Grounded Spirituality Special

Tea Leaf Reading

Future-Based You

Divining for the Divine Within

As an expert Tea Leaf reader, I easily peer into the future. Tarot readings give use another level of confidence and affirmation. Perhaps you would like to understand more about your path — receive tools to intuit for yourself and deeply feel what is true for you, so you can easily and bravely move forward. Are you ready to have an impact, contribute on a tremendous level and create the change within you are looking for?

There are many reasons we fall out of balance – our beliefs our expectations, perhaps a past-life contract or curse is keeping us in a holding pattern. In remote personal healing sessions we get to the root cause of your imbalance and do the energetic work necessary to allow you to restore balance to your body and your emotions.

INTUITIVE READING : Channeling of One the Following: 
Archangels Ariel, Gabriel, Michael, Metatron, or Raphael
Goddesses — Gaia, Mary, & Magdalene (as the “Two Marys”) Lady Nada, Quan Yin, Crystalline Stellar Goddesses or “Magdalenes,” and Galactic Goddess.

Receive the clarity, encouragement and assistance on a deep level so you feel it within your cells with the messages received. Often clients see, hear or feel the divine realms and beings. You will know your insights are in alignment with the reassurance, and tools you receive. Often a Multi-Colored Healing Ray comes through in the session allowing you to shed layers enhancing your gifts or new-found gifts.


Physical, Emotional Clearing, Release Cords from Ancestors and Past Relationships through Lifetimes in Timelines.

$166 One-Hour Grounded Spirit Special

All sessions are done remotely on Zoom or FaceTime.
Payments accepted through PayPal, Venmo and Google Pay, and
Checks sent through U.S.Mail.
  I. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. I. I

Wait, There’s More!


$222  Magically Charged Essential Oil Blend – 15 ml. Bottle
Shipping and Tax Included.
Intuitively Created to Balance and Transform Your Emotional, Physical, Psychological Selves.

“My Team said I was my “old self” again, the same day I used your Happy Hormone blend. I began to sing and hum and was no longer a raving mad witch. Whew, what a life-saver!”

Spring Special Rate:

$77 for 30-Minute Angelic Channeling and Healing


“I asked you and your “Team” for help when my mother died, as I was in a deep state of grief, not knowing if I would come out of it. I let my husband know I may not be able to go on. As you brought in Mary Magdalene (did you know I had such a deep connection with her?) she reconnected me to my mother. The soul healing and reading she gave me allowed me to move forward. Relief came over me, I shed a layer of armor and pain which melted away as my body felt her presence. She spoke to me! The deep understanding I gained allowed me to move out of my stupor. I was able to make funeral arrangements and receive another level of understanding and love moving me forward into a state of peace and joy. I have such deep gratitude for this alchemical, physical, emotional and spiritual healing.” RW, Greenbrae, CA


“Christina is a healer of great integrity and genuine heart. She is masterful in her ability to bring though beautiful and powerful energy to assist in deep healing.  I am grateful for her work.”  
KG, San Anselmo, CA

“I felt the Presence of Angels, unlike ever before in my life when Christina gave me a reading. I now connect to them easily. I was able to complete the funerary arrangements for my mom and move into joy after feeling hopeless and depressed after her passing. I am so grateful.”
RW, Larkspur, CA


“I felt the Archangels around me during the Angel Reading which turned into a color meditation and activation! I felt this attunement for months and now feel a reconnection to the angels. I now feel worthy and ask for assistance. The angelic reconnection was profound and I now feel that I am ground in a new way. My spiritual connection is deep now in a newfound way in which I have been looking for in a long, long time.”
MS, Kentfield, CA


“Who knew that remote property clearing really works? I am now a believer!

Thank you for helping me to emotionally let go of our time share in Hawaii. It had been for sale for 8 years and after your sessions and clearing it, we sold it in one week!”
CJB, Santa Barbara, CA

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Christina Gerber is an intuitive healer and angel channeler, helping you to empower yourself and reignite your own healing abilities.