Fall Energy Clearing for Health and Home

For Greater Vitality, Balanced Energy and Inner Peace!

Did you know that energy from previous residents, visitors and animals 
can linger in your home and affect you in the present day?

Do you have property you are planning to rent, sell or build upon?

Perhaps you have a room that holds the energy of the clients you have worked with, or a guest room where friends and family have stayed?

We can clear this energy to its core – so that its pure, crystal-clear light
enhances your own energy!
We will refill it with abundant Life Force, so that it will be noticeable to all who enter.

We will enable you to keep your sacred space clear, grounded, and protected.You will receive techniques to retain its brilliance –
And you will feel the difference NOW! 


If you wish to receive a message from the Archangels (Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and others) we can call them in for your own Healing and Reading

for Clarity, Reassurance and Reignition! 
No task too large!

One-Hour Remote Clearing 

Special Price (for Special People!)

$195 per hour

Liz Tufte

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