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Mary Magdalene Robe of Blessing and Light

I am here to bless you with my magical robes.
Breathe now.
Fully exhale and let go of the heaviness
and deeper thoughts.

I have such an uplifting present for you all!
It is meant to honor and clear you, to bring you up into a
glorious phase of healing and light.

how my presence comes into your heart.
I dress you with my magnificent peach,
teal, gold and azure robe.

And now OVER this: a special blue
covering of the azure
and cerulean robe, with blue tones,
every hue, deep and
vibrant Blues:
almost purple, pale and pastel blue,
with bits of silver and gold, all come into your aura,
your soul vibration, and your etheric body.
Every layer of all of your blessed bodies, moving in and out
and into a state of complete acceptance of you, of your sacred space,
of your past and your future.

Know you are in the perfect place at just the right time.
This is no accident.

You are blessed!
You are uplifting yourself with my blessings, with my
chosen design of Creation and Abundance Robe.
Yes, I am here to ask you to once again wear your Robe of Creation.
You originally came forth as a grand creator and it is so!
You are just this ~ a grand creator!

Resonate at this elevated frequency.
Keep it aligned with your heart, with your lower and upper chakras,
allow it to circulate, cleanse, erase and then refill your glowing light robe,
so you feel full, you feel positive, and able to share a brightness and
lightness of being with others.

You radiate this as you were meant to!

And it is your choice.
What is it you wish to radiate and beam from your heart?
The bliss?
The love?
The Creation?
We can make this happen together!

Are you in a space of ‘How do I move from here?’
You can make it happen! Turn it all around and decide
what it is you wish to create!
It is within your power!
Call me in!

Yeshua and I can come in together to assist you.

So what is the message here?
Call us forth. Receive. Breathe.
Notice and move forward!

You have this original Creator Ray of Blue
in this robe I have presented you with!

Wear it and with pride.

Blessings, and know I honor YOU!

Mary Magdalene

Channeled through the heart of Crysta

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Christina Gerber is an intuitive healer and angel channeler, helping you to empower yourself and reignite your own healing abilities.

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