Pink Heart Beams Bring Home Ping Ling!

I use this color of vivacious Pink Beams to send messages to animals.

When my neighbor, Suzanna, knocked on the door, she looked worried. She let me know her precious Ping Ling (brown point Siamese) had escaped! Ping had never been outside before! “Don’t you communicate with animals?” she inquired.

I let her know that yes, I think I can help her. I asked Suzanna if Ping had a favorite sound, like a can opener opening a can? Perhaps she could tempt Ping with her favorite activity outside to while we called her?

Pink Heart-Light Beams

Use magenta to send a message from your heart over distance.

I used my mind’s eye and a picture came up that Ping was around the back of the condo.

I offered to help Suzanna look for her. We wiggled up and down the street behind buildings, trees and fences. Well, no such luck, as Ping Ling was not where I thought she might be.

I told Suzanna that animals see pictures with their hearts. I said, “Send her an image of you lovingly petting her and send it out on a Pink Ray of light from your heart to hers! She will get this.” She looked at me a little bewildered, but also looked like she would try anything. She called “Ping! Here Ping!” as she looked up and down the street.

Ping must just have been hiding when I called her and while we were looking for her. Loving Pink heart beams sent from both of us for Ping Ling.

Result: Missing kitty found!

Angels liked to be asked to help with things. I hear them with my heart. I think you can too. It just takes practice. Angels help me receive messages from animals. They help me give healings, too.,

Gratitude for our Compassionate furry companions.

Thank you angels, for helping us with the communication and healing channels.


Christina Gerber is an intuitive healer and angel channeler, helping you to empower yourself and reignite your own healing abilities.