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GROUND YOURSELF with new- KENKOGROUND - Protection for all of the Negative EMFs around us! Stay strong and keep your immune up with this amazing new product. Reconnecting with Mother Nature

The ground provides an energy source that we can feel even if we are not consciously aware of it. Pay attention when you are barefoot on the beach or on grass. Do you feel warmth? Do you feel a tingling sensation? Do you feel energized? Based on the discovery that “grounding” leads to Active Wellness, the KenkoGround is designed to help us connect to the Earth as a natural energy source. Direct contact with the ground (soil, grass, sand, ocean floor) gives our bodies natural energy to help restore our own healthful nature.

The contemporary lifestyle often causes fatigue, sleeplessness, and a general feeling of being out of balance. Unlike our ancestors who were directly connected to the ground by their bare feet, we separate ourselves from nature by using and wearing non-conductive materials, e.g. rubber, plastic, artificial flooring surfaces, etc. In other words, our feet rarely connect with the earth beneath us.

KenkoGround serves as an indoor and portable way to reconnect with Mother Nature. Simply plug it into a grounded outlet and use it under your feet while working, on your mattress while you sleep or even draped around your shoulders. 

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Create your own Healing Oasis!

* Air Purifiers (Including Hospital-Grade Air Purifiers
* Ionizing Water Purifiers and Sleep Systems 
* Magnetic Healing Products for People and Animals, too!
* Organic Cellular Replenishment
* Best Bone Health Products ever!


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Wild Foods Has a phenomenal selection of all small batch super foods from all over the world. Very impressive! Wonderful vendor, service and folks! Please support them and use my affiliate link.

Wild Foods