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Fairy Realm Healing for Your Ascension Path

Yes, we are the wee ones, the fairies, the elves and we have so many ideas for your Ascension Path.

We are representing our blessed Earth — as we love her so. Our hearts connect with hers in a magical way.

Feel the momentum rise from below you, previously from your goddess Gaia’s heart, coursing through your own blessed being! You are alive with wonder as are we! This unites us. Do you feel the tingling connection to your heart now as you read or hear our message?

We are creating a buoyant bubble of light around you which allows you to feel brilliant, alive  and ON as we whisper sweet somethings in your ears. This bubble is filling with the phosphoerscent lights of the plants and essences from flowers to tickle your fancy and allow all of your cylinders to engage. Notice how your smile begins to form as all cells of our bodies send this to each of your cells. It bubbles up and rises to make sure our heart feels the joy and love.

This simple expression of acceptance, peace, be-ing and love. Breathe. Accept. Receive. This is part of raising your frequency to an elevated level allowing inspired thoughts to come forth.

When you are alive with this essence, fill yourself up with her magnificence! Draw up the Gaian Light and energy and create that heavenly space. Live in gratitude, walk in gratitude and honor all that is. This is one way to stay in a humble, loving space without any negative distractions bringing your energy down. 

With this practice you can spiral this energy up, as it is one living, breathing meditation. You can grow with her assistance as a spiraling, living precious energy spins and twirls upwards enhancing your brain cells, activating your Selves with essence, life and true love.

You may imagine your hearts reaching down into the our beloved earth with your smile, for as you smile your heart smiles and this tickles our precious Lady Gaia. She smiles and her heart smiles. 

Breathe that through and you too, will notice how easy it is to remain solid in your breath in a level of lightness and you can, with the greatest of ease, move that into joy.

Then this level of love and giving can create a peaceful beam of gratitude to her precious living being. As you breathe, notice how heart-filled your moments are. Notice that you are feeling peace. Notice this can be a practice throughout the day. It is healing. This grounding gives you space during these busy times.

Lighten Up!  Moving From 3D to 5D

As you relax into this, now move this loving light and re-energizing love from her — from your friend and support — Gaia’s heart, into your feet, your legs, your core, into your heart and upwards and into our very special cosmos. You are in a circle  — a blessing circle of light. We notice it like luminous spirals of leaves and plant tendrils moving around and through us. It is a contagious growing sensation. This is cell enrichment. It is juicy, alive, rewarding and connecting you to a light-grid of magic! This is yours! This is part of your right. You have this ability to do this at many chances throughout your day. We are here to remind you as this elevates your consciousness and moves your vibration upwards. Your breath is creating a heart connection, heart-to-heart with another living, breathing, beautiful blessed Being. 



This enriching practice enhances your awareness and connection to all that is. We support you. Our entire Realm does. This is the time when you may allow us to flow more easily into your consciousness, being fully in your presence. Inside or outside we can appear around you. Yes, we surround those who are open to seeing us, hearing us and connecting to our hearts.

This is the time — NOW. Choose. Be part of this process. Yes, this is basic as we all start somewhere. Open your heart and mind to participate fully in this other-worldly process. There are other realms and we can all connect — and we encourage this. Breathe in and out fully. Become more and more aware with each breath. Often we appear as tiny wispy lights sparkling in your periphery. You may notice our presence even with your eyes closed.

You can ignite greater brilliance within when you open your grounded spirit to something other than your earthbound 3D experience. As you notice energy — the energy of us, of our planet — notice that it spirals, it is not a direct straight line. It moves, flows, grows and gives you another living essence. It sparkles and has colors. You may notice there is phosphorescence about them. You may not see the colors, however you can sensitize your blessed being to notice the feeling. Become excited with possibilities as this is how you can merge your Being with higher energy fields – gradually, and grounded. This way you can perceive, accept, and feel or notice the differences. Hold onto the experience, raising your resonance.

We like to say “Lighten up!”

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Christina Gerber is an intuitive healer and angel channeler, helping you to empower yourself and reignite your own healing abilities.

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