Emotional SOS Essential Oil Kit


What They Do and How to Use Them

Citrus Oils ~ Perk us up! Tree oils ~ Ground us. Aromatic luscious sweet floral oils lighten,allow us to flow with ease and encourage deep breathing.
Orange. Spruce. Lavender.

Feeling down? Use a citrus oil to bring your spirits up! My faves are tangerine, lemon and orange.
Are you ungrounded? Tap into the forest with a tree oil/copal like Balsam Fir, Blue Idaho Spruce, Juniper, Copaiba, Sandalwood and Frankincense.

Anxious?: I suggest My all time faves: Lavender, Blue Tansy and Geranium.


* Smell the oils directly from the bottle.
Got a lot to do need a pick-me-up? Smell some orange. Rub some on your heart and kidneys. You will be energized!

* Rub a drop or several on your hands and breathe in deeply several times.
Place oils on your chest or wear them on your wrist, near your ears
(think thin skin areas, joints, throat, arm pits) so it goes into your blood stream quickly and you are smelling them as you move about your day.

* Release and activate your body/mind/spirit with the oils.
Got a someone or a something nagging at you? Place a drop of the tree oil on your heart (or some painful or tender spot that needs releasing)and another on your neck right where it meets your head in the back at the base of our skull, on your temples of forehead.

Breath #1: Think of what you are looking to release. Breathe in deeply then exhale. Breath #2: Think of what you wish to empower yourself with/receive.

Example: As you apply a drop of Spruce on your heart, and place of discomfort (shoulders, sacrum hip) state:”I want to release the negative voice of I am not good enough, I  ”

Next breathe, feel and state your empowering thought. Place the oil on your occiput (base of skull) so your brain, spine and head all get this! I receive and replace the old  thought pattern (that I still hear) with: I breathe in this Spruce and know I am guided to share my knowledge and abilities with others. Show me the universally supported path so I may move along with grace and ease.” Or something simple like” I can do this with ease! My vision is fully supported on every level! I magnetize the partner/Spiritual Community! My business blossoms in this new way I visualize!” Exhale the breathe and the intention. You send it out into the Universe as something you are co-creating!

Add in some juicy colors and a visual to seal the deal! A gold and green light whisking from your heart to Spirit, the Archangelic Realm & Gaia..

Mine goes like this:
I imagine the breath coming through me in gold and send it into Gaia’s (Earth’s) heart, so it is really grounded and magnified.
I give her thanks.
I then bring this gold cylinder to light up into me, my heart and around me to clear and refill whatever I may have released.

Next, I smell the orange to brighten up those cells and protect this last release and reception. I give myself encouragement ~ Self Love!
* Citrus seals the areas of release. Apply to those areas  like base of spine and hips and shoulders).
Caution: do not apply to areas that will receive exposure to the sun in the next couple days as the citrus oils make one more UV sensitive.

Ready to play?

You will notice the plants/oils will start to talk to you. You might look at your collection and close your eyes and ask “Which one serves me right now?”
Your hands will be guided as one will raise its hand and say “Me! Me! Pick me!”

To get you started:

Emotional Assist Single Oil/Copal

Choose a Single (or Two)

Lavender, Spruce, Fir, Orange, Tangerine

Would you like an Emotional SOS Kit delivered straight to your door?

In US:
Emotional SOS Kit #1: Orange, Spruce, & Lavender. $ 89.90.
Emotional SOS Kit #2: Tangerine, Juniper & Lavender. $ 114.98.

Emotional SOS kits

Liz Tufte

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