Mary Magdalene New Moon Blessings

During a #NewMoon, I invited #MaryMagdalene to come through me, and this is what she shared.
I in turn share it with you:

#MaryMagdalene: Yes, it is me, #MaryMagdalene, and this is an important time to allow the flow of the New Moon into your heart, spirit, and lower chakras and to connect with the earth on a deeper level than ever before.

What New Moon energy and light, allows us to do, as one unified Spirit, is to re-energize your own sexual connection to the Earth and Spirit as one solid, honored flow of life energy. If you are ready, you may merely wish to have the flow of Spirit and the #NewMoon energy into your upper chakras.

Breathe slowly. Allow the flow to let energy that is stagnant to release. Now allow the flow to enter your heart, and notice, with my guidance, you are also able to let go of the flow of the old as you welcome the new spirit and light feeling of this time for growth, into your Self and your heart. As you continue to breathe, you may notice that your lower chakras ignite with the flow, as you permit my energy to assist this transformative time.

Next, know that you are guided, protected, and able to receive this Spirit of Life and love into your heart as this radiates throughout your body. You are able to move through the old patterns now as they are relinquishing themselves to an energized flow of this light energy of renewal.

The New Moon allows your energy to be a new flow of your spiritual Self, now connected with Gaia  ~ Earth as Spirit ~ with your lower chakras, and clearing and grounding simultaneously. This is one very important transition: to be able to allow the awareness of your sexuality be part of this ceremony and this new sensation of honoring your Spirit, with your heart flow and your third-eye connection with this divine part of Self.

As you are connecting the crown chakra, opening to spirit, notice a balanced flow of light and love into your lower chakras, which permits your heart to be a balanced fulcrum of life and love. See the flow now move into Gaia’s heart, our Divine Earth’s heart. Gaia is truly a living sacred Being. Then as you give her thanks, draw upon her as a resource, blessing her and your Sacred, Sensual Spiritual Self.

This is the level of awareness the New Moon energy permits you to experience a deep resonance within ~ moving the Inner outwards.

Relish it and savor this as a new method of allowing your spiritual enlightenment to unfold.
Reacquaint yourself with this connection.
Slowly, as you are breathing through this ceremony and meditation of love and light, bring this forth to a new part of sharing your Self with others in your life. This spark of your Spirit will allow others to receive healing energy and love of life.

Renew your Selves and cells at this spiritual and sensual level so you may enjoy life to the fullest, dear ones.
This is divine sensuality and awareness of the connection to your divine sexuality.
It is part of your life lesson to be able to unite these and to share this connection with others.

Blessings of love, life, and energy that is divine on all levels,
Mary Magdalene

Channeled through the Heart of Christina Gerber
Copyright 2005- 20XX


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