Mary Magdalene Ray of Abundance

Sunset SurfA gift for you from Mary Magdalene ~ Ray of Astonishing Abundance

I received this from Mary Magdalene and thought I would share.

When I received it, I listened and heard with my heart. I wrote down my experience.

I suggest you:

Have a quiet place.

Do you have an intention?
Go ahead and bring that up.
Breathe deeply and meditate with the words.
Read them then receive.

Happy Magdalene Feast Day July 22nd!

Mary Magdalene: What you will notice is that my light reignites the blissful spirit within.
It awakens your kundalini and allows your love within to radiate as a
brilliant light without. This will give you the reassurance you need to
move forward from a place of fear, stagnation or uncertainty.

So, with my sacred Robe of Light, I envelope you.
I bless you.
Imagine my flow of light encompassing you in such a way that you are in a womb of
deep azure blue light.
It is almost a purple hue.

Allow this to move from your crown, down your shoulders, and around your heart, your sexual
center, and your legs, so you are encompassed in a beautiful womb-like opening.
It is as if you are folded into an egg, with the center of the robes
open, creating a vagina-like opening. That is truly it! This becomes your
birthing womb.

Different Colors Have Different Sensations

Next, you receive a flow of orange and gold light.
This is the inner source
of my light which reignites a fury within that you may have been missing.
This light that I give to you, allows your kundalini to rise, safely and
securely as a healing spiritual vibration. Allow this to rise up and down
your spine. Know that this spiritual love and light connects you to Spirit,
to Earth, and to my Divine Light. You can connect to this at any time with
your breath and your heart.

These are your Spiritual Keys:
your Breath and
your Heart.

You can use this as a way to understand the abundance in the Universe: it
is truly a flow of light inwards. It is something that awaits you at your
door ~ it is a doorway into your heart. So as you align with passion for your
work, your creative spirit, and your projects that serve, this is the same and
you are all One in Spirit. There is no boundary to limit your receiving
what is yours.

Receive the Magnificence That is You!

This is part of your spiritual path: to receive fully, to feel this inner magnificence,
and allow to it to radiate within and without. This ability to reunite with a
feeling of glory and light brings you to a state of Bliss.

Feel how your heart is now open, you feel connected to your Spiritual sexuality,
to feel your body as it now reverberates to something much greater than this
safe place of wonder and curiosity you are so blessed with. It has changed into
an inner knowing. That is the gift I give to you.

Healing Robes

These are my robes of Abundant Light.
They create change from within.
As you ask, allow, and you will receive.
It is a very simple process and you were guided
to these words, through this divine channel, for your health, your supreme state
of well-being, and for you to flourish and prosper on all levels.

Allow this sacred flow of light into your being, from that which is below and that
which is above, bringing you into a full circle of healing and blessing you, so you
can receive fully.


Give thanks for your connections to your friends and family.
Give thanks to what
you are receiving, for it is a magnificent blessing that is yours to claim.
It is NOW that you have the strength and great ability to ask out loud and to receive, feeling
it flowing from within and attracting the appropriate people, connections, and
divine level of knowing ~ just what is right for you.

Blessings with my Robes of Inner and Outer Light for you to shine and prosper,
Mary Magdalene
~ through the heart of Christina Gerber

What do you notice? Please share, won’t you?

Copyright 2008 – 20XX,

Liz Tufte

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