How To Do Remote Animal Healing

Distance Healing for Fur Kids – Any Time Any Place!

There I was, in line at the CA DMV, texting my dear friend, Paula, wondering how she and her cat, Ginger, were doing.

Nick o’ Time!

Coincidently (or was it?) Paula let me know of her intense concern that Ginger had not eaten in several days!!!
I let her know I would start sending healing energy to her precious fur child.

Step One: Begin by Connecting Hearts!

I visualized and sent a beam of pink and gold light from my heart to Ginger's heart, letting her know that I was sending pictures of a relaxed cat, purring with this  "heart-light". 

Fist I wanted to clear the stagnant or disharmonious energy in Ginger's body out. So I began to bring forth brilliant golden and green from the heart of GAIA , to each chakra, starting with her lower energy centers and then moving the light and loving energy upwards.

Once I sent this clearing light through her chakras, past her eighth chakra (18 inches above her noggin') I sent "whatever" was released into a special container I keep outside my house specifically for this purpose. It is important to be aware of where this released negative energy is sent.

I keep a special earthenware container outside my office window to hold this until The Archangels come and empty it (or more often if needed) weekly and then transform the energies that have been collected into healing light for Gaia. I believe it is ever so important to give this released negative energy a destination, so it is not picked up by another!

Note: When you schedule an Animal Angel session with me, I will give you tools for working with your fur children, since you have such a deep connection with your heart and theirs.

Refilling-Light for Balancing Distance Animal Healing


Once the stagnation and clouded energy was cleared from those energy centers, I proceeded to refill with balanced grounded harmonizing light. I send it from her guides and angels from her uppermost energy centers to her lower ones, then into the center of the earth!

Ginger Immediately Began to Eat Again!

I see in other dimensions, and understand specific colors and I intuit or "ask" how to send the healing light. Then I understand what will be most effective in each for each animal (or person) and proceed.

It Helps to Give the Guardian “Homework!”

I let Paula know what I did and suggested she do the same for herself.

Practicing Self Care

When we practice our own energy clearing and refilling, our fur children can learn from us  and there will be less need for them to try to assist us  and "Heal" us!

Did you know our fur kids can very easily, compassionately, care for us, and even take on our emotions, or illness?

When sending them healing light, you can begin by putting yourself in their place, and asking "What would soothe them?" Tune in and consider "What energy would help them right now?" For instance, sending green light to soothe their digestion. Practice with them in another room and  send them a grounded, heart-filled message. Notice their changes. or send them a message to "Come and sit in your lap!" or "Ask for a fur brushing!"

Using Specific Colors and Directions is KEY!

Since I have learned from my guides and Archangels how to work with the Healing energy, Do not Hesitate to SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT!
I am eager to help you learn and be able to assist your fur kids on your own. Ask for help, then your fur kids will know to do this as well!

Liz Tufte

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