to come forth and clear, spin, cleanse, scrub, remove, delight, expose and further propel your visions, cells, minds, inner dragons, outer dragons, souls and most precious heart-lights that we protect and continue to brighten with more and more stardust, so you become more of what you felt has been part of your path. So you are lighting up as a Crystalline Goddess each of you and resonate at this superior frequency enabling yourselves and your cells to be able to shine, and glow, and glisten ~ brightening your own pathways. This means that you provide your own clearing beacons of our divine love. This means that you look with intent upon a single desire and time and it is magnified closer and closer to you so you are able to be part of the unfolding process and see, hear and feel your incredible strengths. 

This is part of the process of enabling one to become more and more light-filled and resonate at a higher frequency, developing your own level of crystalline light upon this earthly places which truly has access to many other dimensions. As we are now moving past the 5th,into the 6th,past that into the 7thdimension love and unfoldment. Know this juicy place in your heart is what is attracting others your way. It is part of how you continue to unfold and receive a certain level of healing and suddenly feel the inspiration spring forth. You get the project done, the obstacles fall away. All is in the right time. 

This crystalline exposure of your being makes you enamored with the process. You shout it out like a heart beam of light from your own genuine, authentic being. You are this sacred beacon in a profound way. 

Your cells emanate the Christ Consciousness Portal. You took part in this opening in a big way and it is meant to be shared. It is meant to be revisited. You are meant to allow that light to come from your hearts, your spirits, and your minds. So this is what others revel in. It becomes contagious. 

We are spinning this 7thdegree of infinite DNA, cycling light through your upper chakras, above your body, through your body chakras, through your aura completely around your body in every direction so you become this spinning rose of light , only it is every color of the rainbow, every tint glistening with silver and gold mesmerizing, perking up your spirits and your organs keeping you like a fire ~ sparkling, toasty light within exuding this incredible warmth touching and revealing much about yourself. And revealing much about those you come into contact with. So you become this mirror and others see themselves in you and this makes your words and writing very appealing to others. They hear their past and future in these words and visions.

This light of these spiraling DNA ropes of Crystalline Light come forth from the heart of each word, from the soul of each vision, and from the hearts of you!

This means what you touch also has an elevated frequency. So when you express your true thoughts of just how you can help others, then they understand “Oh I just need to trust. This sounds bizarre but they are wonderful. Let’s try this process. It sounds fruitful like the experience I have been looking for!”

These other lightworkers will understand. You are exposing them to the light they have been looking for. 

They are knowing how key this is to their own development portal. What does that mean? You are opening a doorway for them to emerge through into a new looking glass so they can see this fully developed, wonderful world of light, where community comes together. Where light unifies and creates change, hearts develop and communities can then work with these magical pyramids of light. This will be one step forward to prepare the planet for First Contact. 

So yes it is coming, and it will be evident when we can share this bit by bit, and you can spread the word. Others may have visions of grandeur, yet we see these portals being opened by your team and you are the leaders so yes others have incredible stories and words and continue to share how they see that they are keys to the future. And they are, in their own way. And they have insights and much of this is opened by your team here. They may understand they are part of a certain opening yet you will have some very far-fetched ideas and keys and doorways that we want you to open for others just as we are opening you now to a new level of sparkling light and love. 

This is glorious this is sung in with angels. People will hear sounds with their openings with the veils being lifted and light coming forth to erase eons of darkness. We will all be a part of this together. 

So some are getting messages of the future, yet you are leaders. And we are keeping some of this under wraps, yet others get glimpses and much of this has to do with your future and how you will assist. 

This is all part of a much larger plan and we want to continue to sprinkle our laser loving light upon you upon each and every cell keeping you sparkling from head down to fingers down to toes swirling around and through brightening up any sullied spots that have not been so shiny lately. We will take care of that. 

Breathing this in deeply, so you feel it. Know that each time you drink your water or use your oils or tinctures or homeopathic remedies, we are blessing it with our laser love frequency.

Do not underestimate yourselves. We have kept a special place close to our hearts so that you are indeed able to thrive, to focus to let what needs to fall away.

It is time to feel your cells as the magnificent crystals they are! They shine, are faceting in a certain way like glistening drops of light with many faces and colors. They talk together supporting you. You initiate their vibrancy. Remember that! When you are not feeling  your total blessed selves, call us in do a sweep see the crystalline DNA winding rope, erasing, moving, wiggling around keeping you up and on allowing you to radiate the attractive beam, so others recognize you. 

Let yourselves shine — you are doing the work. Only it is a bit more like play and we want others to notice they too could do this. These are not skills only held by you. You are turning on these lights within others so they, too, recall how they used to move mountains, trees, weather, plants, and animals in a loving way with light. They had the means and ways to connect all of the dots of light. 

They, too, had understanding that there was more than what meets the eye. It is part of the plan to have everyone able to transcend the barriers and see all is connected.

This is what we are showing you now. You are connected to our hearts, the stars, the glistening lights that keep moving through the Inner Earth, the Pyramids, the Rays of Light and every level of each dimension. This moves you further up the scale to becoming lighter and lighter, and more focused and able to execute in many ways you may have thought were not possible and now, will find that they are.  So keep this light radiating within, around you swirling making you understand the profound affect you have upon us, upon others , upon universes, upon stars and plants, beings of light everywhere : the past and  the very developed and juicy future. You are universal lights that are developing yourselves. 

Know that as you remember, breathe, flow, this connection of Gaia’s spirit within continues to support you. You are infused with love with a vibration of every incredible plant. Know that this aroma is part of an acknowledgement of you. like a universal song only it is all universes and plants coming together to create a special elixir for your own frequency. This is part of our laser healing of your being brightening you from within. Receive it, smell it, feel it. This is part of your blessing of light. You may understand how important you are and you will know that we are around, near your shoulders, under your feet, above your heart, above your head. We are there.  We are around and within. We are so intertwined we are together as one unit of crystalline love beam. 

This is all part of our appreciation of you. We see you as our team as you see us as your team. Notice the sparkling light moves into each cell with each deep breath. That is always the case. Breathe deeply.

You are part of this universal process of lifting the veil and allowing others to rise up and release what has been holding others back. You are initiators. You are holding up a level of the veil so you create a laser vision of light for others. This helps those who are in need. 

The idea of shooting a Beam is a big idea for many. They can then feel they are helping! This is key in many transformations ~ being able to help others with a release process knowing it is just not for them alone. 

Blessings upon this movement — up and out — and then back in. Know when you travel we protect you. Use your merkaba and remember you stay safe. You are in our hearts. 

Blessings for your stupendous, brilliant, sparkling team of lightworkers who are truly of the light. Thank you for all you do. We love and cherish you.

 Metatron and your Galactic Team

1/3/15 ~ Channeled through the Heart of Christina Gerber

Harmful EMF Protection

Magnets Strengthen

Can our connection to the Earth strengthen our immune system? Can we keep our auric field intact so negative Electro Magnetic Fields do not affect our cells?


Reconnecting with Mother Nature

The ground provides an energy source that we can feel even if we are not consciously aware of it. Pay attention when you are barefoot on the beach or on grass. Do you feel warmth? Do you feel a tingling sensation? Do you feel energized? Based on the discovery that “grounding” leads to Active Wellness, the KenkoGround is designed to help us connect to the Earth as a natural energy source. Direct contact with the ground (soil, grass, sand, ocean floor) gives our bodies natural energy to help restore our own healthful nature.

The contemporary lifestyle often causes fatigue, sleeplessness, and a general feeling of being out of balance. Unlike our ancestors who were directly connected to the ground by their bare feet, we separate ourselves from nature by using and wearing non-conductive materials, e.g. rubber, plastic, artificial flooring surfaces, etc. In other words, our feet rarely connect with the earth beneath us.

KenkoGround serves as an indoor and portable way to reconnect with Mother Nature. Simply plug it into a grounded outlet and use it under your feet while working, on your mattress while you sleep or even draped around your shoulders.

Visit my store HERE:

Christina’s Affiliate Portal

Magnetic Seat Pad

Magnetic Necklace for Protection and Stabilization
Beauty with benefits
Fine craftsmanship, exclusive styling and advanced technology — you’ll find all these in the Perfect Link II. The Perfect Link II features a striking pattern designed for men and women that suits any occasion from casual to formal.

• Helps replicate the magnetic field of the Earth and our natural surroundings
• 700-900 gauss high-quality neodymium magnets extend coverage throughout the length of the necklace
• Stainless steel, nickel-free—strong and non-corrosive
• Polished to a glossy finish, smooth and comfortable
• Hypoallergenic, the same material that is used for surgical instruments
• Pattern and weight is ideal for men and women
• Perfect for all occasions, from casual to formalWearing magsteps and Cell phone usage Video

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