Mary and Mary Magdalene Healing

c84937a5064141737ccf910991ed6e89-d96j014Breathing and Toning Enhance Reception

I share it here for you to enjoy and receive a healing as well.

Breathing and ‘toning” as you receive will assist the reception process.

Mary Magdalene: We, as the “Two Marys,” Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary, have a gift for you today.
You can choose to work with us in a new manner.
It will be for healing, love, and Divine Order on the planet, within your home life and much more.
We bring Balance.
We bring Peace.
We bring Divine Connection so you are always reminded that you are more than just your Self.

Healing Robes

Use our robes as a healing tool.
Breathe deeply now to receive this.
You can feel us place them about your shoulders.

They are gold. They are violet, orange, light blue and white.
Feel them as a clearing, then as protection.
Notice ~ they have a texture a weight.
Now notice how they now cover the lower part of your body,
they touch your spine, they touch your legs and even your feet.

They connect you to our precious Earth.
How does that feel to be a conduit between the heavens ~ Spirit and Earth?

You are a magnificent light on the planet and it serves you to receive this special healing.
It is for uniting hearts, it is for physical healing, it is for radiating love and light among you and others in your community and on the planet.

Blessings and Light,

From “The Two Marys”
through Mary Magdalene and the heart of Christina Gerber

Copyright 2008 – 20XX,

What did you notice?
Do you sense change through seeing, hearing or feeling the easiest?

Liz Tufte

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