Relax & Renew

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Need More Energy? Wish you Slept Better?

Got Aches and Pains?

Help is Here!


Soothing Stress Reduction for Elders
(& their Caregivers)
Rejuvenate ~ Mobilize ~ Feel More Vibrant!

Nurturing Hands-On Healing

Full-Body, Warm Bamboo Massage (an ultra-soothing, moist heat technique)
In Your Home, or my Marinwood Healing Space.

Deluxe Aromatherapy ~ Head, Hand & Foot Spa Sessions

Did you know Essential Oils promote Whole-Body/Mind Healing?

Solutions for Arthritis Pain & Poor Circulation
Special Magnetic Cushions, Insoles, Bracelets, Joint Supports etc.

Breathe Clean Air!: Air Ionizer/Purifier. Eliminate Virus & Bacteria.
Enhance Digestion & Immune: Water Purifier/Alkalizer.
Want Healthy Strong Bones? Organic Nutrition & Supplements for Bone Renewal & Health.

Angelic Blessing, Clearing, and Healing Services

Clear your space from previous occupant(s)!

Angelic Readings For You and Your Animal Companion(s)
(Cats, Dogs and more).