Heart-to-Heart Beams Bring Home a Missing Cat!

Christina Gerber's Bougainvillea

I use this color of vivacious fuschia to Beam messages to the hearts of animals. It is an extremely easy way to communicate with animals!

When my neighbor, Suzanna, knocked on the door, she looked rather worried. She let me know her precious Ping Ling (brown point Siamese cat) had escaped! Ping had never been outside before! I asked her if Ping had a favorite sound, like a can opener opening a can? Perhaps Suzanna could do a re-enactment of most cat's favorite activity outside to call her back while we called for her?

I used my mind's eye and a picture came up that Ping was around the back of the condo. Remote viewing .... just not too remote!

I offered to help look for her. Well, no such luck, as Ping Ling was not where I thought she might be.

I told Suzanna that animals see pictures with their hearts. "Send her an image of you lovingly petting her (perhaps with Ping Ling in your lap) on a Pink Ray of light from your heart to hers! She will most definitely receive it."

She looked at me a little bewildered, but also looked as though she would try anything. She called "Ping! Here Ping!" as she looked up and down the street.

I sent out this magical fuschia light from my heart while sending precious Ping Ling some love! Specifically the love from her guardian momI That sweet, sweet smell of home while purring on Mama's lap.

I often reassure the cat with a made-up song. "We love you! We love you!" I chant. Ping, you know we love you. We are looking for you. Time to come back, Ping!" I came back inside my office as I needed to prepare for my appointment. Coincidentally she rhymed with Ping Ling as her name is Ming! I continue to do my prep work while thinking "pink for Ping" the whole time!

A short while later I heard a timid knock on my door. Suzanna said, " I wanted to let you know it worked! Ping came back! I went out there with a can and tapped on it calling her name. Whatever you did, I think it worked!"

It turns out she was where I envisioned her with visioning. Ping must just have been hiding when I called her and was looking for her.

Pink heart beams for Ping Ling. Missing kitty found!

Try this yourself! You too can communicate with animals using this super simple tool! Send a picture upon your heart beam of you petting your cat (or your dog) while your fur kid is in another room. Notice how long it takes for them to come in and find you!

Rocky again by [Duncan], on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  [Duncan] 

Liz Tufte

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