Healing Rays of Yeshua (Jesus)

Yeshua’s Healing Rays

Ray One – Pillar of Light

After a couple of years of low back and neck pain, I thought it may be appropriate to ask for more celestial help.
Early one morning in 2008:

I asked for a healing Ray from Yeshua. Almost instantaneously I saw my body amidst a cross.
I was not sure in this dreamy state if that was it. So I asked again.
This was August 24th, 2008 ~ the beginning of ‘Yeshua’s Healing Rays’.

Ray One – Pillar of Light Intention: To reinforce stamina, to assist with the strength
of the spirit within, and to encompass you with this Christ Consciousness Energy.

Here is the Energetic Sensation and Symbol:
Gold orange red azure cross through the 3-D Body and out your arms to sides, the cross moving out the arms.

Yeshua: You are about to receive Ray One Of my Healing Ray System, dearest.
It is indeed a Pillar of Light. Place your arms to your sides, out, so you are like a cross to receive this. Begin to notice the strength of flow from the upper body to the lower body. It is coursing through your body through your mind, your chakras, and your Spirit Self.

Now I will place the cross vertically from your left arm across and through your magnificent heart to your right hand. You will float in this magical energy. It unites heaven and earth and Self, grounding and enhancing your connection to me. Receive as you feel comfortable, deeply breathing, standing, lying down, kneeling, as you wish. Using your voice and toning magnifies the experience from your inner body to your outer body, physically as well as through your auric, etheric, emotional, and astral bodies.

C notes: I stand to receive. I tone here and breathe quickly in and out. My body reverberates in a forward and back then side-to-side movement. The cross looks orange and red in my minds-eye vision. A golden river of light flows through me now.

I tingle and get chills from head to toe; every surface is alive. With each breath the flow now goes inward and outward breathe out the flow is from inner to my body surface I breathe inwards and the flow is inwards. The tingling river of light engulfs me. Each chakra feels like it is connecting to another, the energy moves outwards like from my root chakra upwards I feel fluffed and the waterfall of life flows up my body. Then I view the cross again. I see this pillar of gold, orange, and azure around that.



Christina Gerber is an intuitive healer and angel channeler, helping you to empower yourself and reignite your own healing abilities.