Got Protein?

I love my greens and green drinks Easy-Recipes-Eat-Your_Greens and green dips!
I often get asked with my vegan-centric diet, “Do you get enough protein?”

Let’s examine my morning protein shake:
Mesquite powder. Protein? Check.
Broccoli sprouts. Protein? Check!
Powdered Pea Protein. Check! 84%…
Chlorella. Protein? Check.
Hemp seeds.Protein? Check.
Chia seeds. Protein? Check.

You get the idea.

This morning’s Green drink ingredients:

Mint tea
Coconut milk powder
Maca Root
Organic Brown Rice Protein
Green apple
Hand-roasted cocoa nibs
Hemp seeds

Eat your healthy proteins and greens.
Oh and thank you Lady Gaia, I could not have done it without you!

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Liz Tufte

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