Crystalline Press

I chose the name of my Publishing-Company-to-be because of what I do and where I want to go and how I wish to become ~ Crystalline!   Words. Channeling. The messages I receive from the Archangelic Realm, animals, the Marys, Yeshua, the Crystalline Stellar Skulls are Crystalline and of the Fifth Dimension.   My Crystalline pathway, was originally led by my channeling Mariatyu, or Marat’, meaning life-death-birth-giving cycle. This was a group of East Indian, Hindu and other dimensional Beings. They had ancient roots (Paleolithic) and connected to extra terrestrials, which is information they gradually divulged. I thought Miratyu was one Being for some time, as that is how this voice and image of one being or entity came to me. It’s all in question-asking. I remember feeling this presence coming to me in 1979 when I was living on Greek island in the Cyclades – Paros. I had hiked to some ancient temple palace ruins and at the altar I felt a benevolent light presence and it felt like an introduction to me. A couple years later when I moved to San Francisco I inquired more as I was deciphering my spiritual journey. Again the reminder comes here: Ask for assistance. Listen. Allow. I began to ask about this presence and the information came through that this was indeed a Being and his name was Miratyu. He said I could shorten it as Marat’ I had to confirm this was a benevolent, Light Being, and no relation to Marat Sade, or Marquis de Sade. This is a big key here: ask about the beings you receive information from, inquiring “Are you of the Light?” As channeling was so new to me, I felt I needed to confirm all of what came through me to be of integrity and filled with truth and light. So much to the point that for two years I freely gave my sessions to seekers, so as to understand the process. Well we helped a lot of individuals and groups. While channeling in groups, individuals would ask about astrology, math logic and much more, even asking in other languages. Marat would answer as an expert in astrology, math logic, even speaking in German and Hindi! Individuals would inquire about health love and finances (the Big Three) and after a couple of years of practice, as I was wanting to ascertain these were words of integrity and truth I began to ask a fee for my services. I would ‘divine’ the answers reading, the answers with my eyes closed like as words on a keyboard. I would also (and still do to this day) channel or download by swinging a crystal pendulum and allowing the words to flow through me. I would then write down the info long hand. I learned long hand, or cursive, in school when I was growing up. I used such ancient techniques as journaling (writing by hand in a book) and used cassette tapes for my readings from 1983 – 2003. When I became more adept at typing, I would type all of the words as I heard them through my heart and they would fly out from my fingers onto the keys.Once I began channeling Archangel Raphael in 2003 Marat let me know he was my ‘training wheels’ for the Archangels, Marys and Yeshua.



Christina Gerber is an intuitive healer and angel channeler, helping you to empower yourself and reignite your own healing abilities.